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  • Fierliss & SouthernGal, how are you two doing? It seems like Kara and I have taken over this thread. Ha. Sorry about that.

    It's so great to be able to meet up with other girls who are going through the same thing. It's difficult with friends and family who mean well, but sometimes they just don't get it. Like, I hate when someone says, you're not fat! The truth is, I am, but I'm working on it. Let's not hide the truth!!! Or they'll say, one piece of chocolate isn't going to kill you, you're doing so well. Nope, but it may throw me off the path that I'm doing okay with. Not everyone gets it. They try so hard to be supportive, but it's definitely not the same as with talking to all of you. Okay, cheesey moment, eh?! Ha. But it's the truth.

    Kara, thanks for all the kind words about my picture. I'm quite proud of it, since recently I was looking at a lot of pictures of my "before", which aren't so pretty. I was making a video for my sister's wedding, and I hate the fact that I ever looked like that. But...I did, and now I know that I don't want to go back to it. EVER!!!! So, I'll take my slip ups, like being off the plan for a few weeks, and then I'll get right back on. I'm not going back there. I'm happy with where I'm heading! Hopefully, you girls are too!
  • I'm trying to see if I can attach my "before" picture. This was taken about a year and a half ago, and it looks like I'm pregnant! The worse part is that everyone kept telling me then that I didn't look that fat. Okay! I know they were trying to protect my feelings, but it's obviously a blatant lie. Ha Ha!

    Kara, if you want to post your pictures, go to the bottom of where you post (not the quick reply, but that other page), and it says attach files. I just attached from there, and hopefully you can see it. I would love to see everyone's motivation pictures, whether it's where they were or where they hope to get back to. I know we all have them!!!

  • Annie you look SO different than you used to. I totally know what you mean about how people won't give you the straightforward truth about your weight. I have a very good friend who gives me the "I just don't even see the weight when I look at you because I love you so much", and I'm like darlin that is just not the truth. I appreciate people trying to look out for my feelings, but I'm not blind!!!

    OK, I'm going to post some pictures now. Unfortunately my current pictures are all where I am right now, and the picture I'm going to post that is motivation is where I was about a year and a half ago, when I lost all that weight. Going to post some pics now.....
  • OK it took me forever to find a picture that would work-like many people, I don't really take a lot of pictures of me from the waist down right now, so I found one, even though I HATE it. It's the most "real" picture I have, I think. It was taken in February, but I'm the same weight, so I look pretty much the exact same. I'm going to attach a head shot of me now (it has my fiance' in it too), but that's the way my body looks (the one where I have on the pinkish shirt with the squares on it.) You can obviously tell the one that is my inspiration. I am the one on the left, and that's not even at my smallest. I felt so good then, and I WILL get back there!!!!

    Hope you all enjoy!

  • Kara - You are a beautiful girl, and I have no doubt that you'll get back to where it makes you happy. We'll use our pictures to help motivate us to get healthy and happy...and hopefully skinny will be soon to follow! I definitely focus on the being healthy and happy part, more so than skinny. Being skinny right now doesn't seem attainable, but I know that I can get healthy, and that in turn, will make me happy.

    We just have to set our minigoals, which will definitely help us get to the big main goal. I know your main goal right now is the wedding (which by the way, you're marrying a cutie!). My main goal is to shed it all by the time I turn 30 in mid-January, but my minigoal is 20 pounds over the summer. I know I can do it. We'll just take it one day at a time.

    Have a good weekend! I know that I will...my goddaughter has her recital tomorrow, which should be hilarious! She doesn't have too much rhythm, so I can't wait to see her on that stage. Hee Hee! Ha.
  • Thank you for your comments about my pictures! That means a lot to me. You are right, each pound that I lose makes me healthier, and that is more important than me getting skinny. Luckily, they go hand in hand-hehe.

    About minigoals, I'm curious as to how you set those in an achievable range. Like, for instance, I have no idea how long it will take me to lose the weight, so I don't know what a reasonable mini goal is. Does that make sense? I really want to set a minigoal, but I don't know when to set it for, and how long. Any ideas? I'm just excited right now about my weigh in next Wednesday to see how much I've lost-I can feel it.

    Have fun at the recital-I bet she will be adorable, even if she doesn't have any rhythm!!! At least she tries

    Have a good night!!
    Kara :-)
  • Hello ladies..

    I haven't started Fat Smash diet yet but am seriously thinking about starting it either by Sunday or Monday. I've started working out in March, started doing some I.E in April...and lost 13 lbs altogether so far..but I really thought starting from the detox to build the healthy eating is what I needed! =)

    By the way, Kara.. for the minigoal, what about using your 10%? Or 10 lbs each time would work too. And losing about 1-2 lbs per week is healthy for you.. so about 5 weeks for 10 lbs? How's that for a reasonable mini goal? =)
  • Welcome Tara!!

    I think starting out with a mini-goal of my 10% is a GREAT idea!!! Thanks for suggesting that! I will set my loss of 31 lbs. for 3 months from now. I will do my first weigh in on Wednesday and am really looking forward to seeing how much I've lost during this detox. A good friend of mine lost 60 lbs. in a summer doing the FS, but I really don't want to set an unreasonable amount for myself and not be able to attain it, you know? I know that my long term goal is to be under 200 for my wedding, but that does put me losing over 100 lbs. Is that even a reasonable goal? I know that I'm going to try my very hardest and if I were to attain it it would mean no cheating for me, that's for sure...there is no margin for error!!!

    Anyway this turned into a long message, just wanted opinions...Thanks!!! I'm going to bed--what am I doing up at this hour anyway?? Got sucked into watching The Devil Wears Prada....hehe.

    Night night all!!
  • Kara...you gotta get your sleep . It helps to get 7-8 hours of sleep. It helps you to feel better and be more motivated to concentrate on your diet as well as energy to workout.
  • No worries LaToya, I have a wacked out schedule. Even though I go to sleep late, I always get up late. It's this lovely summer schedule that I have the pleasure of having!!! I usually sleep until at least 11 or 12 when I stay up that late, so I definitely get 7-8 hours!! Hehe!

    Thank you for your concern, though, I appreciate it.
  • Hello everyone,

    I am officially on my last day of phase 1, I decided to do 14 days instead of 9 and it has been really tough. I weighed in today and I lost 7.8 pounds this week. I peeked yesterday but freaky friday had the scale all over the place. It told me I had gained weight. So thankfully today the scale stopped messing around and told me some great news.
  • SouthernGal - that's so awesome! Congratulations!

    Tara - I'm starting back on the plan on Monday, so we can do it together. I will tell you from doing it before that it has helped me learn healthier ways of eating as well as taking care of myself. I've tried every single diet out there, and this is the only one that makes sense, when you follow through the book. He tells you the only equipment to buy is running shoes, and you need to exercise and eat right. Hello?! So easy, right? We're always looking for that easy way out, but he puts it in perspective that we need to burn more than we take in...period. Let me know if you're starting on Monday, too, so we can check in on each other.

    Kara - I think that's so smart to not set your goals too high, so you don't set yourself up for failure. It definitely is possible to lose 100 pounds by your wedding in April, but it will be tough, I'm sure. My suggestion is that you focus on the minigoals, so you'll see success. Then if you make it to 100 by the time of the wedding, BONUS! If not, you know you attained your minigoals and were a success.

    Easterbunny - Are you still out there? We haven't heard from you lately. Just want to let you know we're here if you need a sounding board!

    The recital was funny. I love seeing all the little kids dancing. I danced for years, but unfortunately, I was always that fat girl in the back. I had rhythm, but I didn't look so hot in those costumes! Memories!!! Ha.
  • Kara, I think 100 sounds like a reasonable goal. Just remember that we all have our ups and downs and even when you face gain here and there, to keep up at it and you will be there!

    Annie I was thinking about starting tomorrow but my bf worked yesterday and working tonight till 11. So I want us to go out to eat something tomorrow before I start detoxing. So I will be starting on Monday with you! BTW, just to let you know my breakfast starts at around noon, and the very last meal will be around 3-4 AM because of my work schedule.

    Although I haven't even bought the book yet, I went grocery shopping today based on what I read here and on different websites. Strawberry, banana, cherry, grape, blackberry, fat free vanila yogurt, brown rice, beans, sweet potato, onion, pineapple, oriental stir fry veggie mix (no seasoning), brussel sprouts, tofu... That's about what I bought, I think. They didn't have eggwhites so I may check out different store. I already have oatmeal, grits(read somewhere that I can have it instead of oatmeal), peppers, brocolli... They are all allowed, right? I hope I got it all right. I already cleaned them, cut them up, and put them in smaller bags and containers so it's right there when I want to eat them. Well. I'm ALL SET, I think, for Monday~ =)
  • SouthernGal: Congratulations on your loss! That is awesome! I am thinking about doing the Phase 1 a little longer than 9 days also, but I am going to weigh in on Wednesday, I'm excited!!!

    Tara & Annie: I think you're right about not setting my goal *too* high. I am just going to work on concentrating on those mini goals, and not worry so much about the long-term goal. And yes, if I can just get to accomplish those new goals, then I won't have to worry about how big I am, because I know I'll be healthier and happier.

    Tara: The stuff you got at the grocery sounds awesome!!!! All the things you already have are allowed, I actually do use grits in place of oatmeal sometimes. I loooove grits. I went to the grocery today to get more oranges and broccoli since that's my new thing. I finally felt some energy and took advantage of it and cleaned my kitchen for about 2 hours-it's something I want to do with my whole house, but the kitchen was somewhere I felt like I could start and finish in one day, so I did it-feels good!!!

    Anyway, I digress. Glad you had fun at the recital, Annie! I also used to take dance and my experience sounds a lot like yours. I miss taking dance though, it's something I'm going to do once I get healthy!!

    Talk to you ladies later, hope you are all having a great day!!!

  • Today was an okay day with my diet. I definitely didn't work out, which was in the day's plan for me, but oh well. It is what it is, right? Tomorrow is my last day before getting back on board, and I hope I don't go overboard with it. I keep thinking that anything I put in my mouth right now still needs to be worked off eventually, so I'm trying not to take too much advantage of the situation.