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Smile New - 1st Day

Hello everyone! This is my first day on FS. I bought the book and have been reading all the info I can find online about FS. This is the first day for me. So far, so good. There are so many good recipes here.

I was previously on Atkins. However, I feel like its not the healthiest way of eating. Fat Smash is much healthier and I am making a lifestyle change. I need to be able to make good food choices from every food group, not eliminate a food group. I can't maintain eliminating an entire food group for a lifetime.

Does anyone have any tips?
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Welcome to Fat Smash! I have been on P1 for 8 days today and can tell a huge difference in the way I look already, and I am my own worst critic! Be sure to drink lots of water. You should NOT find yourself starving on this stage so be sure to stock up on P1 food you want to eat and eat it when you please. Also, be sure not to jump on the scale every day. I find it more rewarding when I wait for a week and see a larger net loss than when I get on three times in one day and see a water weight gain. The first day was a little tough for me, but trust me, later in the week you will be feeling lighter and "cleaner". Good Luck and let me know if you have any questions!
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Welcome! I agree you will feel lighter very soon! I have noticed a huge increase in exercise, especially when I am running!! I always try to plan out a weeks menu, that way if you are hungery you know what to eat, instead of being tempted! Good luck!
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I can do it!
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Hey grn ize, welcome. I also used to do Atkins, I do like fat smash better, but with Atkins elminating carbs was not forever, it was adding foods back gradually just like fat smash does. Fat smash I like because of the fruit, I love fruit. I restarted fat smash because I partied a little too hard for my birthday so I am on day 4 of phase 1. It does get easier and you will feel a lot better when you've finished with detox.

Something I'll do if I'm running errands all day is just to go a grocery store and buy a fruit bowl and just eat it while driving. It's much better than stopping at some fast food place and eating off plan.
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Talking Keep In Mind

that it is only for 9 days that you have to do without. It is not a lifetime. I felt it helped me using veggie burgers. I prefer the morning star brand. I love the black bean and corn veggie burger. I am almost done and have lost 5 lbs with 3 more days to go. Make sure when you feel hungry you take advantage of the veggies and fruit. I also found it helpful to read the Phase I FAQ's answered by Dr. Ian and posted above by the moderators of this forum.

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I used to do LA weight loss, but this diet seems to be easier to follow. (And way cheaper)... I'm going to give it a try Wish me luck!
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I am also new to FS. Today is Day 1, Cycle 1. Dinner tonight is beans and veggies. Any idea how to prepare something that tastes good? Thanks for the help!
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Losing on the Beach
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How is everyone doing?? Are you through with phase one?? and if so what were you results??? Just curious
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I luv my curves
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Welcome! I am pretty new myself I started on 4-21 and so far I am down 12lbs I think what has helped me is that everyday I pray because I have a problem with sweets and over eating. I feel so good and I am active. I walk five days a week for 45min along with a co worker and some evenings I walk too depending on the weather but I am feeling great. I wish you all the best!
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Fat Smasher
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Matilda - 12 lbs is awesome. Good job. I am on Day 4 of Fat Smash - this is a restart for me as I did this plan about a year and a half ago with success. I am looking forward to a great Phase 1 loss.
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