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Default Chocolate Cravings - Help!

Hi there. I'm new to FS and newer to the message board. So far it has been okay- I did cheat a little over the weekend, but I am back at it. Today I am having trouble b/c I am having MAJOR chocolate cravings!!!!!! Does anyone have any Phase 1 friendly suggestions to cope?

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I don't think there are any "friendly" phase 1 chocolate alternatives ... but one thing that helped me were the 100 calorie Oreo packs. I need to have snacks like that prepackaged into good quantities for me or I just go crazy. One sliver of chocolate? Not in my lifetime! But the 100 calorie packs helped.
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Not sure if you can have it but weight watchers fudge bars have 1 gram of fat and 110 calories.
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Fat Free Hot Chocolate has been my savior when it comes to chocolate cravings. Even non-fat in moderation. Otherwise, I will take a bite of something to have a taste, but spit it out. I really haven't had much of a craving for chocolate since I have been on the plan since July which is great, but I love my hot chocolate.
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I just started the FS Diet too and I love sweets (love, love, love them haha). I really don't want to cheat, so I am making sure to eat something permitted whenever I'm hungry. Whenever I'm craving sweets, I eat fruit.. like an orange. If you do that and then go do something else (so you don't think about cheating) the fruit will kick in after a while and satisfy your sweet tooth. That's what I think anyway. Good luck!
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Right now, I'm sticking to eating fruits when I crave sweets, too. But I second the Fat Free Hot Chocolate when you're in the later phases!

Good Luck!
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I'm doing the Extreme Fat Smash, but something I've recently learned is that when I am getting enough protein, I don't have cravings for sweets. Try upping your protein in your daily menu and see if that helps!

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I buy low cal pudding.. i'm not sure what phase it is though.... are you eating a lot of fruit? Because icecream and chocolate use to be my down fall and now I don't even want them!
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I myself am addicted to chocolate and have been pleasantly surprised that I have not missed it since starting fat smash. I am hoping the detox phase took care of that for me and maybe someday I'll be one of those people who can eat just a bite or piece of it

And when of if the cravings do arise, I'm going to keep that in mind about the protien, thanks for the tip.
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the 100 cal packs, sugar-free pudding and fat free milk with a splash of choc syrup are great! mmmmmmm!
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I have chocolate flavored soy milk. Maybe you could try that?
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