Going camping...

  • ...for two and a half weeks. Loving it, but am a bit concerned about the effect it will have on my FS diet. I fear supplies will be limited (not enough space to bring everything I really want to) as will the opportunities to really prepare the cooking. Fast and easy are the key words.

    Would really appreciate help/advice! Food I can prepare at home and bring, recepies/food that doesn't need lots of preparation, and so on...

    Turns out we're laeving in two days (wasn't supposed to happen for another two weeks + we were only supposed to be gone for one week. Last minute changes...) Not much time.

    I'm currently on my 12th day of FS, doing something in between phase 1 and 2. I had a great success with phase 1 for the first 9 days, but has since not seen any weightloss. Guess I'm on a plateau, trying to make changes in my workout and so, my weight will soon start going down again I hope.

    Well, I'll be logged on a few times more prior to leaving. Then I'll have to do without your great support for a while. Hopefully I won't cheat too much

    / Nina
  • Try the FS granola, it's a great snack to bring and easy to make at home before you're leaving. I found the recipe here at 3FC.

    Good luck smashing while you're camping. You can do it!

    / Emily