Over eating?

  • Hi, this is my second day on the Fat Smash diet and I just wanted to know if anyone else ever felt like they were eating too much? I feel like I'm eating more now that I've started the diet than I did before yet I find myself more hungry. Maybe it is the spacing out throughout the day whereas before I usually ate just 1 or 2 big meals but I'm just worried I may end up gaining or losing no weight at all! -Andrea
  • I know how you feel, I am on day 7 of Fat smash, & I was doing low carb before that. I feel like I'm pigging out on fruit and veggies that I felt deprived of on the low carb diet. I am finally starting to see some weight loss though. I know I'm not supposed to weigh yet, but the curiosity was killing me. It does say you can have all the fruit and veggies and beans you want though doesn't it?
  • is it okay to eat rice everyday? that's my concern.. .i dont generally eat rice everday.