Phase II help!!!

  • My husband and I are just about to start phase II in the fat smash diet and have a few questions. We are not sure about the servings of fish PER DAY. The book lists that we can have 3-4oz of red meat and chicken PER DAY but it is confusing on how much FISH we are allowed. Does anyone know how much fish we are allowed. Can we have 3 oz of tuna for lunch and 3 oz of salmon for dinner? So confused! Also, when it list the drinks allowed. Are we only allowed one choice of those drinks? Surely we are not allowed 2 diet sodas and 1 cup of coffee. HELP!!!

    All advice is so appreciated!
  • We need help! Please any response is appreciated!
  • I think what it means is you can have 3-4 oz of meat total in a day. That is if you are doing the Fs not the Efs. I also think it breaks it down by category, so you can have 3 oz of tuna for lunch and then 3-4 oz of chicken or red meat for dinner. But you can't have 3oz tuna for lunch and then 3oz of salmon for dinner because you have already had your total of fish for the day at lunch. And so on for the meat category and etc. I hope this helps.
  • Thanks so much Big Mamma! That's what we needed to know.
  • No problem. Glad I can help.