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Default Fat Smash vs Extreme Fat Smash (extreme nutshell version)

This is an extreme nutshell version of the plans. Hopefully it will be enough to let you know which book you should purchase for the remaining details

Fat Smash Diet
  • Designed for weight loss no matter how much or how little you need to lose
  • Consists of 4 phases
  • Phase 1 - Detox, lasts 9 days
  • Phase 2 - Foundation, lasts 3 weeks
  • Phase 3 - Construction, lasts 4 weeks
  • Phase 4 - The Temple - Life
  • Allows all fruits and vegetables, except white potatoes and avocados.
  • Phase 1 is vegetarian and allows limited grains and dairy.
  • Phases 2 - 4 gradually add additional food choices, including meats and occasional sweets.
  • If followed as written, the diet balanced and contains around 1300 calories per day, according to my calculations.
  • You'll eat 4 or 5 times per day.
  • Exercise: Recommends a variety of exercises suggesting 30 min per day 5 days per week to start, and gradually increasing it each phase.
FYI- This book lacks many details and has caused a lot of confusion among dieters.

Extreme Fat Smash
  • Designed for people that have 10 to 25 pounds to lose
  • Consists of 3 Cycles, plus maintenance
  • Each cycle lasts 1 week, and 3 cycles = 1 rotation.
  • Repeat rotations as necessary until you reach goal. Then follow the maintenance guidelines.
  • Food choices are more specific this time. You will eat foods which are low on the Glycemic Index. For example, you cannot eat bananas, watermelon, or pineapple because they are high GI, despite being low in calories and fat free. You'll also be encouraged to eat foods higher in fiber and protein.
  • Averages 800 to 1000 calories per day, according to the sample menus we checked. We assume this is why it is for people with few pounds to lose, because it would not be healthy to follow long term.
  • You'll eat every 3 hours.
  • Exercise: Requires intense exercise, usually about an hour a day.
This version seems to be more detailed, apparently avoiding most of the confusion that resulted from the first book.

Both books include recipes.
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I think I might try the Extreme if I reach a plateau or something with the regular Fat Smash. I ordered both books so I can't wait to get them in the mail!!
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EFS is just too low in calories, i see why others say they are dizzy, i may have to add calories, i feel weird!
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My husband and I are currently in phase 3 but I was unable to even follow it for 1 day faithfully!!! My husband is very strict and is doing great... I just feel it was TOO extreme... You really need a middle ground.. I cant go from eating anything and everything I want to just veggies and beans!! So I will finish out phase 3 then start over, hopefully my body will be more inclined!!
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Smile new to extreme fat smash

im new to EFS and to be honest im EXCITED !!! i ve been reading so much positive on day 2 of phase 1...yesterday went surprisingly well and im hoping that today will be a thinking i ll buy the fat smash book too, so i can have some variety

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Thumbs up day 1 feeling strong

day one on Efs...was fine all day ...i work in a restaurant and staff food came out..was tough but i didnt even look.....i did get a bite dizzy nauseous at the gym but a bit more water sorted it out.....excited for day 2 and feeling good...
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Thumbs up Day 3 on EFS

I am on day 3 of phase one and actually feel as though I can stick to this diet! I like that each phase is only a week so I know that if I don't love somehting one week I will be able to eat something else the next. I have found it very hard to eat right on my own and the daily menus help me stay focused. I work full time and am in school 2 nights a week so I am finding it difficult to fit exercise into those days and I cannot work out in the morning no matter how hard I try! I plan to stick to the diet and excerise as much as I can on the days that I can. I would love to hear any suggestions for fitting a worout in if youhave them!
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I am on day 6 of phase 1. It's been going fine. I am starting to get the bored of food feeling and am excited to start phase 2. I just read the difference between FS and EFS and think that I may look into the latter as I only have 15-20 lbs to lose. Working out everyday with two young children will be tough. Not sure the intensity of the workouts and if long walks are considered.
Up until this diet, I was a coffee addict. So cutting out caffeine for the most part (do drink green every morning and the odd weak black tea) I think I have done well. In terms of phase 2, when I can have 10oz of coffee daily, does anyone know if I can have cream with it?
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