Christian diet buddy needed!

  • I need to lose about 15 pounds;I'm 140 and 5'4".A fellow Christian girl(doesn't matter what age;I'm 16)who could help me and encourage me(and I'd do it too!);cause "the spirit is willing,but the flesh is weak" Thanks!
  • Saw your post on the first day I signed up. I would be happy to be your buddie and cheer each other on. I am 23 and slightly shorter than you, 5'3". I started my journey about a month ago at 145lb. Now I am about 135lb and still have 30lb to go.
  • Awesome! Great to hear from you! Congratulations on your 10 pounds;that's wonderful;good for you!!!
    I'd love to be your buddy too;did you want to communicate through PM's????
  • Hello,

    My name is Alllie,

    I am on a journey to lose 130 pounds. Hoping to find a Christian support buddy.
  • Allie or others that relate,
    I would love to be a buddy for you! I'm 24 yo, a Christian, single in MI, and am a professional nanny. I have 100 lbs to lose. Let me know what you think! Drop me an email I'm still working on getting on instant messaging...soon!
  • Hi Ridergirl,
    It's wonderful hearing about young ladies serving the Lord. I hope I can be an encourgement some how. Stay with healthy eating and you will loose the weight!
    I'm 58 years old and started to change my way of eating on December 31,2004.
    I wanted to learn about vegans and further study made up my mind. I
    am 45 pounds lighter, YEAH!
    May you be richly blessed! You are in my prayers. bumpy47