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    You've found a great place to come and vent, share or ask for
    prayer support This is a great group who will be
    very encouraging, caring and loving...
    anyone is welcome to join!


    A Servant's Prayer

    Jesus, MY Jesus... How marvelous your ways...
    Far more splendid than my mind can envision. What an
    honor to be chosen by you. A lowly child I am, but empowered
    by the Holy Spirit to fulfill the great hope to which you have
    called me. I give myself totally to you, Lord. Take my imperfect
    heart and make it perfect. Peel away the hardness. Close the doors
    I have opened to the temptations of this world. Gently remove the
    roots of painful memories, sins, doubts and fears. Discard anything
    that separates me from you. Lord, fill the emptiness with the light of
    your love that I might be a beacon calling the lost back to you.

    To love as you love...
    To serve as you serve...
    To heal as you heal...
    To forgive as you forgive...
    always mindful of my nothingness while doing
    great and marvelous things in you name and for
    you glory. This I pray, Jesus, in YOUR name.

  • Thank you Lord, for the gift of our dear SunnyD/Donna
    who always cheers us, lifts us up and takes care of all of us, has wonderful siggy's created especially for us and even organizing our 3fc CE'rs thread.
    Lord, what a gift she is to all who know her.
    In your name, Amen.
  • Good Afternoon!!

    I just wanted to stop in and say "HI". I will be off to Africa in a few days! I am so excited, but also a little anxious about getting on the plane and flying for so long.

    Donna - So happy to hear from you! Sounds like you and Joe are having a great summer. Those siggys that you made for everyone is really nice. Hey, do you think you make me one? When you have time of course. I will probably post one more time tommorrow and then I wont be able to post again until the first part of Aug. I will be back in WA on August 1st. We are so blessed to have you!!!

    Gary - I am happy you heard from your kids!! I know that just really made your day. So are you feeling more settled in now that you have your computer, phone and cable? I know it always helps to have those things functioning properly. Sounds like you and the family had a fun night out. I love family time! Well enjoy yourself!

    Marilyn - I am so sorry to hear about your pain and illness. You will get through of this in Jesus name!! Congratulation on your 8.9 lbs lost!! You are on the right track!!

    Well gotta go! Will check in later!


  • Michele... I thank you for the beautiful prayer, but I'm just plain ole Donna - not any more special then any of you (((Michele)))

    Myisha, I just wanted to let you (& the others know) that I DO NOT MAKE these siggy's (although, I hope to learn this coming winter) - I HAVE THEM made at a site I belong to. It takes time to do and the site is hard to navigate in the beginning, so I just thought I'd help out and have some made for my friends here

    I will be glad to get a siggy made for you What would you like as a siggy? Do you have a fav. color or item... ie: teddies, fairies, ladies, beaches, mtns, shoes, jewelry (bracelets)? It will take me a day or so to get it, so it will be here when you come home okay I bet you are so excited about your trip! Are you all packed and ready to go?

    for Myisha and for Sue for safe
    and memorable trips!!!


    PLEASE... don't forget to go back to the last thread
    if you have not caught up in your reading. I left a
    post there and so have others

    Click on LINK below to go to *CER #205*




    I've been reading all your posts, but been quiet lately due to lots of activities with the littles with it being summer and all!

    Myisha - Have a wonderful trip to Africa! It sounds so exciting! We went to India in 1999 to bring our Indian Angel girls home - I love traveling to other countries!

    SunnyD - Hi!! Can you make me a siggy if you get a minute? My passions are the Lord, kids, God's creation and doggies!!

    God Bless all of you wonderful ladies AND Gary! :-)

    Lori in IL
  • Hi Lori...

    I'll see what I can find for you, okay
    Do you want it signed - Lori - or - Lori in IL - ?




    I guess sign it Lori in IL in case there are anymore Lori's or will be anymore Lori's in the future!

    I'm excited!! THANKS, AGAIN!!

    Lori in IL
  • Myisha, have a wonderful trip!! Take lots of pics and please post as soon as you can! I'll pray that you have a safe trip and find things to occupy your time on your long flight.

    Sue, not sure when you are going to China, but i think it's soon. So same to you sweets, prayers for you also. Are you bringing the baby home? Can't wait to hear from you again.

    Hi ladies, just a few minutes to check in before we head to the river to walk the dogs.

    Just got off the phone with my mom in Ill. LORI , she said it is very hot and humid where she is at...hard for her to breath right now. It is hot here but very dry.

    MYISHA Have a safe wonderful trip!

    SUE I think you left today (?)...prayers!

    SUNNYD I totally agree with MICHELE on how special you are!

    MARGIE Sent a thank-you to your nephew in Iraq yesterday.

    MICHELE Week-end fun?

    Well, we are heading out the door...later, Gary
  • Hi Gary, I bet the doggies are loving the river! Are they able to run while down there? Simba use to love the river, she's a lab so she loved the water but she loved to run around with the fish that x-hubby would catch. Only weekend plans are going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tonight! Can't wait, going to church tomorrow night with my friend Eric, may get a bite to eat and then I have the crisis phones from 8pm to 8am sunday. It's going to be in the 90's this weekend and humidity in the 70's!! I'm staying in whenever possible.
  • Hi Gary!

    You better believe it's hot and humid! We are a stone's throw from that big, muddy river and it just brings all that moisture up from the gulf - ugh - It's only 73 degrees right now because the thunderstorms rolled in again!

    It's to hit at least 90 tomorrow on my FIFTIETH!! UGH!

    Lori in IL
  • Happy 50th Lori!!!

    TO YOU...
    TO YOU...
    DEAR LORI (in IL)... ...
    TO YOUuuuuuuuu!

    and many more...

    I hope you have a *WONDERFUL 50th BIRTHDAY* today!
    That you will have the Bestest year ahead!

    Birthday {{{Hugs}}},


  • Happy 50th!!
    Dear Lori,
    Happy 50th Birthday!!!!!!
    Enjoy your day and EAT CAKE!!!

    Going to my mom's to celebrate with family and friends!

    Still can't believe I'm a half century old today!!!

    You all have a WONDERFUL day!

    Lori in IL
  • Hi Lori,
    I sent you a PM...
    I hope you like them, but I am
    still waiting for another to be finished...