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miniDoodles 09-11-2018 12:30 PM

Christian *Prayer Warriors* 2018
Hello Everyone :) This thread is here for Everybody who Needs help in their life & for Everyone who knows somebody or something that is meaningful to happen or stop & to give Our LORD our Thanks & Praise.

My Hope for this thread is to Bring people together, HE has BLESSED each of us & we are aLL deserving of a wonderful life.

PLease feel comfortable sharing your needs & a scripture verse.

With Hugs & my Love to each person visiting this thread :angel: You are a BLESSING to somebody Every DAY :grouphug:

miniDoodles 09-11-2018 01:53 PM

Hi, I'm beginning this new thread with prayer requests for our 5 yr. 10# miniGoldenDoodle. MeeMee was ran over by a truck turning around in our driveway Saturday afternoon.She has internal injuries & is unable to eat, she barely drinks her water & can pee. Her back left leg is broken & she hobbles to go potty. We Love her & we need her. She was the smallest puppy in her litter so we kept her to protect her from harm & then this truck accident happened. We've been medically nurturing her & comforting her as best we can without touching her injured areas.Last night when I was crying for her suffering & her confusion & my husband held me, we prayed for her healing again & that she will be able to eat & digest food today for her hunger, or else that Our Lord would end MeeMee's suffering soon taking her Home with HIM, if her internal injuries will not heal. PLease Pray for our Beloved MeeMee's internal injuries to Heal. Thank you

Diana3271 09-14-2018 09:21 AM

Hi miniDoodles I'm sorry, I just saw your post. How is MeeMee doing? Did she make it? I'm sorry this has has happened. We are very close to our pets and it's very difficult when something happens to them.

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