Anybody here Spirit-filled?

  • Hi! I knew when I clicked on "Faith Based Support Groups" I would be getting an alphabet soup of different faiths.. Just wondering if anyone here is of a Spirit-filled background (charismatic, non-denominational, full-gospel.. that type of church).

    I'd love to hear back from anyone! God bless you all in your weight-loss journeys!
  • This is my first post. Not even sure I'm doing this right. It's in response to Bllondy. Can't believe I don't see more responses to your post. Let me know if I did this right.
  • That would be me! I've been spirit filled for MANY years. I'm also a member of our church's Worship Team and a singer.
  • Hi ya'll.
    This is my first post.

    I have belonged to Jesus since I was a very little girl. I grew up in an Assembly of God church the first 1/2 of my life. The second 1/2 of my life, I am attending a Church of God. My Mom (in her 80's) and I attend Women's Bible studies every week together; it's our Girls' Day out. Since my husband passed on years ago, I've loved being very active in our Women's Ministries.

    I'm so fortunate that I grew up in a family, who not only attended church several times a week, but they modeled their faith 24/7, so I could see how it works when put into practice. (Egads! A run-on sentence.)

    No matter how hard life gets, or how badly I fall, I just go back to the Book and find my path again.
  • I am too. I see no one has been here for a fe months. Any how, if you all come back we have something in common!
  • Yes to being spirit filled x
  • Are you following a diet plan?