Prayer Warriors-All Faiths-2013 part 3

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  • Rosebud and Bargoo-so glad to hear from you both! Prayers continuing for all the needs you mentioned, including mobility issues and the anxiety. Love and miss you both!
  • THANKS & SAME For you all .......................
  • I will reply in this prayer thread to save time & errors, ok? THANKS .... Dianne/ rosebud ///

    I am watching figuring skating to pass time today.
  • timw doe bf soon ; will eat healthy ; had a banana and coffee earlier ... ooops; not baad ????
  • praise God for His blessings! Today I have been truly humbled by answers to prayer.
    Flowers wishing me a speedy recovery from my op from the brother who I haven't seen for 3 years, a much needed boost for my finances out of the blue and i felt well enough to walk the dog! As I am only 2 and a half weeks after fairly major surgery I am 1000 % better than I thought I would be at this stage!
    I pray for all of you but most especially if you are going through a time of trial. God is with us always.
  • Prayers going up for Rosebud, that her cellulitis might be healed quickly, and Praising God for Mountain Walker's speedy recovery and praying that the recovery will continue to go so well.

    I could use prayers for my mom, who is an alcoholic that has recently switched from wine to brandy and has begun hiding her bottles. She's going through about 1-1/2 liters of brandy every 4 days now, which is a lot I think. My dad says she doesn't know he found her hiding spot, and he's afraid to confront her. They live clear across the country from me, so I can't say anything without outing my dad and that would be a big fight for them. Mom needs to see that her alcoholism is destroying her health and her marriage.
  • THANKS, prayers going up for your mother & Dad ....
  • THANKS; please pray for quick bed routine with no anxiety and quick breathe recovery like last night. IT WENT WELL ....

    MW -- prayers going up for u 2 ....
  • Dee-Prayers going up for you and your mom & dad. I know how hard it is to have an alcoholic parent, plus try to support yet protect your own sanity. I would say that Al-anon helped me a lot and I know many spouses who have benefited from the program.

    Rosebud-Prayers continue for you & your DH. It's so good to see your posts!
  • Thanks ronni --for your prayers and good thoughts ....

    sending same for you ....
  • Prayers going up for Rosebud that your anxiety will disappear and for quick breath recovery and for your husband.

    Continued prayers for Bargoo.

    Ronni, thanks- I am considering joining Al-Anon and see if there is a local chapter my Dad can join. They live in a very small town- even if there is a chapter, he may not wish to join because everyone talks in those small towns. I'm really concerned - their marriage is suffering because my mom is constantly angry, and my mom is destroying her health. My grandmother died of liver cancer from drinking too much, now it looks like my mom is determined to head down that same path.
  • DEE -- thanks, prayers continue for your mother and family ....
  • Pray I can stay awake and not sleep too early or I'll be awake all night ... thanks ....
  • Dee So sorry to hear about your Dad and Mom's problems. Will keep you and your parents in my prayers.

    Rosebud I pray that your breathing will get better and better. DH would get very anxious when he was having problems breathing when he over exerted himself. He is so much better now. I pray you will get better too. I pray you will be able to sleep better at night so you can stay awake better in the day time.

    Prayers going up for all.
  • Continued prayers for Rosebud and hubby, Bargoo, and all concerns. Thanks everyone for your prayers for my Mom and Dad, much appreciated.

    I wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!