Surrender it to God?

  • Hello All! I am just starting my journey to growing in God. Been a Christian all my life but not much past going to church and "trying to b a good person". I have been unsuccessful in trying to lose the 10-15 lbs I gained over the holidays. No matter what as soon as I am close to being half way there I mess up. I have spent so much time making new plans, new excersive, praying and crying. I read I needed to plan less and trust more in surrendering this issue to God. Can anyone help me on what that means? How do you do that in this situation? I doubt I can eat pizza and pie every night and trust God to magically make it disappear. If I am not supposed to think bout it so much do I still plan meals? Make exercise plans? I am just confused. God helps me in so many other things I know he can here but how with out me trying too? Thank you so much for taking the time to read and hopefully respond if you can help!
  • I guess there are different schools of thought about weight-loss; and I have never heard the one you are talking about. It is important to plan just as you would for anything else, but obsessing is another matter. Yes, we can overdo anything; you need to find a balance.

    Just like you said, you cannot continue to eat too much and expect GOD to take away the consequences of that. We do have some responsibility for what we put into our mouths -- but we can pray for the HOLY SPIRIT to give us the power to make better choices and be more self-disciplined.

    So, do the basic planning; buy the right foods; and follow your plan the best you can (with the Holy Spirit's help). If you make a mistake, forgive yourself, and continue on. I think this WL process is very similar to our Christian walk, as I see so many parallels between them.

    We need to read the Word, follow the LORD's commandments to the best of our ability, asking the Holy Spirit for the power to do the best we can; and rely on GOD'S Grace for the rest. As time goes on we grow and mature in our walk (becuz practice helps us to do better).

    As in the Christian walk, you will be tempted and tested in your WL journey. JESUS will forgive you for the mistakes; and you must forgive yourself too (see Colossians 3:13). That's why you cry, you know -- becuz you're not. You are putting too much pressure on yourself. What you need to surrender is your "Expectation of Perfection". None of us are perfect; none of us can be in this life. That will happen in the next one. Your vanity may be a reflection of this; I mean, it may a veiled desire for perfection. Remember -- there is a difference between being presentable (clean & neat) and vain; the first is OK, the second one can present issues.

    In our Christian life, what we need to surrender is control -- we must surrender to GOD and put our TRUST in Him for guidance and direction; plus the power to overcome any obstacles we may face, including our flaws and imperfections (shortcomings). That includes your weight-loss journey (and vanity taking GOD's place in your life).

    Also, I would ask GOD to reveal to you WHY you are eating the wrong things -- to reveal to you if you are eating out of boredom, just becuz the food is there, or as an emotional response to stress, or whatever (these are my most common reasons for eating things I shouldn't). Plus ask Him for the wisdom to know how to manage those issues better. I think that GOD would rather that we rely on HIM for power, strength, and comfort instead of the food. Excess food isn't healthy for us; but an extra serving of GOD can only be an advantage, in my books.

    I hope this helps you in some way. Don't give up; but continue on no matter what (BTW, the Christian equivalent is FAITHFULNESS) ...
  • I think planning is important. Ask God to guide you in your menu planning and grocery shopping. Trusting him does not mean that he will make the shopping list for us. We have been given a mind and the ability to make choices. You already know that pizza and pie are not good choices for dieting. Start from there, choose healthy things and thank God for guiding you.
  • Justwant2bhealth- thank you so much for your insights and advice!! I do have a perfectionist thing going on. I am working on this.
    Bargoo- yes the more I read the words above planning is essential in this as well as perseverance.
    Thank you for your words! God Bless-Rintin
  • I've heard it said, "God loves you exactly the way you right now, and God also loves you enough to not want you to stay that way." I think (speaking personally) both in terms of weight loss/health and other goals the challenge is to trust that God unconditionally loves and accepts me right now, regardless of how "successful" I consider myself but that the invitation is always there for growth and greater flourishing. John 10:10 - "I came that they might have life, and have it in abundance." Wishing you well on your goals and in moving more deeply into that abundant life!