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Justwant2Bhealthy 03-03-2013 04:19 PM

PRAYER WARRIOR's All Faiths -- 2013 continued ...
:angel: Time to start a new thread ladies and gents ~

So much to pray for but looking back I see so many prayers have been answered in ways that have brought happiness and understanding into our lives.

God does hear our prayers and answers them in His will and in His time as we bring them to Him through His Son.

May the new year bring us here often to share our needs and pray for all who ask.

Many more blessings in 2013 are waiting for us ... :D

Justwant2Bhealthy 03-03-2013 04:21 PM

1 Attachment(s)
CURRENT PRAYER LIST: ^Prayers^ continue for present needs ...

Thank You GOD, for the gift of Life and your awesome Love; Thank you GOD, for all the blessings you send our way; Thank you GOD, for hearing & answering our prayers for healing today; Thank you GOD, for doctors & surgeons & all medical helpers; Thank you GOD, for providing the best treatments & drugs & the funds to pay for them; Thank you GOD, for family & friends & Prayer Warriors; Thank you GOD, for your Mercy & Grace & Peace & Comfort & Hope & yes, even Joy during these trials we face; Thank you GOD, for our LORD JESUS CHRIST, by whose stripes we are healed; and Thank You GOD, for being such a faithful Father & Friend, one that we can trust & lean on each & every day ... Amen.

BARGOO ~ cancer has spread to her brain; getting radiation treatments now; prayers that they will work 100% for her as before; full remission; Peace & comfort at this time. Thanks & Praise GOD for our good friend.
Bargoo's Son(s) ~ DAVID: bless his marriage. One has diabetes too: prayers he will be able to make healthier lifestyle choices.
Bargoo's church member ~ Wendy & kids; DH commited suicide
URSULA ~ BROTHER in alcohol re-hab: please set this captive free; grief prayers; restore his health & family. May your Kingdom come upon him, and your will be done in his life.
GARY's SIL ~ SUE MILLER: had a stroke/clots; speech issues; prayers for healing, restoration, peace & comfort for SUE, husband KEN, and family. PRZ GOD, Sue is now back home in San Diego, CA; but still needs lots of therapy.
GARY MILLER ~ our dear friend is home with our LORD; and I'm sure he is praying for us all over there. Also prayers for his wife, ANGIE & family for strength & peace as well ... :)
GARY's sister, ANNIE (Denise) ~ surgery done on Nov 5th, 2012. Prayers for full remission.
GARY'S FRIENDS ~ young GAVIN, and JIM from the Lutheran Church in San Diego, CA -- who are both battling cancer at this time. We pray for GOD's mercy, and healing power in their bodies; plus for peace & comfort & the best treatments too.
GARY ~ DDF, MARK; re: soldier with PTSD (bad memories); prayers for all soldiers & veterans for protection & healing.
DANE ~ Washington state: serious blood infection; wisdom for doctors for best meds/treatments. Elder sister needs special care & healing as well.
KYLIE ~ 4 years old; needs new heart ASAP; Alaska.
ADELINE ~ little girl with health issues; Lutheran Pastor Henry's daughter in Fort Wayne, Indiana; Praize GOD she is doing better.
JIMMY ~ bone cancer; getting radiation in Pittsburg 2day; prayers for strength & healing; plus for peace & comfort for him & his wife too.
RACHEL (Rochelle Fortier) ~ young mother with cancer & laryngitis; plus all the other cancer patients in Owen Sound where I had my chemo treatments. Also pray for the doctors, DA, nurses, and medical workers in the chemo clinic/units for continued wisdom, kindness, and compassion. We are very grateful for their care & dedication to their patients; they matter to us more than they could ever know ... :)
SHERRI ~ battling breast cancer gone into spine; pray for wholeness & remission; peace & comfort for her/family too.
ROSE'S SIL ~ lung cancer; comfort & peace & healing; best treatments; wisdom for doctors; comfort for her brother (Rose's DH).
ROBERT ANNAND ~ has gone home to be with GOD; he passed peacefully in his own home.
BOB BLACKBURN ~ multiple myeloma cancer (second time) attacking his back, jaw, and hip; presently getting chemo treatments; peace & comfort & healing grace for BOB & his wife, Francine (for fatigue).
GEORGE WINGER ~ George passed away this past weekend; prayers for comfort and peace for his wife, Alverna & family.
JEAN GILES ~ passed away last night; PRAIZE GOD for his mercy. Prayers for peace for her family (the Betz's).
PAT BELAIR ~ PRZ GOD; Pat doing better; prayers for comfort & peace. Son needs to find special kind of work that he can do with his health limitations.
WILMA'S brother, LARRY ~ on chemo round #2 for tumors on his brain; prayers for healing/shrinkage/removal, comfort, and peace for all. At home again -- PRZ GOD!
MURRAY JAMES ~ Murray has gone home to be with our LORD; and is no longer suffering. Prayers for his wife (Linda) & family for peace, comfort and strength at this time.
ELVISLOVER ~ prayers cancer stays in remission; and would love to have a child soon.
KATHARINE MARGARET ~ 42 yy; Northern BC; advanced MS; in a nursing home. Has great care & her angel friend DAVID who visits her daily & helps so much. May GOD bless them both with his Loving Comfort & Peace always.
JULIE GOODWIN ~ PRAIZE GOD, Julie's health totally restored.
DANIS TOUTTIT ~ severe diabetes; she's doing well right now. PRZ GOD!
MAGGIE JUPP ~ Fibromyalgia & VERTIGO; depression; PRZ GOD, she's back home.
DEE ~ for AL, who has passed over; esp prayers for peace for his wife, GINA, and family ... :hug:
DEE ~ BOSS continues to recover from Mono; DEE herself for grief after losing her furry baby.
WENDALYN ~ her niece; continued good health.
DANIELLE ~ healing of emotional-response eating.
KAREN ~ her 2nd grandson (+ stepbrother); custody battle; kids OK & get bi-weekly visits with Mother. MISSY ~ PRZ GOD, knees are getting better.
KAREN's ~ son, MIKE: had seizures; doctors need wisdom for best meds. Prayers for good health; PRZ GOD for great friends & caregivers.
IRISWhispers ~ schooling osteo medicine/funding; part-time job.
BB PRINCESS ~ kidney stones; relief of pain & infections.
COLTON ~ 22 y/o; leukemia; had chemo; bone marrow transplant caused illness. Prayers for healing touch & peace & comfort for Colton & his family. Prayers for full remission.
JENNA C ~ 22 y/o; rare cancer: Rabdomyosarcoma; in hospital getting treatments; bless doctors with wisdom; prayers for healing, comfort from nausea, and peaced for JENNA & her family.
RONNI's Mom, JUNE ~ schizo-bipolar: needs to continue meds. PRZ GOD for successful hip surgery @ Mayo Clinic.
RONNI'S ~ mom's Christian friend, LEITHA: has gone home to be with our LORD; and family has peace -- PRAIZE GOD!
RONNI ~ multiple health issues; stress relief; MS: pray for remission & wholeness. Guidance regarding future/moving?
RONNI's DH ~ PRAIZE GOD -- His job/pension/benefits have been reinstated. Peace & safety at work. Needs direction regarding future?
RONNI's DS1 ~ PRAIZE GOD; this family is back together; alcohol issues; prayers for deliverance & healing. LORD, please set this captive free ...
PATTY H ~ back issues & Fibromyalgia: pray for remission; good nursing school grades.
PATTY's SON ~ heal ear infection & lump on bone; restore hearing; needs job.
TRISH ~ Praize GOD for improved home situation. PRAIZE GOD -- Toni's surgery was successful. Prayers for complete healing. Restoration of finances; blessings. Son's broken ankle to heal quickly.
LISALOU ~ finances: DH job at YMCA/or direction?
LOOSE SEAL ~ PRZ GOD: SIL with thyroid cancer/removed & contained; another SIL with aggressive breast cancer/tumor: chemo, radiation & surgery needed; contain C-cells; peace, comfort & strength for all.
TBMMOM'S ~ DH: recovery from heart by-pass surgery & depression; and healthier lifestyle choices FTDF ...
NELLY's Son's FIL ~ RANDY G. in Texas/56yy; at home now & returned to work. PRAIZE GOD for this amazing miracle!!!
NELLY'S FATHER ~ the beginnings of memory problems; his wife/stepmother & family need prayers about a house sale & family reconciliation.
NELLY ~ increased income: mechanic's garage; needs: personal, car, home, schooling. Spring & latter rains for a great garden this year; PRZ GOD: her heart is fine ... :)
NELLY's MIL, ELSIE ~ early stage breast cancer; options good. FIL: health issues too.
LAURA ~ sister's family need new place to live before December 1st. Hope you found one!!!
KITTYCAT ~ DH's real estate business in NY to pick up; more work for her as well (enuff to cover all their needs+); PRZ GOD for increases this year ...
BOOTSIE ~ cholesterol levels normal; David prayers for improved health; protection from wild animals; Thank You for rain for Bourke County, Texas.
BEVERLYJOY's SISTER in CA ~ severe back problem; recovering from her 4th surgery; prayers for merciful pain relief & complete healing.
TREADMILER ~ (SoCal) 46 y/o widower with 2 teens; would like to find a wife to share his life with; may God bring them together.
ROSEBUD's ~ BIL, TOM M; contain aneurysm; pain relief (mild lower back pain); better appetite; peace for his wife, Denise.
ROSEBUD's DAD ~ BILL S: praise GOD, he is doing well with the chemo & radiation (nausea meds helping a lot). Prayers tumor in abdomen shrinks for surgery in September. Wife *GRACE* had bladder removed successfully; please pray for relief of pain & adjustment to urine bag. Son, JEFF R; heart attack; stressed: he needs a job that isn't too physically taxing.
ROSEBUD's Brother, RPS ~ struggling: pain & loneliness, turning to alcohol again. Jesus, we pray for a release from this bondage to alcohol: please set this captive free; filling him with peace of mind, body & spirit through your blessed Holy Spirit. May he find comfort in loving family & friends, but mostly in YOU! May your Kingdom (Spirit) come upon him; and your will be done in his life. Bless him for the help he has been giving us all: gives him a sense of purpose. His knee is getting better on its own; so surgery has been postponed. PRZ GOD -- answers to prayer ... :)
ROSEBUD's DH ~ Alzheimer's; PEACE & Joy of Spirit; positive attitude/words; peaceful & healing sleep. May your Kingdom (Spirit/Love) come upon him, and your will be done in his life. May GOD grant him Serenity about not driving (he is getting better). Wisdom to handle moods. New meds are helping with his hallucinations & fears; PRAISE GOD!!!
ROSEBUD's SISTER & BIL ~ SIS: good health; BIL`s knee & back; PRAIZE GOD -- a positive answer came regarding future of home. PRZ GOD: house issues resolved well. PRZ GOD -- new work plan is going well. Special grace with her job, so she can retire with a full pension. Thanks.
ROSEBUD's ~ UNCLE GARNET has gone home; prayers for his family.
Rosebud's cousin ~ SHELLEY -- stress eczema; peace for all (daughter/DH).
Rosebud's cousin ~ CINDY S -- blood pressure back to normal; less stress & healthy lifestyle choices.
ANGELIC M -- lung cancer; had cancer surgery in ear to stop spread to brain; alcoholic: abusive alcoholic upbringing. Whole family needs healing & GOD's LOVE & Grace; compassion for one another & others.
ROSEBUD ~ PRAIZE GOD: 100 LB tumor successfully removed. "Preventative" chemo treatments are done & went very well. PRZ GOD for comfort all the way through the tuff times. Thanks for all the prayers too. Cat scan on October 7th & blood tests and see oncologist on October 17th; praying for clear results all round!!! Thanks so much, fellow warriors ... :hug:

Hope I didn't miss any; let me know ...

NOTE: while I believe GOD can find out who we are praying for -- please give us as much information as you can. For instance, their first name & last initial, and maybe the state or town they live in. I just think the more specific we can be, the better -- esp when we are praying for life-threatening health issues ... thanks!


1 John 5:14-15 ~ "And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us: And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desire of him."

Jeremiah 32:27 ~ Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me? ... NO!

Prayer of Protection ~ The light of God surrounds me, the love of God enfolds me, the power of God protects me, and the presence of God watches over me. Wherever I am, God is.
We Thank You & Praize you, FATHER ~ for hearing & answering all of our prayers and petitions here today; we thank you for your Mercy & Grace, and for your Healing Power in our lives each day; in JESUS' name, Amen & Amen ...

I'm praying for you ...

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Justwant2Bhealthy 03-03-2013 04:27 PM

:welcome: to our newest ALL FAITHS -- PRAYER WARRIOR's THREAD for the remainder of 2013 ~ I just noticed that we are over the 500 post limit once again, so we must start a fresh one at this time. Let us continue our prayers here for GARY, and everyone else who has made recent requests the last few days. Please feel free to post them in this new thread, so we can see them again ...

I have also posted a CURRENT PRAYER LIST here on page 1, so that you can go back to reference it anytime you like. This thread can get so long, so it is a handy feature to be able to just go there and see who needs praying for. I try to put as many requests in it as I can. Please send us updates so that we can keep it as current as possible as well.

Thank you all for your prayers for everyone here ... :hug:

Justwant2Bhealthy 03-03-2013 04:56 PM


Thank you all so much. You have no idea what peace this forum has brought me since I found all of you.

ELVISLOVER ~ oh, I have said that many times ever since I came to this forum, as the others here well know. Over the years they have prayed for a leg that took 2 years to heal; when we were left homeless; DH's Alzheimers diagnosis, and other daily issues & healing; "numerous" family health issues, esp cancer; when buying our home; this WL/good health journey; plus my tumor and cancer issues; and now going through the chemo, just to name a few.

This place and these people mean a great deal to me; they have been with me, and prayed with and for me & my family so much over the last 6 + years. Their faithfulness and encouragement has helped me in untold ways; no-one but our LORD truly knows.

We do know how you feel; and the prayers will continue on and on until they are answered one way or another ... :hug:

TRISH ~ sending up ^prayers^ that your son's foot heals speedily ... :)


I thought this recent post from ELVISLOVER was important to put in here becuz it shows just how helpful and important this PRAYER WARRIOR'S THREAD is to us, and so many other people as well. :angel:

elvislover324 03-03-2013 05:09 PM

Thank you so much, Rosebud. Your post made me cry before I even saw the one you posted to me. The prayer list was beautiful, thank you for taking the time to post everyone and our prayer needs. I am praying for every single one there. God is good and he hears our prayers.

This thread has helped me so much with my mental/spiritual state which in turn helps me calm myself to focus on my weightloss. My weightloss is instrumental in helping my cancer issues and it's the one thing I can control as long as I keep myself focused.

Thank you Rosebud, you have no idea how very thankful I am to have met you and the other wonderful posters here.:hug:

bargoo 03-03-2013 06:15 PM

If I haven't said it before I will say it now. I have tried going on a cancer website and checked out their chatrooms and various forums. It was too depressing I could not stay there. I find 3FC in general to be much more positive and uplifting and the Faith Based Support Group to be Christ centered and God believing and full of hope, not despair. My health issue is cancer but on these boards I have read of many illnesses and disabilities some much worse than mine. I thank God for 3Fc in general but Faith Based Support Groups in particular. God Bless every one who is or has posted in this forum.

ronni62 03-04-2013 09:28 AM

Just want to update on our situations--
Leitha passed away, but her family is doing well. They know they will see her again when they join her in the LORD's holy presence.
DS1 and his wife are back together--they do still have some struggles. DS1 has been diagnosed bi-polar and must stay on meds and not have alcohol, which may be a contributing factor to their issues. His real mom is a bi-polar alcoholic who has refused any kind of treatment for either, so she sets a poor example of how to behave and be responsible, but DS1 just gravitates to her and her messes.
My own mom, June, is doing so incredibly well! Completely healed from her hip replacement. She also figured out that she's allergic to wheat and has been able to go off the meds for her bipolar schizophrenia and has had NO return of any of the symptoms. (There's a lot of research out there connecting mental health issues with food allergies-we just stumbled upon some of it awhile back and decided to take a leap of faith.)

Thanks for all prayers on our family's behalf. Like everyone says, this is the best place to go for support with everything, not just weight issues:grouphug:

One new prayer request--I have a friend from high school who's 22-year-old daughter, Jenna C., has been diagnosed with a cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. It has already metastasized to bones in her spine and hips. She is in hospital now (& has been for 2 weeks as she was so ill when she came home from college she could not even stand on her own) and will be for quite a while longer. She has had a couple surgeries already and has started very intense chemo 2 days ago, but is already having difficulty eating due to nausea. Please lift her and her family up in your prayers. She's a Christian who has a degree in Biblical Studies and works with little children in daycares and churches. Thank you!

Justwant2Bhealthy 03-04-2013 01:00 PM

THANKS FOR THE UPDATES, RONNI ~ I had been praying for LEITHA right up to last night; happy that she is with the LORD and her family has peace. PRAIZE GOD that your DS1's family is back together: praying for deliverance from alcohol & related issues. Have added JENNA C to the current list above as well.

PRAYER REQUEST ~ for me -- I have been blessed with few side effects until yesterday; and had a bad outbreak of acne on the T-part of my face, but especially my nose and it is red, swollen, and sore. My uncle had the same thing happen from his chemo meds. I pray that my immune system will be able to fight back soon; at first, they suppress it so the meds can kill any cancer cells that may be there.

In the next few days, my immune is supposed to rejuvenate itself (from around the 10th day and on), so that should help a bit too, I think. I can always cover the acne up but it's the pain/swelling issues that are not pleasant. I am taking extra vitamins and eating extra stuff with vitamin A/E in it to try and help my skin issues too. Thanks everyone ... :hug:

elvislover324 03-04-2013 01:55 PM

:hug:Praying for you, Rosebud.:hug: So sad you are dealing with those side effects, I hope you are feeling better very soon.

Justwant2Bhealthy 03-04-2013 10:13 PM

THANKS, EL ~ I appreciate that so very much ... :hug:

PRAYER REQUEST ~ could you put up a little prayer for my sister, Wendy -- for her job. She works for a major insurance company that is always getting on her case to do more and more work. She already does her own full-time job, plus they get her to do call-center work on top of that (answering calls). She's a trouble-shooter for her company; and she solves problems for them and other employees. She has always worked her butt off for this company; putting in untold hours of unpaid overtime for years and years, but they are never satisfied. She gets disheartened when they do this to her and could use some prayers ... THANKS!

bargoo 03-05-2013 09:45 AM


Originally Posted by Justwant2Bhealthy (Post 4655239)
THANKS, EL ~ I appreciate that so very much ... :hug:

PRAYER REQUEST ~ could you put up a little prayer for my sister, Wendy -- for her job. She works for a major insurance company that is always getting on her case to do more and more work. She already does her own full-time job, plus they get her to do call-center work on top of that (answering calls). She's a trouble-shooter for her company; and she solves problems for them and other employees. She has always worked her butt off for this company; putting in untold hours of unpaid overtime for years and years, but they are never satisfied. She gets disheartened when they do this to her and could use some prayers ... THANKS!

Rosebud, will keep Wendy in prayer, it is so disheartening to know we are doing our best and are not appreciated. Her immediate supervisor probably has his/her supervisor on his/her case to do better and is passing the workload down the line. Job situations are not always fair.

Justwant2Bhealthy 03-06-2013 02:46 PM

THANKS, EVERYONE -- for your prayers for my family and me. Still sending up continuous prayers for GARY that he will heal quickly and completely; no more infections, etc. :hug:

Lovegrovemama 03-07-2013 12:42 AM

Prayer request for Jimmy and Sherri
Hello everyone, I am new here but I am so thrilled to see there is a faith thread! I have a prayer request, please pray for my brother in Christ Jimmy. He's in the midst of terminal bone cancer. He has started some radiation treatments to prolong, which is effecting him horribly. He goes to Pittsburgh in the AM to start the heavy doses. We are praying for a miriacle and a healing over this man. God is good, I've seen my friends faith blossom in this trail and I am grateful for that. Please pray for his sweet wife, she carries a heavy burden on her shoulders. I ask also that you pray for my friend Sherri. She's been battling this devil cancer for years! She had a double mastectomy, then they found some in her spine. She's refusing further treatment at this point because of the side effects and is being riddled with it now. I pray she finds a church where people can love on her more fully, and of course I also pray for her healing, especially for her young sons.

Thank you so much for laying this before the God of Healing~Jehovah Rapha
God Bless you for your prayers...

Justwant2Bhealthy 03-07-2013 06:54 AM

LOVEGROVEMAMA ~ have sent up ^prayers^ for JIMMY & SHERRI; and added them both to our current list for further prayers as well ... :hug:

PRAYER REQUEST ~ my SM (stepmother) GRACE is having surgery again today (for her bladder cancer); prayers it all goes well for her with minimal side effects & quick healing. Also, her son (Jeff R) had a heart attack in December; he is doing better now, but is stressed becuz he has been having trouble finding work. I know they both would appreciate the prayers; thanks!

bargoo 03-07-2013 09:47 AM

Lovegrovemama. welcome and be assured all prayer requests are heard. Cancer is tough but my God is tougher.

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