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  • KAREN ~ this is the newest PRAYER WARRIORS THREAD for 2013, as the other one was over 500 posts. Here is that link to that lovely song and video sung by Michael Smith that you posted in the old thread yesterday ...

    Karen, also please take a look at the song called "Beautiful" in the March Christian Encourager Thread -- it is so lovely and is a Christian song written for anyone facing challenges & self-esteem issues in their lives. I really love it and feel it fits right in with our WL journey here -- so much so, that I also posted it with a message in the "Emotional Eating: How to Heal" thread; and I sent it out to many of my friends and relatives too.

    THANKS for all your prayers for me/us; they are very appreciated at this time. I managed to find a drugstore open yesterday; and finally am taking my iron pills (have to take 3 x 300 mg a day, which is a lot!) On Monday, we will do some testing; and we will know by the afternoon whether we are doing the chemo on Tuesday or not -- hope I didn't start them too late but maybe it wouldn't be delayed more than 1 week.

    ^PRAYERS^ continue for you and yours ...
  • Please pray for my Daddy and Step-Mother. She has demintia... maybe more Alzheimer's. She is at the point my almost 90 yr old Daddy just can't take care of her any more and it is difficult for him to leave her for any length of time. Daddy still works 2 or 3 days a week. She has accidetly started fires that not only puts him and her in danger but it also puts the whole apartment complex in danger. He has tried to tell her kids what is going on and he needs help with her, but they seem to ignore him. My sister and her family who live there and his pastor are trying to get Daddy to put her in a home so she will be safe and get 24/7 care. This is very difficult for him. Please pray that the Lord will help everyone concerned especially Daddy and Step-Mom as they seek God's wisdom and guide them to make the right decisions. Thanks.
  • PRAYER REQUEST PLEASE ~ We just got a call from my stepmother (GRACE) that they had to rush my DAD to the hospital today -- they think that he may have pneumonia, which is hard on someone who is 80 y/o. As you all know, he just lost another brother (GARNET) recently, and that is very stressful. GRACE asked for prayers -- so thanks very much, Partners ...

    Also my niece (Crystal) could use prayers for her domestic life right now too, thanks!

    HI TRISH ~ we must have been typing at the same time; am sending up prayers for your DAD & STEPMOTHER at this time. I know how they feel; this is one of the hardest things to ever have to deal with and the thought of putting your SO into a home is extremely difficult, so I know how he feels. You have all this guilt and feelings that you are abandoning them, and more; it is so hard to explain -- well, it is heart-breaking becuz I am sure your DAD is trying to hang on for her sake, so she can stay at home with him (I am in the same situation). It is so hard on the care-giver -- in many ways. Prayers continue ...

    BTW, thanks for all your prayers for JEAN GILES; she passed away last night. Our Father in heaven is such a merciful GOD; I know she is at peace now. Prayers for peace & comfort for the family would be appreciated.
  • Rosebud Thanks for those reminders to me. I took care of an aunt (Daddy's aunt really) and I do remember how hard it was when I had to put her in a nursing home. I had always said that I would not, but I was working a good 16 hrs a day. God was so good that I would go by the house from one job to another to catch her just in time to keep her from hurting herself. I just couldn't take care of her and work and I had no one to help me. Her roommate had Alzheimers and I saw 1st hand what the nurses and social workers would tell me. I felt I had to go buy and see her once a day (maybe for me more than her althought I felt it important for my aunt to see me). The nurses would tell me she doesn't know if you were here today or not. One day I was there when her roommate's hubby was there. He wasn't gone 5 minutes when she told me how her husband didn't care anything about her because he never came to see her. Although I knew that, I still it was important for a lot of reasons for me to be there to see her at least once a day and more when I could.

    I talked to Daddy today. Her son who lives close by is there to visit with them and watch a game with them. Daddy sounded good, but it was as if nothing was wrong. So not sure what is going on in his mind. I'm sure he couldn't talk to me with him there. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts.

    Will be praying for your Dad and niece and for Jean Giles family. Of course, you and DH are in my prayers always.
  • Prayers for all.
  • TRISH ~ the best thing you can do for your DAD is to be there to just LISTEN -- and as a support to lean on for the tuffest days. He may have no intention of putting her into a home until he can't bear it anymore (that's my plan too); and trust me, there have been some extemely difficult days like that for us here already.

    Yes, he may just need to vent a bit, but not wish to talk in front of her family; as he may not want them to be hurt by that or think he is putting her down. My DH's family kept saying things like "well, he can't help it" ... well, I KNOW THAT! I was just sharing our day with them, but they took it the wrong way (becoming defensive for him), so now I don't say anything to them; and that can be very isolating for the caregiver.

    Plus, you don't always get any practical help from the family of the ill person. That is why I am so glad that I have my family to help me. What would I have done trying to deal with my tumor surgery and recovery; and the chemo trips & treatments, and try to take care of him too? How would I have managed that on my own? Not possible really.

    We have been trying some new strategies and natural remedies -- and we are actually seeing some improvement in him. So far, we have been giving him coconut oil every day in his cereal and a B-50 complex vitamin twice weekly, plus a few nights something mild to help him sleep (only on the nights when he hasn't slept well for days and is exhausted). He has meds for his anxiety and depression from his doctor too. We have to realize that there is no cure for Alzheimers; these things are just to help him feel better each day, and have a better quality of life.

    He is now accepting that we can't go home until my chemo is done; and that we won't be buying a car any time soon. PHEW! So some things are getting through, for now at least. We still have some tuff moments each day, but things are a bit smoother overall; and at this point, any improvements seem to make a huge difference for everyone. Plus, I'm sure all the prayers being sent up for him/us are helping a lot too. PRAIZE & THANKS TO GOD for that!!!

    So, thanks for all your prayers -- they are very needed, and very appreciated ...

    BTW, I got a call from my SM, GRACE, that my DAD is back at home tonight; they believe he has an infection in his lungs and have him on antibiotics for this. Prayers needed that they will work and his health will be restored once again; thanks!
  • Sooo, my CHEMO is back on for tomorrow AM @ 9:00 o'clock. We will be leaving xtra early as my brother has an appt @ 8:30 AM for his bad knee. This way we can all go together to the same hospital. My blood platelets are back up to 115 which is OK for chemo (they must be at least 100). I am now taking my iron pills -- 900 mg a day ... wow, that's a lot, but if it works to get my iron and blood cell levels back up, that's great.

    I am also wearing compression stockings on my lower legs, as the chemo makes them swell up a bit more than usual. They felt OK for most of the day, but now the right leg is complaining a bit, so I can take them off for awhile and put my legs up for a rest.

    We would appreciate prayers for the trip, the weather, and the chemo of course: for minimal side effects, esp nausea. THANKS so much ...
  • Rosebud, praying for your chemo that there will be minimal side effects, no nausea. I pray also for a safe drive.
    I pray also for your dad that his health will be restored.
    God know all needs and I pray for the mighty healing touch for all requests.
  • Prayers said for all...God bless
  • Rosebud...hope all goes well for you and your family....continued prayers...
  • THANKS, EVERYONE ~ The chemo went well; and the only side effects I got are some hot flashes. Then tonight, I got a red rash on my neck and face. I may have over-exerted myself a bit, or it could be an allergy to the drug mix. Now, I hope it isn't too serious and goes away over night; and I just want to rule out any other possibilities like drug/vitamin interactions.

    I dug out my allergy sheets and they are listed for my chemo drug. I checked my temps and they were OK, but if it persists tomorrow, I will report it to my nurse. The sore muscles and swelling in my legs are both side effects of the drug; so we are addressing that too. The compression stockings really seemed to help today.

    So, I really appreciate your prayers about these symptoms. They feel mild right now and they have options to manange most of them. Sometimes they may have to re=formulate your chemo mix when allergies happen. THANKS once again for your prayers; and thanks to GOD for getting me through all this with such peace and calm and mild side effects.
  • Angie here:
    It's been a while since I posted an update. It's been a battle for Gary, one that has taken a toll on him. He is coming home tomorrow on hospice care. We will give him comfort care in the comfort and famaliar surroundings of his own home.

    Thank you all so much for your prayers, and please know that you are in my prayers as well.
  • HI ANGIE ~ THANKS SO MUCH for the update about GARY ~ we all pray for him, you, and your family each day here. I know he is going through a lot -- as I was quite sick when I came home and thank goodness (and GOD) that I had my family around me to help me recuperate too. I don't know what I would have done without them; and may GOD BLESS them mightily for their love and sacrifice.

    It hasn't been easy for them either, esp having to deal with my DH at the same time. Sadly, he's not what they call a gentle Alzheimer's patient -- let's just say that he's a bit of a challenge. We are leaning on GOD's strength every day for him. The caregivers often get forgotten, but we are lifting you ALL up in prayer too, as we know quite well that you need it too.

    We continue to pray for GARY that he will recupe fully, but after GOD & PRAYERS & HIS LOVING FAMILY, his best allie right now is rest and time. Glad to hear that they feel he is well enuff to go home with some hospice care and we hope that the pneumonia is going too. He's been down a tuff, long road, we well know. MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU ALL with His healing power and strength each day ...

    BTW, I awoke with some short bouts of nausea in the night last evening, but they haven't returned. I had a good day healthwise with just some of those hot flashes that last only a short while -- hey, that's not too bad and I'm so grateful for that, and all your prayers for me/us here. I cannot tell you how much it means to know that we have so much support. THANKS AGAIN, and may the LORD BLESS YOU ALL!!!
  • Quote: Angie here:
    It's been a while since I posted an update. It's been a battle for Gary, one that has taken a toll on him. He is coming home tomorrow on hospice care. We will give him comfort care in the comfort and famaliar surroundings of his own home.

    Thank you all so much for your prayers, and please know that you are in my prayers as well.
    Angie, my heart goes out to you today, I pray for the peace of God to surround your home at this time.
  • Quote: Angie here:
    It's been a while since I posted an update. It's been a battle for Gary, one that has taken a toll on him. He is coming home tomorrow on hospice care. We will give him comfort care in the comfort and famaliar surroundings of his own home.

    Thank you all so much for your prayers, and please know that you are in my prayers as well.
    Angie, I hope he will have an uneventful and comfortable trip home to begin his recoup in your loving care. May God wrap all of you in loving arms.