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Default New and starting over..again :)

This is all new to me..I have never, ever posted before! Today is day 1 of my diet *sigh* I need all the prayers I can get, please!
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Welcome ,AandKsMom and good luck. I will be praying for you.
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I am here, just been real busy with my pup and company over the week-end...oh and that GRANDdaughter

Reba came through her surgery fine last Tuesday. It has been a really rough week....first she was so doped up and did not want that cone on her head...then as she gets better, and still on pain meds, she wants to go-go-GO!

She doesn't get it that she has to stay in one room, be walked on a leash to go potty to the back yard only and keep that cone on at all times. She is downstairs in the family room and cannot go up to the next level which is the kitchen and dining room floor or up to the next level of the bedrooms. She can't even go to the garage gym where her crate is because she can't fit with the cone on her head.....poor baby

We had guests all week-end. One of my best buddies and his wife came from Kansas, their daughter, my Goddaughter (24), was supposed to come too and bring her kiddo but ended up having to work. We had a great time

Work is still slow for me but I have been working on my daughter's house and a little at the pre-school at our church. Drywall repairs and other minor things. To be honest, although we have work coming up, it doesn't look real good out there for new construction any time soon....

I have really been enjoying all these Little League games on espn! Go Southern California!

STAR is it cooling down at all for you?

ROSEBUD how's that new home coming along?

BARGOO are you all packed for your big move?


MIA's Hope all is well.

Prayers for all ~ Gary
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This time, it's forever..
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Hey everyone. I'm new to this thread but not so new on the boards . Looking forward to talking and sharing with all of you
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AandKsmom - Welcome!!!! Consider the prayers loaded up your way Your first post is a big deal, but know that you are far from alone on your journey. Feel free to post anytime

Hi bargoo!

Gary - I am so glad that your Reba made it through!!! Have had you all on my mind! Having the friends for a visit sounds wonderful!
As for our weather, not cooling. I wish I knew how to attach a picture, have the weather forecast... 113 today, 116 Wed, 114 Thurs.... but soon it will and I will be ever so appreciative

*jumps up and down waving fiercely*
MELODY!!!!!!!! Good to see you!
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HI EVERYONE ~ boy, I am finally able to come and talk to you all again ... long story! I bet you were wondering what happened to me. (Yes STAR, it was an internet and pc problem).

I packed up my PC and took it to the new house, but then waited for the guy to transfer the internet, and my PC wouldn't work! DRATS & more DRATS! It just kept beeping -- 4 times, twice. One of the young fellas helping us to move told me that meant my ram memory cards were loose from the jiggling, so I have to take them out and put them back in carefully.

The move was a bit chaotic and lots of damage was done, however most was minor like scrapes, scratches, broken rack in fridge, etc. I am trying not to notice them; ignoring them for now. Poor DH got a huge bruise on his face (fridge fell on him) and a goose egg on his forehead, which is finally going away.

Meanwhile, there was mix up with the phone and the internet so we had no phone at the old place; and we had to wait until yesterday for the internet to be hooked up in a decent place. I decided to order a LAPTOP PC as a backup as I found a good source (it was hand delivered by Perulator today); was able to find a nice HP for a great price. That is what I am using right now until I fix the other one. I just have to figure everything out on this thing yet as it's a bit different from the desktop pc.

We've had some good stuff happen and bad stuff; moving is so tiring, esp when half your movers don't show up. Thank God, others have worked their butts off to help us, like my SIL and her DH's sister -- thanks Denise and Maggie for all their help painting, moving, cleaning, sorting, and hanging up curtains today. Thanks to Pat & John for helping at the house too.

The young boys did their best; one of them almost doing half the work by himself -- I'm sure GOD will bless him for all the extra work he did for us; we knew him from our old place (he was one of our neighbours back then).

The new place is lovely, of course: what an awesome, amazing, and astounding blessing this is for us; and we are very grateful for this place -- it is so quiet here. I am trying to focus on the positive now that we're here. Now we just need some time to rest ... for at least a month, I think.

PRAYERS NEEDED: We had a great disappointment when we went to the doctors on Monday: DH has been formerly diagnosed with Alzheimers (which we had already suspected as you know) but worse, they removed his driving privileges and he was crushed. That was so very devastating and shocking for us both as we thought that would be some time down the road, not now since he was/is such a good driver, with no accidents. The freedom to come and go as we please is gone, and it is very noticeable when you are trying to do stuff around a new place. We'd appreciate prayers about this of course ...

I would have set up the new September thread but have to figure out how to save documents on this laptop pc; it has Windows 7 and is different from Windows XP version. DH is doing something downstairs in the basement as I can hear him banging on something from here.

to all the newbies ...

I'd better go make dinner and will come back later ... bye for now ... Rosebud

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Hello everyone, It's been awhile since I've been here but things are going good for us. But I do have a prayer request. I just talked to my neighbor and her daughter has been pretty ill for the last few months. The Dr.s have ran tests and all and have been treating her for a phuemonia. She has not been getting any better over the past several months. Well, this past week they saw a new cardiologist and she has a leaking heart! This was caused from a cancer treatment she had when she was like they have her back in the hospital and can't do anything to repair that damamge until she caan come off the oxygen.. She is only in her late 30's and her name is Susan. I would really appreciate it if you could remember her in your prayers. Thanks
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