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Oh 2 be me 03-31-2011 08:51 AM

feel like I've stepped in a mudhole
and fell. This happens every time I try to change my eating habits/lose weight. I do good for a week or so, then wham! I hit that mudhole and down I go! I'm trying not to beat myself up about it like I have in the past and say things like 'what's the use', 'I'll never lose weight', etc. Is this normal to have these feelings?
Alot is going on here in my family and within myself. My job is a major stress factor, then there is school, feeling like I've let my house and family go in order to work/take classes, our son hanging out with the wrong person-again-and getting into trouble-again. I'm also trying to wean myself off of Zoloft. I really felt it wasnt' doing me any good. What good am I if I have no feelings at all? And this was a fairly low dose too.
On the bright side of things. I'm still making some healthy choices, our son has a job!! Our daughter, who is expecting our first g.baby is 12 wks now! Had the first ultra sound on Tuesday. I'm sad tho that she is over 5 hours away.
I really need to stick with this. I just have to get out of the mudhole, clean myself off and start back on the journey. I'm so thankful that ya'll are here.
Today is a new day.

Bootsie 03-31-2011 05:37 PM

Patty, yes it is normal,or I am un-normal, we have all felt that way sometime in our lives. You are stressed out sounds like. What always helps me is to read the Bible. The Psalms and proverbs, Romans is a great place to start. If I start my day out reading the Bible it always goes better for some reason.

Somewhere on here Rosebud has some really good verses from the Bible.

Patty,you do realize thou you are blessed that is good! So it is not all bad you have something to be joyful about! Remember even if you can not see God he is always with us through the bad, good and the ugly. Remember, Footsteps in the Sand Poem , where there is only one set of footsteps?

My daughter and 5 grandchildren are 8 hours away, just saddens me too, but for some reason that is the way God wants it or it would not be. I am missing out on everything in their lives. Though we are going to my Grandsons Graduation! YEAH! STORM! That is my grandson...Stormy Ridge.

Oh 2 be me 03-31-2011 06:55 PM

Bootsie, thank you for the encouraging words. I know my duaghter could be over seas somewhere.
Yes, it does help so much to read God's Word and to listen to praise and worship songs. I know i'll make it thru.

Justwant2Bhealthy 04-03-2011 09:10 PM

:hug:PATTY ~ I agree with BOOTSIE -- we all have those feelings and days when we feel like we just walked into a mudhole or the twilight zone. We had one on Saturday; and I am still in shock! Not doing anything to anyone; just minding my own business and someone I don't even know attacked me (us) for no reason (verbally, I mean)! Made rude comments and false accusations, and kept arguing with me over words whenever I talked! What was that all about??? I had to walk away from her and start praying for the LORD to help me.

Well, the :devil: is the father of lies; the :devil: is the accuser of the brethren (and that includes us sisters); and some people let the :devil: into their lives through the sin of pride. They talk without thinking first -- they're rude, ignorant, disrespectful, and haughty! A little money & power goes to their heads! But, you know, they are the big losers; becuz no-one will respect them or like them in the end ...

Afterward, I prayed for this person; then spent the night reading some Psalms (like #23 & 18), plus singing praise songs. I read the Psalms over & over when I went to bed so that I could turn off the thoughts in my head. When someone hurts us, our mind replays the scene or negative comments over & over; so we have to counteract this with positive scriptures. The same goes when negative thoughts plague US (putting ourselves down).

And, it's a battle we are in. PAUL said that sometimes we are waging a spiritual battle. I try to keep in mind that the :devil: hates it when we do something good for ourselves and/or others -- so remember that the next time this happens. Rebuke it -- in JESUS' name; fight it -- in JESUS' name. Put on the full armor of GOD; and use scripture to persist, persevere, and push on ...

Poor DH went walking up and down the streets tonight praying to GOD to guide us and show us what we should do. I put a prayer request in the Prayer Warrior's Thread about it.

It is good to remind ourselves about all the many blessings GOD has sent our way; and we have to remember not to let 1 or 2 problems or people take our Joy and victories away. And sometimes, GOD can & will use negative experiences to actually IMPROVE our lives for the better. Romans 8:28.

PRAISE VERSES are in the Emotional Healing Thread. Sending up prayers for you too ... :hug:

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