November: Value Your Body, God does! Let's Diet Together

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  • Hi Bootsie...I'm doing great thanks Hope all is well for you and your husband -how painful that must be for him. I will pray for some relief and healing for him.

    Wendy, I Know those darn shoes aren't for everyone. In fact I don't wear mine everyday. I think they are lknd of uncomfortable at times. I ususally switch them around with my Crocs and New Balance. My podiatrist had actually recommended the New Balance from the get go.
    I know personally how painful those cortisone shots are...yikes!
    I will send some prayers up while you are healing
  • ^PRAYERS^ going up for those of you with feet issues; hope they heal up a quick as possible ...

    Had a good day; did my morning toning exercises first thing. Just did the usual daily stuff around the house though. Lovely for the 4th day in a row; what a true blessing for us here!

    Got a call about my colonsocopy test today, which will be on November 22/10 -- not sure of the time though. The pre-op consult is on the Wednesday before; I'll try really hard not to panic ...

    Have a good week ladies ... Rosebud
  • My husband has been walking like that for years Judy it is just getting worse. He never goes to the doctor .
    Rosebud everything will be alright girl, just go in with good thoughts, for God has special angels for each of us to walk us through rough times. You are doing so much better since you cut down on the stopmeup cheese, don't worry girl things are looking good. As always prayers for you and all.
  • While in town today stopped at our local book store to see if she had the book thin within and she did! So far I like what I have read. The material in the book is based on a foundation of four cornerstones.
    1. It is aligned with the word of God and is based on his amazing grace
    2. It works says thousands of graduates have reached and maintained their natural size since 1975
    3. It is medically sound, no bizarre or forbidden foods, with results of improved physical, emotional, and spiritual health.
    4. it provides a path that will lead you to a Godly perspective of your body as well as to abundant life.
    Well I am going to give it a try but I am still going to stay away from foods that hate me. I know what foods my body cannot handle, and yeast is one of them, I feel to good without it as for as indigestion goes. I am trusting God to help me on this journey and teach me how to fight the battle of being fat.
  • Today my friend and I are going garage sale hopping and Christmas shopping and birthday shopping . We are going to Fredricksburg to a store that has old timie things we used to get when we were kids. The ladies from church are headed over there to so hope to c them out and about. We are not leaving till 9:30 so I have time to fix dinner for hubbie and do the animals and come on here. Today is my first day with Thin with in and love what it says about no condemnation about messing up or not eating foods that I cannot have but eating the ones I can. So far I feel comfortable with it, but when I step on the scales Monday hope I feel comfortable , trusting God that I do. I thought I found some bread without yeast in it but no such luck, my Mother used to make the best bread made out of potatoes and no yeast , and I got some yesterday but it has yeast. I will stick with my corn tortilla's . We will more than likely eat Mexican today but can tell em to leave the cheese off. Everyone have a great day!
  • Good Morning!
    It is cold here today. Had fun yesterday found some good buys at the garage sale, seems like the stores are raising their prices on things and that is a shame. I guess its because gas is fixing to go up. Oh well....
    It was impossible for me to stay away from foods yesterday I wanted to stay away from, out of site out of mind but when in sight ,that is total reversed! I did not eat much but my belly feels like a balloon blowed up ready to be popped. I was hurting really bad when I got home but done the work and stayed up all night except for 1 hour sitting in the chair taking a break. I packed old jars down in good packing boxes and restacked then some papers and restacked them. Emptying old food jars today and cleaning on kitchen cooking , made homemade bread this morning, making a inside out cake and a broccoli casserole without the cheese, don't know if it will be worth eating or not. My brother in law has a get together every year like the hawks do in our back field, except he has his at the old school house and everyone visits and feast out. Don't rightly know why the celebration , don't think it has anything to do with Thanksgivng. Well best go have a lot to get done, everyone may God bless you with a great day!
  • Hi Bootsie!
    Hope everything is well with you
    I noticed you said you were going to Fredricksberg, you must live in the Hill Country. How beautiful it is there at this time of the year!
    Here's hoping you have a wonderfully blessed week
  • Hi Judy, yep sure do, around Krause Springs ever hear of it? It is a swimming hole. We had so much fun Judy! The Trade show outside of Fredricksburg across from the wild flower farm is even more fun than Fredricksburg. Tomorrow headed to Austin with my friend , running my hubbie crazy he depends on me and me not here well I think he misses me. Yeh I love the Hill country in the Spring time the blue bonnets are awesome and other wild flowers, now the leaves are turning on the trees. The bike people love this road every year they ride down it by the hundreds! Well my house is beginning to look my home again moved the cats out side but let them come in to play. Gotta go! How are you doing ? Good to hear from you been getting lonely around here. Hope Rosebud is doing alright.
  • Well I am going back to counting calories, I gained 2 pounds and that just is not cutting the mustard with me. I been walking all day, my friend sure is fun though! I still need to go tend to the rest of the animals.
  • On my way back down in weight. Been cleaning and cooking all day and staying up tonight , don't think I will ever get caught up!
  • I am really having trouble getting back on my yeast diet and counting calories .