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Exactly, CatholicCajun; I agree totally.

Now I've learned about the Eden Diet. I'm trying to figure out the difference between Weigh Down and the Eden many choices...well I am grateful there are so many faith-based programs around!
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I remember that book! I read it years ago (don't know where it is) and it really made a lot of sense.

I know we aren't supposed to live in the past, but I can't believe how MANY years I have been fighting these same 20 years.

I am seriously ready for this victory.
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I just wanted to say that I was put on medication that causes EVERYONE who uses it to gain weight and after I gained 40 pounds I was desperate for something to help me control my eating. I enrolled in Weigh Down Workshop and lost all the weight plus more in three months. This program really did work for me. Like others have said, just because we don't agree with all her religious teachings doesn't mean that Gwen doesn't have an excellent weight loss program. I'm just saying, "Don't throw the baby out with the bath water" for those who do not agree with Gwen scripturally.

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My church offered the Weigh Down Workship beginning in 1999. I lost 80 pounds and kept it off for quite a few years. Our class leader was featured in Gwen's second book, Rise Above. My church continued to offer Weigh Down until all the Trinity controversy started.

I kept my tapes and workbook, although some of my friends got rid of theirs.
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We are just atarting a group of ladies on the ORIGINAL Out of Egypt material. Now we find out that the last VHS tape (Lessons 11 & 12) is no good. Can anyone help us out? We would be so grateful!
This program was life changing for me also, in the early 2000's. The new material is simply not supportable, though. Any help would be a blessing! Thank you!
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A lot of the videos are free on her site now and I think are on youtube also. Just go to youtube and type in gwen shamblin.
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Hi guys,
I'm so sorry if I post this wrong (new to forum talk) but would love to find a WD buddy/Support Group to do all this with. I'll order any workbook/CD I need but have both the WD & (2nd book) Out of the Desert?
I'm on 14 pills a day for seizures & gain myself but WD was all that helped "all of me".
I look all over for an online buddy or Group but can't find any that won't run me $$$ I don't have.
Has anyone started one here or setting one up?
Thanx for the waaaay late reply. lol
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As you can see, this thread is not very active. Her premise of eating when hungry and stopping when satisfied is what we discuss on the Intuitive Eating thread. under General Diets here.
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