Any Muslims here??

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  • assalaamu aleikum sisters, another Muslim here, I'm a chubby hijabi, want to get rid of the chub, not the hijab LOL.
    nice to see other Muslims on the board, and thanks to the friendly folks from other faiths who stopped by here to wish us well
  • wa'alaikùm salaam catsnhorses welcome to oùr thread
  • salaam alaikm FaithBW.. sorry i did not see yor post.. welcome to or grop
  • HEy girls how are you all doing ?
  • fantastic!!!

    im starting the C25K challenge tomorrow, and on off days im doing taebo!! whoohooo
  • Hey all! Another Muslim here

    Still working on my weight loss- My favorite thing to cook that's not too fattening is bamia with brown rice lol. Any tips on how to make the Okra softer? I am guessing I'm not let it stew long enough? I don't make a lot of middle eastern dishes cuz they take too long- my mom teases me and says I cook like an American Then I tell her I AM American

    Anyways- nice to see you all here- don't be strangers!
  • welcome beerab

    i dont know much about making okra.. only fried okra, and we cut it up into coins, so it cooks easier. if you are stewing it, i would say stew it on low heat for most of the day, or in a crockpot..

    I know of alot of fast and simple tunisian dishes, if you would like the recipes
  • assalaamu aleikum beerab - welcome!

    I think you have to let the bamia cook for a while to make it softer. I usually buy the frozen stuff, which cooks a bit quicker, especially if I can find the sliced ones.

    fast and simple Tunisian dishes - yes please! I like any recipes that are fast and quick. So many traditional dishes take far too long to cook. I am trying to get away from being around food too much but still have to cook for the family... Healthy, low fat and nut-free dishes would be bonuses of course [nut allergies around here, which rules out a lot of trad dishes from Muslim countries... blah!]
  • no problem!! i'll get a bùnch together after i wake tomorrow
  • I agree many traditional recipes take FOREVER!

    I'll try cooking my bamia in a crock pot next time- just thinking about it is making my mouth WATER.... *drool*
  • ok, here is a file full of tunisian recipes.. it has the recipes and some of the pictures... most are very simple and fast.. a few just require to be boiled for an hour or two.. but it doesnt need alot of attention.

    * you need WinRAR or WinZIP to open this file.
  • Assalamu alaikum,

    If you buy bamia in the jars (good luck...), it cooks really fast, mashaAllah. Frozen bamia is another good option. The dried stuff isn't great.

    I haven't been on track lately. I haven't gained anything...but I haven't lost anything either. Ugh. InshaAllah I'm back on track now, though, especially with exercise.

    Fi aman Allah
  • hi girls i'm a muslim too and chubby as well LOL nice to meet other muslims here.
  • assalaamù alaikùm wa rahmatùllahi wa barakatùh! welcome looloo86
  • thanks awlass for welcoming me i'm Egyptian so if any of you girls want any tips on middleeastern cooking i'm more than glad to help.