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Default Spiritual Guidance - Hypnosis?

I am a Christian. I know I should rely on God and I do. BUT I cannot overcome my food addiction right now. I have put back on about 15-20 pounds. I eat constanlty to relieve my stress. I need some serious help. I cannot stop the bingiing. I had a turkey sandwhich and FIVE ice cream sandwhiches last night after having a healthy day. I blew it. Someone suggested that I try hypnosis. Is this againt Chrisitian standards. I need true guidance on this. If it is offensive, please give Scripture to support. Pray for me please. I have a true addiction! Thanks all!!!
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I really believe looking at your terminology that you could use some serious soul searching. You're using words like 'blew it' and 'addicted' - which to me are negative words. Maybe all you need is some soul searching and a more positive attitude. It really is difficult but I believe you alone can overcome this, you just need to address underlying issues and stay positive.
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Hi Ann,

I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling right now.
For a Christian, I do not believe that hypnosis is an option. I found this site that answers the question using Scripture pretty well:
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Hi Ann, have you read the book "You are not what you weight?" I was given this book a few years ago and was going to read but gave it to a friend that wanted to borrow. I never got the book back, but I have heard so many good things about it. It's a Christian book and it talks about what you're going through right now. This is a review of it.

Remember, if you are feeling condemnation where does that come from? Does it come from the Lord? No, it comes from the enemy. God is peace, love, joy and so many more things. If you are feeling anything but those things, then it's not from God. I have a tool that really helps me when I'm feeling down and depressed and don't want to do anything. If you're interested, in it PM me and I can email it to you. It's changed my prayer life and changed how I look at things and problems.

In our weakness, He is able to be strong. You're not alone!
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Don't do it. The link Beth posted is excellent.

You're binging. You're going backwards. But you don't sound like a quitter. I think if you were going to quit you wouldn't be here asking for help and prayer. You just wouldn't be here.

Hang in there. "...though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again" (Prov. 24:16). Just keep rising again.

I have prayed for you, Ann. And I will be praying for you. More people than you know are lifting you up in prayer before the throne of grace.
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Ann, Look at today as a new day a new start. We have all been in your shoes but God always gives a fresh new start. I lost 90 pounds but I gained 40 back and I still need to loose the 20 pounds and I am kinda stuck, but I am as stuburn as a mule I will not give up. Maybe finding a friend who cares about you and send her your eats for each day would help you. That way before you eat something you should not, you would by pass it up, because you know you have to be honest and send it in to your friend and she or he will know. [B]It is an easy way to train yourself, to pass up foods that are bad for you.B]. Will be praying for you. Nita Ann
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First of all ANN prayers surround you! From us!

It isn't easy, I do not have your issue with food but I know you can do this with God's help without hypnosis.

Have you tried re-focusing your "time"? My wife is really into yoga, just got her teaching "degree"...she does not have a weight issue at all, never has....but yoga takes up a lot of her time....keeps her from snacking! She is working on teaching yoga with a Christian aspect as a ministry soon...

you can find things to keep yourself busy...where you cannot be can do this...we will help you!

Hugs ~ Gary
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Ann - I am praying for you! Binge behavior is HARD to overcome. All addictions are. Satan knows exactly how to tempt us in ways that are so very hard to resist.
But, Greater is He that is in US - than he that is in the world. You have the Spirit in YOU - and YOU CAN DO THIS!

I used a book called Faithfully Fit as I went through this journey. It helped me with the emotional components of my eating.

Blessings - love yourself, forgive yourself - and we will be praying for you!
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