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FitinTime 07-22-2007 02:18 PM

Hungry for food. . . or the Word!
This just came to me as I was looking for something to eat. Mind you I had just ate breakfast, but after an hour I found myself "feeling" hungry. So I went for the left over breakfast casserole I made this morning and took a couple of bites. Then from there I grabbed a low carb ice cream bar and ate that.
After doing this, I realized how impulsive I got during those few moments. It made me think, am I really hungry for food, or is it the Word I'm needing.
I know we all need the Word, because that is our sustanance we need to live, and not by "bread alone".

So why didn't I immediately stop myself and say no to food and realize that I need to read Gods word.
I truly believe that if I would have gone and read that I would not have been tempted or give in to my flesh to eat, because I had just ate! I can't totally blame the "enemy" because I'm the one who can give him the foothold. It started with me and my flesh! It's weak! I also lack self-control too, plain and simple. It's only possible to be in control when we are in His word continously and His word is deep within our hearts. Galatians is a good one to read for thess type of behaviours. Galatians 5:5 say's "Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fufill the lust of the flesh".
Can't get any planer than that!

I know the Lord was speaking to me during those few moments, to not give in to my flesh. Why couldn't I have just prayed and said, "Lord keep me from this temptation to eat", and trust Him and just be done with that scene.
Now I have a little guilt and condemnation because of what I had done.

I know that there is "no condemnation in Christ Jesus" so I had to stop myself in that area before it got out of hand. Now I'm good there, but I have the issue with the consequence of the food in my stomach that I just ate. Will I gain anything? Am I going to have any more cravings? Maybe, mabybe not, but I know that I cannot do this implusive out-of- Gods-will way of thinking!

I know I will make mistakes but I know that Christ came here to heal the sick, and I know that He wants to heal us and free us all from our bondage and baggage we have.

I thank God for showing me this because He wants us to lean and learn from Him and know that He is our Bread of Life.
For now on, I am going to be more sensitive to the Spirit and know that when I'm craving, or hungry for something, it's not so much the food, but of the real bread, which is Gods word.
Thanks for letting me share this!
God Bless Everybody!

EZMONEY 07-22-2007 09:04 PM

Thanks for sharing Diana

FitinTime 07-23-2007 12:45 AM

It saddens me that there are no other Christians who can relate to this. I don't mean to offend anyone, I just thought this was a place for some good fellowship.
But this is my last posting, it was nice meeting everyone and I'll be praying for everyone here.
God Bless You All!

Tracy37 07-23-2007 07:07 PM

I can relate. This happens to me alot. At the time I start eating and lose control I never think to pray or open my bible I am caught up with the wants for my stomach. Then I feel bad the thoughts are in the wrong order. Why don't I think to do that first then if I really do need a snack at least I didn't give in first.

Don't get discouraged though. Keep coming back just to check. I check almost everyday but often don't post until I feel I've got something to say.

God Bless.

FlowerWarrior 07-25-2007 09:40 AM

Oh yes -- I CAN RELATE -- I just read your post -- and thought - hey that's me. That is exactly what I do!!

In fact I have been praying more for the spirit's prompting -- to be a continual hand on my shoulder - not just over what I eat, but what I say and do. I need to be more attentive to the spirit - to let him guide and convict my decisions. My eating is habitual and implusive -- I never "stop, drop, roll" -- I just burn!
But, if I let the spirit convict me - I'm hoping I'll start to turn from food and turn to him.

Hate you're not posting again -- I was thrilled to see your post! It's just like me!

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