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IT'S SO GOOD TO SEE EVERYBODY POSTING!!! I've missed everyone!

elizbennet- Thank you so much for your kind words.
It's true that whatever decision is to be made it is a personal one. It may be alright for one couple to have a vasectomy and it may not be okay for another. You are so encouraging to me. Thank you for your support.

linoleum- First of all, can you tell me about your name, 'linoleum'??? I thank you so much for the advice. I totally agree that if God wants you to have a baby there is nothing stopping him, not even a vasectomy! I don't want to be a person that wonders if I made the wrong decision my whole life. It is a really big decision. Thanks again for everything!

Gwyn- You are such a trooper! How do you stay so positive all the time??? I know we are to have the joy of the Lord but I know I sure have my days. You are always such an encouragement to me!

This is where I'm standing so far. I really feel that God wants us to have the vasectomy. Why would Jason and I have the yearning for years to adopt? I really feel that that is the way God wants us to go. The Dr.'s we have talked to have been discouraging. They don't want to perform the vasectomy they don't think it's the right decision. I don't know if it is our age or what but I still think it is the right decision for our family. Thank you all so very very much for your prayers, support and advice. I'll let you know what happens! My poor husband!

I love you all. I hope you all have a blessed day!

I GOT MY MOM TO JOIN TLT. I am so excited for her. She started her first day yesterday. Keep her in your prayers!

Love ya!

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one day at a time
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I finally get it. It took me 16 days doin the Lord's Table, and i finally get it.
This whole time, i have been asking God to change my eating. Asking forgiveness when i eat something "bad" or when i dont follow the plan for that day. But its not about the food. Its about WHY im eating. Its about my MOTIVES for eating. If i take care of that, then my eating will fall into place. Its not a sin to eat a cupcake, its a sin to eat the cupcake because i am trying to fill my emotions with food. Its not a sin to eat, its a sin if im eating for the wrong reasons.
So, that is what i have discovered the past two days. I hope everyone is doing great.
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100percentMe - It is exciting to feel like your catching on, I agree. Don't worry your and me still have some Growing and Learning to do. Each day as we draw closer to the Lord reveals so much - junk. Praise God we can be washed clean again and again as we grow and learn what's "dirty" in our lives, as we learn what to be "feeding" on daily!
Linoleum - I am sorry about your granddad's death too. We too received "treasures" when my father-in-law died. We appreciate them and him so much! Now listen, we really want to have little "up-dates" from you on how the new house/the move is coming along. You've got a lot of work ahead, but you will have to take breaks - and here we are........waiting.....!! Ha,ha just kidding, of course. But don't forget us!
Amy - Nothing is easy! Do find out the doctor's reasoning so you will have that to consider in your decision making process. And keep knocking on the Lord's door. He may very well use those doctor's to help you in the decision you and your hubby come to in the end.
Gwyn - Hi kiddo!
Ladies, have a blessed day feasting in our Lord!
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Wink Thanks Charbar (Dana)

Hi Dana,

I'm new to all of this blogging and find it facinating. Thanks for recommending The Lord's Table. I just signed up. Wow, the price (fee) can't be beat and the scripture references look great!

Since I just started (and decided to tackle Day 1 in the AM), I don't know what you mean about not agreeing with everything in the program. I just printed out the option plan #2 (Permission-based eating... eat only when your belly growls). I chose that plan because I'm nursing a 10 mo. old and I need to be cafeful about my diet.

About the fasting... Three years ago I did the "First Place" study through my church and started that with a fast (it wasn't part of the program, I just felt lead to do it). When I started out fasting for the day, I didn't know how long I would fast... I only knew I would fast until God said it was okay to eat. I chose a day off where I was home all day. I spent the day in prayer, especially everytime I wanted to eat something. Something happended that day... an addiction was broken... food no longer had power over me. I could go out for ice cream and be perfectly content with a kiddy-sized cone. I could go out to dinner and only eat 1/3-1/2 of my meal. Well, that was then (before I had 2 children) and this is now... back to square one.

Don't give up hope. Also, you might want to check out the Devoted Bodies web site.
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Wonderfully Created
I wanted to be the 1st to you!
Thank you for joining us here and at the Lords Table! Sounds like you have your hands full at home! So happy you have come!
Love in Christ, Gwyn
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I hope you don't mind me popping over here for a minute. Angie has bells to play at late service today so I am hanging out, lurking around here before we go to church. I like to check in the christian threads from time to time to see the activity

This is really not a thread for me, however, there is a topic going on here that I have a little "experience" in.

AMY ~ I read your story about the vasectomy. First of all PRAYERS for you and your husband in your decision. I want to share my story...

Angie and I have been married for 11 1/2 years, when we met I had a 13 yr. old son, 11 yr. old daughter and she had a 6 year old. daughter. We considered having a child together..our..very own...but decided that it would not be a good idea for us. We thought that the age differences of the kids and the baby, plus our ages would just make it too difficult. I opted for the vasectomy. We have never regretted our the decision. About 4 years after our choice my little brother passed away, I became legal guardian of my nephew, he is now 16 1/2. As much as I know we could have raised a child of our own under these circumstances, it sure was easier not having one.

I am SO not trying to talk you into anything here. All I am saying is God is in control...but He gives us our brains to use too, to make educated decisions, not just emotional ones. Please don't be angry with me here...but I sure wouldn't want my wife or my mom going through the difficulty you have had over the m/c's. I think...and again this is only MY opinion...that the adoption feeling placed on your hearts just MAY be what God is asking...if that is in fact a responsible thing for your family to do. Blessings and prayers for you!

Sorry to all for "buttin" to church now...bye
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Default ok really struggling, any advice?

I started off doing tlt, but not following the eating plan, last week I decided to do the eating plan and really didn't have a hard time with it. Well along came the weekend which is always hardest for me, and top it off we were away from home. saturday was a 'normal' day for me and this is what it looked like:
bkfast: small bowl cereal, fruit and yogurt cup from mcdonald's
snack: orange
lunch: 1/2 of a 1/2 sub.
(my family went to a dairy aisle....I'd already been dieting when I found tlt, so I can't even begin to tell you the last time I had ice cream! instead of the small cone in my head, out came medium blizzard from my mouth!) I didn't finish the whole thing, but the whole time I am going, there are sooooo many calories in this thing.....
dinner: 2 pieces of a small (10") pizza...again, I can't tell you when the last time I had pizza was. This does not 'sound' *intellectually* like a huge amount of food to me, but it feels *emotionally* like I totally pigged out, and I know if I counted the calories...oy vey....
so, I did my lesson today and included the info above and my mentor's response was: cut out the orange I had???? or don't ever go to dairy queen with your family??? how realistic is that???? This study is starting to make me feel worse I think. I am wracked with guilt at this point. Today was a 'half' day for me. and it went like this bkfast: small bowl of cereal. (i'd forgotten about the bkfast fellowship at church and I guess maybe I shouldn't have eaten anything at all, but I had a slice of apple, and 1/4 pc of bagel). for lunch I had salad. Then again, out with the family and we stopped at a roadside stand and got strawberries, everyone wanted strawberry shortcake, so I had 3/4c. vanilla ice cream and maybe 3 strawberries cut up on top of that. then I felt so guilty I didn't eat any supper.....
I just don't know what to do at this point....anyone have any advice?
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Smile thanks for sharing the webiste

Well I jumped on the wagon~I have been reading along and decided to jump into the water!
I have been trying for a long time on my own and doing poorly~so I'm going to try it Gods way. Why is it that we always trying to do things on our own~why don't we ask for the Lords assistance FIRST ??

I was able to lose a few pounds on my own but they seem to come back~I need some Devine intervention in this matter!

I am praying that I will find what I need~Looking forward to making s few new friends along the way!

I know there is a reason I dropped by this evening~

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EZmoney - I think you thoughts are important here. None of us women could give the "male" view - well, like the very real concern of the danger Amy has been in with the m/c. Come back anytime. I think several on here know you anyway.
My neighbors are getting ready to adopt. I think adopting is a wonderful way to give children a good chance in this "bad" old world. As for my hubby and myself, we are quite content as we work into the "empty nest" season of life - Ha, ha, if there really is such a thing!
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Red face I Got Weighed Finally!!!

Tracy I think what the mentor might have meant is cut out the eating when and if your not HUNGRY (physically) I don't think you should feel guilty if you are eating because you are hungry. But ask yourself what were my motives for eating, Was I truly physically hungry or trying to fill an emotional need? Don't feel bad, you are still staying the course, why is it that we always have to get so down and hard on ourselves if we do make a mistake,? Why not just examine our hearts? if our motives were wrong repent and go on staying the course. Hope I didn't make you mad. I'm just saying what I think. Love you Tracy hang it there!

HEY Gray! nice of you to visit! Feel free to join us any time
know that you are loved and !
That was great advice too!
I always love to learn by hearing about others personal experiance.

MyGirlFriday You can do all things through Christ! Keep coming back and stay the course.
know that here you will always be loved and supported!

My daughter Sheila took me to the hospital to get weighed yesterday!
I have lost a total of 65 pounds!!!!
Yes I still have a long weigh to go but I am well on my way!
Praise The Lord with me!
It is wonderful, the freedom that Christ had led me into!
I have said it before and I will say it again if you have a very little weight loss struggle or a huge on like me, check out
it is a free online biblical course and
We are still very much with out a car and I cried because yesterday was the 3rd Sunday in a row that Robert and I have missed! I love going to Church and it hurts not being able to go. But God knows and He has a plan. We must trust Him and wait on Him!

Love you Elizbennet and Amy and Dana and Linolium, and purple eggplant and Wonderfully Created and 100percentME and any one else I might have missed sorry if I did, please forgive me! Have a wonderful day and night with Jesus!
Love In Christ Jesus Our Lord, Gwyn L. Ditmars
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Eternal Optimist
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Hello to all, and thanks for beginning and keeping this great thread. Yesterday was a big day for me:
I discovered (love the site, hate the name!)
I started my first blog ("40 years in the Desert")
Found this thread, felt called to join SCF-TLT

I'm 43 years old, both boys grown, a church secretary (desperately needing a job change), blissfully married to my second husband & soul mate, and a confessed food addict. I've just completed day 2 of TLT and already my eyes are opening. Wow.

My husband is out of town this week, so I've taken a week's vacation to enjoy a much needed at-home spiritual retreat. I've been needing to press a "re-set" button on my life; do some self-evaluation and straighten my path. I feel God has led me to this group, and I'm so thankful for your openness, love, and support for both veterans & newcomers. I sure have a lot to learn, and I look forward to being with you on the journey.

Gwyn, you are so beautiful. Thank you for being obedient to God and reflecting his love and goodness so well. What a ministry you have.

Amy, may I comment on your situation? At 23 years old (after two children and in a loveless marriage), I had my tubes tied as a mutual decision with my then-husband. Many years later, now happily re-married to a childless Christian man, I have since had regrets over that decision. At the same time, I believe today what I believed then: no pregnancy prevention is 100%, and God is more than capable of including me in the statistics if he wants to bless us with a child. Personally, I think adoption is a sacred institution. God bless you for considering it!

Hello to everyone else, and blessings to you and all of us as we pursue Christ's glory.

Dana K.
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EZMONEY & Dana K.- Thank you both so very much for the advice and personal stories. I really do feel that God wants us to go ahead with the vasectomy. I will just continue praying about adopting a baby. More than anything I just want to be in God's will. God bless you!

WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME to mgf and Dana it is so wonderful to have you here. I look forward to getting to know you more.

Gwyn- My precious friend, CONGRATULATIONS to YOU!!!! WOW! 65 lbs!!

tracyg- Hang in there girl! It doesn't sound like you are eating to much to me. I wouldn't feel guilty. When I started TLT I felt like God told me to try and eat more whole foods. I try and eat healthy for the majority of the time but when the family does something special I am aloud to enjoy an ice cream cone. We do have to work around our families! I do really well all day but then when I fix a big supper for the family I'm going to eat what they eat. I'm not fixing 2 meals. Don't give up. To me it sounds like you are doing great!

I love you all! Have a blessed day!

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Oops! I forgot to WELCOME WONDERFULLY CREATED!! It's great to have you!

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Default My Daughter's adoption experiance!

Hello everyone! Greetings in the Name of Jesus! I love each and everyone of you!
Well I felt led of the Lord to share this with you and it is still fresh so I will probably cry because it was a heart wrenching gut curddling experiance but in the End God got the Glory Honor and Praise and the is WHO it is all about!
I always get that mixed up, I think it is all about me or you but it is not! It is all about Him, and His Kingdom, His Glory, His Honor, His Praise!
Well here goes....Jesus help me to tell it.
My daughter Sheila who is 25 years old and a true believer and disciple of Christ, fell into sin and fell in love with a Mexican man who was here in the states illegally. She and Alvaro moved in with her 1st cousin Brandy. Brandy was just like her sister, Brandy my brothers daughter grew up with my daughter, where one was there was the other! They were together their whole lives from newborns on! Right up until last summer. Brandy also had a boyfrind of Latin decent who also lived with her. It was hot last summer here in Indiana and Sheila was pregnant by her fiance Alvaro she was seven month along. Sheila and Alvaro had been together for over 2 years by then and had planned to be married. Brandy had just given birth to a baby girl and named her Deleia who was 7 months old, Brandys boyfriend completly abandoned Brandy even before she was born.
In August of last year Sheila called me, she was !
hysterical! It was all I could do to understand her, she was just beside herself, screaming
and crying, greatly over wrought!
She told me that Brandy had told her that her baby the one she gave birth to might be Alvaros baby and that over a 3 day period when Alvaro was AOL he was with Brandy at her house and the two of them had been sleeping together the whole time!
After Sheila was 7 months pregnant she waited to tell this to Sheila!
It was horriable and the true weges of sin!
They made Alvaro get and DNA test and of course it was positive! Sheila PUT HIM OUT! Called off the wedding and went into a deep greiving and depression The trauma drama and emotional upheavel was so treiffic that
It was like something you would see or hear of on Jerry Springer or something stupid like that!:de vil:
a few days later I became very ill, I had developed excruciating pain in my feet, calves and ankles! It got so bad I could not lay down for more then 10 minutes and my toes would claw up in cramps would take over my feet and legs! this went on for 24 hours, with my heart condition I needed to rest and I could not! I had to stand and keep weight on my feet or my toes would claw up and I was in agony! So my husband took me to the hospital where I was addmitted immediatly! I had a tiny bone fractures in my feet and gout had set into them. It got so bad that I could not put any weight on my feet at all! They were giving me morphine constantly and it would not touch the pain! I laid in that hospital bed for a solid week crying out to God, even being in all that tremendous physical pain, it still could not compare to the pain I had going on the inside of me for my daughter! NOT EVEN CLOSE!
While I was in the hospital Sheila came in to see me and before she left, She looked me square in the eye's and said, Mom I don't think that you being her and all that is happening to you, is not about you. She hugged me and left. (That was a word from GOD in which we were soon to find out!) It was strange to my ears but felt right in my heart! Well after a 7 days in the hospital I was still not able to bare weight on my feet so they admitted me to a nursing home, i did not want to go! I not only cried for 7 days in the hospital but I cried when they put me in the van and all the way to the nursing home. The night before they did that I had a dream (thanks Lord for reminding me) I dreamed of a beautiful white marbel fire place with a blazing crackling fire and elderly folks in wheelchairs sitting before it all warming themselves and enjoying it's beauty.
When ariving at the nursing home after going in I was GUESS WHAT??? I was Parked right in front of a beautiful WHITE MARBLE FIREPLACE! The exact scean I had seen in my dream! I stopped crying, smiled and knew, that I knew, that I knew I was right were I was supposed to be! In His Hands, in His time! Well Sheila came to see me at the nursing home and she was still very, very angry and full of wrath towards Alvaro and Brandy! I will admit I was ticked off at them too! It was a horriable breech in trust!
I had to stay in the nursing home a whole month!
While there I met a physical therapist who was very sweet and kind. I also got to make many new and wonderful friends. Sheila had been talking to me about giving the baby up for adoption because she did not want the baby to grow up in a family were (she felt) incest had occured! She also did not have a job, was about to be evicted from her mobile home, was in collage studying law and only a freshman part time. She felt horriable that she would have to go on welfare and raise the child in those conditions.
She struggled and struggled over the choices.
I had shared her plight with other Christian women in the nursing home and we prayed and prayed for Sheila. Well I went home after 34 days. A week later I recived a phone call from that P.T. that worked at the N.H. She called me and told me that one of the residents had told her that my daughter was thinking about giving her baby up for adoption. We talked for a long time and the whole time we talked I could feel the presence of God! I gave her Sheilas phone number and asked her to give me time to call Sheila and talk to her 1st. I did and she agreed to talk to her. So they talked and became friends, She did so much for Sheila, she took her to all her appointment, helped with some bills and was a huge blessing to her in general.

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sorry I got cut off! So anyway the P.T. came to the hospital and helped us coach and support Sheila as she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy that Sheila named Gabriel Isaac and My mother and Her husband (who was himself adopted) presented the baby to the new parents as I played the Randy Travis song "Raise Him Up" a song about adoption! You can hear it here free
It was beautiful. Sheila fell head over heals in love with the parents because 1 of all they were Christians and she wanted Godly parents for her baby! They were settled and had been married some time, they were financially stable, and promised that Gabriel would go to a Christian School! She said that she knew in her heart that these she was to give him to them as a gift from GOD! She knew God had told her that these where the people who would "Raise Him Up!"
It is beautiful and TO GOD BE THE GLORY! For he took what satan meant as evil and he turned it took good!!!!!!!!! Glory to His Name, Great things He has done! I love you all! Please do pray for Sheila, she grieved the loss of her baby sorely!!!!!!!! and still is.!
The baby is 10 months old now and she is still grieving and has bitterness and un-forgiveness in her poor little heart toward Brandy and Alvaro. Please help me pray for her...
and for the salvation of Brandy & Alvaro.
I told her that it was the bravest thing I have ever seen anyone do in my life! It was the hardest thing that she will probably ever do in her life! But it was right and she was right when she said, Mom I think that you being in the hospital is not about you!

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