C25K challenge starting December

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  • can i join you guys? i started up week one last week... but will do it again this week just to ease into it. I run on a treadmill.
  • Hey, can I get in on this challenge too? I just saw this thread and another thread last week on C25K. Had never heard of it; checked it out; looks great. I was treadmilling quite a bit last fall and was kind of doing my own version of a C25K. Broke my toe which completely threw everything off for quite sometime. I've been on the treadmill and dog walking almost everyday this past week. I was going to wait a week or two to start the C25K but am ready to start on Monday. Can I still join in the challenge (please say yes! )

  • Both of you feel free to join in, we are not really all following the program at the same time. We are all at different stages and supporting each other through it. I am actually doing each week for two weeks and just finished Week 3 on their chart. So Week 4 starts on Monday. It looks challenging to me, but 5 minutes of running here I come!
  • The more the merrier!!!
    When I first saw the C25K program I figured I would give it a try cause I had always wanted to run a 5k. I didn't realize what a sense of accomplishment I would feel each time I completed a workout. It is addictive!! I like having a goal and each week that I finish is a mini-goal on the way to a 5k.
    My suggestion is to GO SLOW!! If you think you can run at 4.9 on the treadmill then take the speed down to 4.6 so that you make sure you don't hurt yourself.
    I have found a ton of advice at the coolrunning website.

    Tomorrow I start W4D2, I'm gonna take it slower than usual again (still feeling the concrete).

    Maria - I figured concrete was a bad idea but I did it anyway, boy did I learn a lesson. I am sticking to the treadmill until I finish the program and then will work on giving asphalt a try.

    Good Luck everyone!!
  • I also find it addictive. My problem is that i do really well in the summer and at christmas time when i'm on holidays and i can run mid-day when i have the most energy. Tomorrow i go back to school and things change dramatically. I have such low energy in the morning and in the evening that exercise becomes really difficult. Not to mention getting kids to their activities in the evenings.
  • I exercise in the evenings. My job is pretty stressful at times and all I want to do after work is go home and go to sleep. What keeps me working out on the C25K is that you finish in such a short amount of time. With the warmup walk, run/walk and cooldown I am in and out of the gym in 35 minutes.
  • Okay started Week 4 this week and I thought it would be super tough, but it was so easy. I am enjoying this program so much. Okay Day 2 of Week 4 tomorrow!
  • I did W4D3 today. I had found D1 and D2 doable but today's run just wiped me out. It took a huge force of will to get it finished. I think I didn't hydrate myself enough, not sure. Gonna do an extra day of week 4 before moving on.
    how is everyone else doing?
  • I only just started yesterday. So far, so good. It did take about ten minutes to settle into a rhythm. I had to adjust the running speed down when I walked but eventually settled in for both at 3.7/3.8 mph. I had no problem running for the minute. Actually, I thought the running was more comfortable that the walking. Mind you, 3.7 is not fast! Doing W1D2 tomorrow. Oh, I run on a treadmill but the incline is broken. I read that you should run on an incline to account for wind resistance and road fluctuation outside (if I ever actually go outside to run!). Maybe I'll put some 2x4's under the front of the treadmill. My shins will think I've gone insane!

  • Okay second day of week 4. The second round of 5 minutes about killed me, but I made it. When I warm up I walk at 3.5 working my way up to 4.0. I run at 5.0 and walk at 4.0 then. Sometimes when I am finished I will run at 6.0 just to see how long I can and last week I made it up to 1 minute but was wipe out.

    A few Questions:

    1. Do you drink water during your routine and how much?
    I usually drink a 20 oz. bottle

    2. If you workout in the morning do you eat before?
    I don't I crawl out of bed and drive to the gym

    3. Do you do strength training along with the cardio?
    I do because then has helped the pain of an old knee injury go away.

    Xanadoodle: I am planning on doing two weeks of week 4 to build up my stamina. In the second week I may even do another 3 & 5 minute run. I find that doing two weeks of each week really helps me get to the next level.

    Is that really me: I usually run with the incline on 1 or 2. I will increase the incline when I walk too. I run a treadmill too, but when it warms up I might take a few days outside.
  • I just got done W1d2 of the C25K. Went about the same as Monday. I'm glad to read that you're suppose to increase the running speed then decrease the walking speed. I was trying to do both at the same speed and it was too slow for running and too fast for walking! I have a slide type speed button on the treadmill which I don't like. Would much rather punch in the speed I want to go. I have to really fiddle w/the slide thingy to get the speed just right. That's why I'd rather just walk or just run. Hopefully when I done this C25K program I can do just that!

    Dollypie -- I drink some water b/4 exercise and after but not during. I usually try to workout b/4 I eat but not always. I don't think it really makes much of a difference either way. I ALWAYS have coffee first thing in the morning though! Wouldn't ever get awake if I didn't have that drug! I just started doing some Total Gym work and am revisiting my old Firm tapes. I have found in the past that when I did the Firm tapes (you know they love that fanny lifter) that it worked different muscles in my legs which actually helped tremedously with the treadmill stuff. I do 2-3 days a week for strength, never two days in a row. I try to vary what I do so my muscles and my attention don't get bored!
  • I don't usually drink water while on the treadmill, I go to the gym after work so I try to drink alot of water during the day (except for yesterday). Also, since I work out in the evenings I try to have a very healthy and filling lunch so that I'm not bogged down by too much sugar and fat. Lots of veggies and fruit.

    I run at 4.5 and walk at 3.2. Sometimes I take it a little slower, just depending on how I feel.

    I am going to start to do strength training when I *officially* finish week 4, I think I might follow Dollypie's suggestion and do an extra week of week 4.

    Is that really me - I LOVE the firm! I have the transfirmer system but it is such a pain to set up in the house I am in right now that it just sits in the corner. Hopefully we will be moving/changing the furniture around soon and I can use it again. It would currently take moving a big chair and coffee table about 8 feet on hardwoods every time I want to use it, gets to be a pain.
  • Hey everyone

    I'm starting the plan on monday, and I think I'm going to try and run outside. My goal is the actually run in a race one day, and so i think that running outside would be better for me. Anyway its great to see so many people that are beginner runners and proud of it.

  • c laura,
    My goal is to eventually run a 5K by spring or summer. Once it remains sunlight later into the evening or at least until 7pm I will head outside in the evening. I am sure that running outside is much different than the treadmill.
  • Did W4D4 (repeat day of week 4). It went so much better than D3. I feel so good I think I will move onto W5. I'm pretty excited!