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Default OMG - my calf!!!

I was doing my interval jogging today. I did a nice 6 minute brisk walk warmup.. well, my first jog interval I felt a pop in my lower calf. I walked (more like limped) home... I was so embarrassed! So, now I have an injured calf and I can hardly walk on it! I'm stretching it out, but it hurts so bad!
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I would think that you would want to quit stretching it, don't want to aggrevate it more. And look up whether or not you should put heat or cool pack on it........I can't remember off hand which it would be. I think cool for now and then heat later.
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Ouch! That really stinks-- I know I get sooo frustrated when I hurt when I'm trying all I can to exercise.

I would ice and take some ibuprofen. Take it easy the next couple days too. Hope you are back running soon!
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I suggest some Icy Hot patches. I have alot of physical aches and pains all the time and that helps alot.

On a new injury, always use ice and follow the basic formula called RICE: Rest, Ice, compression with an elastic bandage, and elevation of the affected limb.

Some stretching and activity is okay and is recommended. You don't want the muscle to get too "cold" it'll extend the healing time. You also don't want to apply heat for the first few days, that will also extend the healing time.

If it just suddenly hit you as you were walking, it sounds like a circulatory problem within the muscle. It's either getting too much blood and oxygen or not enough. But I'm not there to see it, so don't take my word for it
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