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Anne: eek, I had never heard of taht creature before. Thanks for the pic! I have run into fairly docile animals on my runs. Asides from the usual cats, squirrels and chipmunks, I have run by lots of deer (which are rampant in my area), groundhogs, skunks, snapping turtles and even a porcupine (I had no idea they were close by). Luckily none of them were near their young or predatory. I am sure I would have freaked seeing that creature (the two creatures I am scared of coming across are fishers <a relative of the weasal> and bears).

Only Me: Great run time!!


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My 10k this morning was brutally hot, really horrible weather to run in. I managed to get round in under an hour, (or indeed managed to get round at all - I passed two people who had collapsed and one who was being supported over the last 100 metres to the line), but that's about all you can say for it!
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Anne, that is a scary looking animal. I saw a marmot this morning, but it ran away into the grass at the side of the path long before I got near it. Other than that, I mostly see birds. Including mother and baby ducks at this time of year.

Helen, when it's really hot compared to what you're used to, just finishing upright is a good run.

My long run (28k) went pretty well this morning. Better than the 26k two weeks ago both time wise and how I was feeling by the end of it. I left at 6am so that I'd be home in time to eat and shower before the kids swimming lessons. The weather was cool and alternated between mist and light rain, but at least it wasn't too hot. Tomorrow will be a rest day running-wise, but if the weather report is right and it finally stops raining, I'll be doing laundry, lawn mowing, and running errands on foot.
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I di my first 10k yesterday, the same one as Helen. I walked and ran and finished in 1:37, which of course is slow, but I *finished* and I wasn't last! And now I am more determined and ever to improve my running. I don't really love running on my own, but in a group like that, it's excellent!
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Default Amazing

You guys are so inspiring! 5k, 10k, 28k - you guys are amazing! I walked my second day for 30 minutes and hope to be bragging about my first couch to 5k week soon.
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I did my first ever 10K yesterday toooooooooooo! I got 1 hour 22, which is ok considering the heat!
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Last night did my Day 3 of Week 1 C25K. I don't know why I translated the program's first week to a 30 sec run / 60 sec walk, but that's what I've been doing for this first week! So I'll just consider this a pre-C25K and officially start the First Week tomorrow night running 60 sec / walking 90 sec. No wonder it seemed so easy!
At least, I have my routine firming up - that is half my battle.

Congratulations to all in their weekend races -- can't wait to be in there with you.
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mental note - do not run at 4:00pm in TEXAS in the summer...ouch - that was not fun...did that on friday afternoon...then a softball double-header that evening -man, i was pooped...

Saturday DH and I did another 35 minutes (mostly walking) outdoors (at 8:30pm this time). then when we got home i ran another mile on the treadmill - at a pace of 8:30/mile - woohoo...that felt nice.

I managed to get in 5 miles yesterday - running about half of it...then i tried some yoga exercises with an exercise ball. I saw the exercises in a magazine - that was really tough. Besides the fact i don't do yoga but i wanted to be able to use my exercise ball more...my arms are a little bit sore today...
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I did my first 10k this weekend and finished in 1hr 2mins. I ran a 10min mile and ran the whole time I am signing up for the Army 10miler in October.
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I forgot to say, I ran my 10k in my new trainers and they were absolutely perfect with no wearing in. I took the tags off them on Saturday evening, tied my chip on and just ran. It helped that I wasn't running at race pace I suppose, but not a hint of a blister and they were blissfully bouncy. Fantastic!
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Only- Thnaks for the tip on the Body v Astro Glide. I would sure hate to have made a mistake there!

Runs last week were great but we were in Vegas for the weekend. It was $20 for the gym for one day and 100 degrees outside. So no run there. Unfortunately I was not able to run today because of stomach problems. Hopefully I am back on track tomorrow.

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Hey gang great going to all the racers, running in heat is aweful!!

Last week was sort of a break week, I was working full days, I'm not used to that and I was having a difficult time getting into the swing of working out after work or before work!! But now it's all good ...

Sunday I ran 30 mins on the threadmill and today too... did some speed intervals...
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Helen, I was actually wondering what you decided about your shoes. I would have done the same thing, but I didn't feel "qualified" to give my opinion. Congrats on the 10k.

Anne, if I would have ran into those animals, I would have had to go home to clean my shorts. I would have been scared out of my mind!!

Velveeta, kykaree, & 2frustrated, congrats on the 10k's. Good for you!

Skinnyjeans, was it a Vegas vacation? One of my brothers lives there, so I like to visit. I find that I get plenty of exercise walking around. Thank goodness I don't sit down at one of the slot machines all week!!

Softballmom, too funny about mixing up the C25k week. I goofed up on it a couple times too. I'd get out there running and forget what I was suppose to be doing. (I'm very, very forgetful...my husband hates it.)

Ilene, sometimes it's nice to take a week off! I hope you benefit from it!

As for me, I only did a 20 minute run tonight. I did it at a fairly fast pace (though i don't know exactly how fast). I also walked 2 miles with my husband. I was so happy that he got some physical activity in. He usually does nothing, and it makes me sad. I want him to live to a ripe old age!
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Well week 5 day 3 is in the bag. About 11 minutes in I started getting some cramping in my calves. Took about 30 secs out and walked with long stride trying to stretch them out a bit. Must have worked I ran the other 9 mins no problem. Did you guys notice a boost in self confidence when you started running? When I have a good training run I feel on top of the world...

Helen - too bad about your blisters and your shoe dilemna.

bone idle - What about finding a training buddy? Or a mentor...I know competition with another individual always helps to motivate me.

only me - thanks for the good luck and the good advice. It is over and done with and amazingly I made it through it! Congrats on the great time! I have still to run my first 5k, any tips?

midwife - I live and die by my spandex shorts...they look slimming and I never have issues with chafing. I notice the abs too...I think due to focusing on my breathing so much it makes me really aware of them

softball mom - oh yeah definitely keep going out when the temps are a bit cooler...I went out on afternoon and the temp ws 90 I about died lol. Good luck on the program it is so fabulous. Its seems easy at first but believe me take the easiness in the beginning it steps up a notch toward week 5...

webweevil - I have heard that running is the best form of toning cardio...I have noticed my abs getting tighter as well as my running progresses...overall you just feel so much better. I have a definite boost in self confidence as well.

amberd - Wow 8 miles...I am as always in awe.

anne - oh my gosh your running into wildlife lol...good luck with your training.

kykaree - I imagine group running would be more motivating then going on your own. Great job getting through that 10k.

lucky13 - in this months Self magazine there is an excellent ball routine...

velveeta - Congrats on getting through that 10k

skinnyjeans - I hope you get back on track soon. Did you have fun in Vegas?

Ilene - wow 30 miles...you are an inspiration

iowasteph - I know what you mean about wanting your hubby to work out. Doing this running program has motivated him to work out a bit more as well...
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I did a 30 minute speedwork session on the treadmill this morning and it felt good! It's been a while since I've picked up any sort of speed in my running and even though I'm mainly focussing on endurance at the moment I felt like having a nice fast session. I did 1k warm up then 3 x 800m fast, 200m recovery, then I was going to do 1k to warm down but decided to carry on til I hit the 30 minute mark at about 5.8k because my legs felt so good.
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