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Default 3FC Presidental Challenge April/06

It's time for the update on how the 3FC did in our Presidental Challenge last month.

We have 162 members who have accrued a total of 1369152 points. Wonderful job!

Our top ten leaders in points so far are:

lizzbabe 201485
cmlash 73626
ItsMeChickadee 67824
ltharp 64264
Annie Benson-Lennaman 57909
augustgirls 51233
Betani 41049
chick_in_the_hat 38158
Sheila53 37816
iowasteph2 34262

We had 28 members who logged activity in March.
The top ten for points from March 1 to March 28:

brandygerber 27313
katie_bug 15340
roab1 9050
Sheila53 9023
cmlash 8194
ItsMeChickadee 6463
crk05 6246
blues4miles 5607
es_angel es_angel 4997
ltharp 4455


This is a list of the highest award that each member has won:

lizzbabe Presidential Champion Performance - Silver
cmlash President's Champions - Silver
ltharp President's Champions - Silver
Annie Benson-Lennaman President's Champions - Silver
augustgirls President's Champions - Silver
ItsMeChickadee President's Champions - Silver
Sheila53 President's Champions - Bronze
ohluckyme President's Champions - Bronze
chick_in_the_hat President's Champions - Bronze
looking2lose President's Champions - Bronze
Betani President's Champions - Bronze
crk05 President's Champions - Bronze
angel-eyes President's Champions - Bronze
iowasteph2 President's Champions - Bronze
jkg0679 Active Lifestyle
SRMB Active Lifestyle
blues4miles Active Lifestyle
sarahyu Active Lifestyle
AlmostHeaven Active Lifestyle
KAR73 Active Lifestyle
dinah Active Lifestyle

We're doing great! Keep up the good work!

If you want to join, simply go to http://www.presidentschallenge.org/index.aspx and then when you register and get to the "My Groups" part enter:

Group ID Number:


Group Member ID/Name:

Whatever you'd like to be know as

Everyone is welcome to join! If you have joined in the past but have not entered any activity for a while, don't worry. You're still in the program unless you removed yourself. It's never too late to start up again!

** Please note:

If you are in the Active Lifestyles Program, then you can only earn Active Lifestyle Awards (I won about four of them and never figured that out on my own. I thought after I got enough of them, I'd start working towards my first Bronze. But nope.) If you are in the Active Lifestyles Program and switch over to the Presidential Performance Program, you will be retroactively awarded a Metal award, but it will not show up on the list as an "earned" reward until you actually earn a reward while in that program. For example, I was awarded a President's Champions - Bronze when I switched to the Presidential Performance Program in December-05, but for the January-06 recap I was showing as still having an Active Lifestyles award. When you switch to the Presidential Performance Program, you no longer earn stars for daily activity, and your progress is expressed as a percentage of how far you have earned towards your next medal.

If you are in the Presidential Performance Program, there is a 750 daily cap on the number of points it will count towards your goal. From what I understand, if you go to the Advanced Performance Presidential Champions Program, all your points count, but it takes more of them to earn a medal.

(If I've gotten any of the above wrong, please reply to this thread or PM me and straighten me out!)
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Thanks for the reminder!
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Glad to be of service!
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