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Angry What is it?

What is it with me? Does anyone else experience this? I have a lot of self control in eating and exercise until I step on those scales. When I see I have made a little progress, I fall off the wagon. I have been walking everyday, counting calories & fat everyday- I have avoided those scales until yesterday, I lost and today I did not go a thing but eat, my husband took me to dinner tonight, italian food & wine. Now I feel like I have gained everything back and I have to start all over. I feel like I look in the mirror and I look the same as the day I started my diet.

It is so depressing!

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Wow, I was just sitting here thinking the SAME thing! Yesterday I found out that I lost 6lbs, and then today I went and TOTALLY over did my calories and fat intake. *sigh* And tomorrow we are going out with friends, so that's going to be a rough day, too. Here's to us BOTH getting back in gear!
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If you find the scales are counterproductive, ditch em. You don't have to step on the scales to measure your progress. The tape measure, your jeans, your general feeling of wellbeing can do that.

Scales are a tool. Some tools work great for some people, and not for others. I tend to weigh sporadically, once a month or so, rather than weekly or more often, others weigh every day. We're all different and different things work for each of us.
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I * HATE * the scales.... i don't really ever get on em ...cept if i absolutly have too! For me it's like ....I see the numbers....get depressed...and feel overwhelmed. So I hardly ever weigh myself....i agree with kykaree if they are hindering you ...then don't use em. You don't need em to know you've lost weight!! Good luck sweetie

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I am going to have to do what you'll suggest - just stay off those darn things. It never used to affect me like that, but now I see progress and say "Oh, I am doing so good just a little won't hurt me", then I spiral out of control for the rest of the day. The more I eat that day, the worse I feel & I just keep eating like it's going to make me feel better or something. I feel like I can literally see the extra pounds I put on, that night in the mirror - that is just crazy!

If I can't stay off of them they are going in the trash - they are soooo bad for me!
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I used to feel that way too until I realised that my weightloss was a "lifestyle" for life, forever....... Until I realised that I would weigh myself and think, "Oh, I can go back to my old eating habits", now I realise that if I go back to my old eating habits I WILL gain it all back... I'm not saying a treat is not good, but I rarely go on full days of eating too much. When I have my treat whether it be one item or a nice supper with the works, I get back on the wagon the very next meal, not the next day, the next meal, which for me is usually 2-3 hours away...
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