Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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I would love that list as well!

I sit at my desk all day, I aim to go for a walk around town in my hour lunch break!

I get up as often as I can and nip to the loo, walk to the printer most of the time just to keep active!
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I've been out of town for a while, so haven't been reading the posts. Here is the list if it fits


1. Sit on edge of chair; firmly grip the back and straighten arms; keeping back straight, let upper body pull you forward to stretch shoulders, upper back and chest

2. Sit back in chair, legs at right angles; reach up with hands, stretching arms; keeping arms over head and parallel, bend forward so that chest is to thighs; lower arms so that they are dangling down your legs

3. Sit back in chair; reach up with one hand as the other falls down to the side; bend slightly from the waist

4. Sit back in chair; hands behind head; pull elbows back as far as possible stretching upper back

5. Sit back in chair; one elbow bent and hand down the back; clasp elbow with other hand and stretch- flexibility in shoulders and stretches triceps in upper arm

6. Sit back in chair; with hands clasped overhead, lean from the waist to the left then the right; stretches middle back and sides

7. Standing about 3 feet behind chair holding top of chair; lean forward with feet together until you feel a stretch in the back of lower legs; then right foot forward, left foot back, knees bent; lean forward and stretch; alternate legs

8. Right foot on chair, left hand on right knee, right hand on waist; look over right shoulder; twist back without straining; stretches lower back and stomach muscles; do other side

9. Face away from the chair; foot on chair; bend front foot and knee; do a quad stretch; other leg

Arm Reaches: Raise your arms over your head and try to touch the ceiling. Then slowly bend forward and touch the floor, or beyond your toes.

Side Bends: While seated, gently bend to the left and reach for the floor with your left hand. Hold the position, and then return to centre and repeat for the right side.

Shoulder Rolls: Imagine there is a pencil attached to each of your shoulders. Draw a big 'O' to open your chest. Do
10 to the front, and then 10 to the back.

Leg Lifts and Ankle Flexes: Lift one or both legs off the floor and point and flex your toes. After flexing, you can also do ankle rolls, by drawing circles with your toes.

Toe Pointing: Place both heels on the floor, hip-width apart, and swing your toes in, then out.

Knee Lifts: Hold your right shin and lift your knee to your chest while curling your back forward (think nose to knee). Repeat on the left.

Forward Bend: While seated, bend forward from the hips and let your hands fall to the floor. Relax into the stretch.

1. Sitting on chair, grip side of chair; lift knees to less than chest level, keeping butt on chair; if you feel a pull in your lower back, lower your knees; swivel your legs to alternate sides; lifting your legs contracts abs and strengthens quads; side to side includes side abs

2. Sit back in chair; raise arms to just below shoulder level, bending elbows; lift one knee to chest as you swing opposite elbow to meet it; swing the other way; elbow to knee; strengthens the abs, works the quads and hamstrings, stretches the shoulders

3. Sit back in chair; grip the seat; raise one leg out front and flex foot; move leg outward, back to center then down; do other leg; tones the thighs

4. Stand with back straight; do a shallow knee bend; buttocks not below knee level

5. Sit back in chair; hold a book; arm up and drop down the back; opposite hand supporting elbow; raise and lower; strengthens triceps

6. Sit back in chair; with palm up, hold a book level with knee; opposite hand supporting elbow; raise book to shoulder then lower it; strengthens biceps

7. Sit back in chair; book in each hand; arms down to sides; raise arms to shoulder height, keeping arms straight

8. Sit in chair; legs apart; lean forward; rest one elbow on thigh; holding a book, dangle arm down the leg then lift book to chest; up and down

9. Sit in chair; lean forward; knees together; arms down to sides; holding books; bend elbows to lift arms, bringing books to chest level, while elbows are at shoulder level; works the triceps, shoulders and upper back

ISOMETRICS hold 5-10 seconds
1. Sit in chair; knees apart; lean forward; push with your hands on the insides of the opposite knees

2. Sit in chair; knees apart; lean forward; push down with your hands on your upper thighs to strengthen triceps and upper back

3. Sit in chair; clasp hands behing head; drop chin to chest and push head up against your hands; tones forearms and neck

4. Sit in chair; with one hand on the side of your head, push sideways opposing the push with your head; strengthens neck and shoulder muscles

5. Sit in chair; reach over the top of your head and pull down your hand, opposing the motion with your head; develops forearms and neck

1. Warmup: sit in chair; reach upward with alternating arms; shift to reaching sideways across the body on a diagonal; then reach across body keeping arm parallel to floor; then reach to the floor from side to side

2. Sit in chair; form loose fists; arms straight up then fists down to almost touching shoulders; arms in unison

3. Sit in chair; loose fists; palms towards floor; arms at shoulder height; bend elbows so that fists are parallel to body then slightly above shoulder height

4. Sit in chair; loose fists; palms to floor; arms straight out in front at shoulder height; fists in and out of chest by bending elbows; then as fist go out, flare them so that palms face the ceiling

5. Sit in chair; loose fists; arms out to sides at shoulder level; bend elbows so that fists go in and out of ear; upper arms stay stationary; same thing but arms to front and fist go in and out of shoulders

6. Sit in chair; legs apart; arms straight to sides (no fists); palms to floor; swing arms to cross each other in front of you; raise one leg at a time so that leg goes up when hands cross; leg kicks sitting down; gradually work your arms so that they cross above your head; alternate flexing and pointing your feet

7. Sit in chair; extend right arm to right side; bend left arm in front; loose fists; swing arms together from side to side, looking in the same direction; at the same time raise alternate knees; release fists and raise alternate straight legs (same side as you are looking)

8. Sit in chair; loose fists; raise arms up and down as though lifting weights while raising alternate straight legs

9. Sit in chair; loose fists; arms to front at shoulder level; raise fists to front then down to back, while lifting alternate straight legs

1. Sit in chair; shoulder shrugs- 5 on each side, 10 both at the same time

2. Sit in chair; chin to chest; roll side to side
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