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Default Yoga....does it actually work?

I have my beginner yoga dvd on order girls. Did I waste my money or does it actually help firm up the body? I am about as flexible right now as a crowbar, I need help!
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It depends on what kind of yoga you are doing and what your expectations are.

Will it help you become more flexible? Yes. Will it help you improve muscle stamina and strength? Yes. Will it help you develop better posture, help you become more aware of body mechanics? Yes. Will it help you develop a more centered attitude, increase your mind-body connection, help you deal with stress, etc. Yes, but I think those things would be harder with a video than a live class.

Is it equivalent to cardio exercise or weight training? No. Some yoga is done at a very fast, intense pace and can function like cardio training, but that's not really the intention. It also cannot take the place of strength training with weights. There ARE plenty of people who stay in shape by doing yoga alone, but again it's not going to work your body the same way weight training will.

I love yoga, it's added so much to my life in a physical and mental way that my other types of exercise did not offer. It can take a while to really get into it and absorb the principles in a meaningful way, but it's worth it.

P.S. It will be really worth your while to seek out a class. Yoga is all about nuance and precise positioning, and it's incredibly helpful to have a teacher there with you to help you get the most out of each pose and really get the full effect. You might need modifications or alignment help, and a video can't give that to you. Still, doing a video is better than nothing.
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The video is a nice adjunct to the class. It's very helpful to have a real teacher show you how to do things, but the video is good for in between classes, if - like me - you don't remember exactly how to do things.
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Hi! I have 3 kits myself. They are a yoga/pilates fusion. One came with a resistance band and the other 2 came with wrist weights, and 2 1/lb balls. So far since I have started with the kit I have lost 7 pounds and I do feel myself gaining flexibility and strength. I think it does depend on the kit you have. Mine is more intermediate.
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I am just getting back into the yoga thing-I have done yoga on and off for years and recommend it to anyone interested. I just had a baby and quit during my pregnancy-to be honest, I was too uncomfortable to contort my body into anything more difficult than reaching for the fridge. It CAN help you lose weight because it greatly improves circulation and helps speed metabolism. Although it isn't cardio, you will find cardio easier to do after doing yoga for awhile because you will have lengthened and stretched all your muscle groups and you are "training" your body to move and breathe better. A video is easiest to follow-I tried a book first, and THAT was a waste. Getting into and out of position correctly is just as important as the pose itself, which cannot really be demonstrated in a still photo and written directions.
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Do any of you yoga fans have a suggestion for a yoga at your desk type dvd?
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I really like MTv's Power Yoga - seriously you sweat, you work hard, you gain flexibilty and muscle tone. It was a really good video/dvd. I have added it to my work-out, although I don't use it exclusively. I have seen a good change in my body apperance.
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