Cardio Queens Unite! #11--Way to GO!

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  • Hi girls!
    I'm writing in black and yellow today because yesterday morning I got stung by a bee on my foot!

    I have severe (not life-threatening) reactions to stings, so I was I was out of commition yesterday and although I really am actually in the mood to go to the gym, I also had to get a tetanus shot, so both my arm and foot are pretty sore.

    Maybe tommorrow I'll be up to par???

    Hope everyone is having a great day...

    Be back on soon...
    Woman inlove
  • Thanks for the new thread WomanInLove So sorry about the bee sting. That can be really serious. They make me swell up real bad too. You have our permission to take it easy today! Hurry back.
    Weigh in went well today, down .6. I was happy I took my Mother shopping today. She's 87 and thinks prices are same as 25 years ago. How stressful is that? Everyone have a great evening!
  • Hi everyone... I'm still trying to recover from sore throat, so I have not been real diligent with exercise, and I have out-of-town company this weekend, so I hope to get back on track come Monday. The gym is also extremely crowded which I know is no excuse; so my plan is start back on Monday. (sure wish I could get there Friday and Sunday, I worry that since going is so new to me that I'll talk myself out of it on Monday)...

    Have a great weekend everyone
  • Hi all,
    I got in a 6.8 mile walk and it was really heating up before I finished. I got a neat spray mist bottle from QVC today (to mist while you are walking or exercising to keep cool) so I will try that out tomorrow!
    ~Kat~ Hang in there and get started there. You can do it! Sometimes it does you good to take a little break. Then you realize how much you miss it. Where is everyone else Everyone have a great weekend!
  • Hello
    Hi there!

    Judy: you are doing fantastic! I'm very proud of you (and your loss!!!)

    My foot is STILL swollen, believe it or not, but today it feels a little less itchy. My arm is finally feeling better from the tetanus shot too, so I'm planning on tennis tonight with my sweetie to kick off the weekend.

    Kat: Hang in there...I'm right there with you! Hope your throat is feeling better.

    GIRLIE, DEB, ANN, and others....please join us soon and let us know how you are doing! Everyone must be on the move and busy with summer plans...


  • Heya
    I'm here, I'm here!!!

    Very busy at work, but yes, I'm here!

    I'm sorry for not writing this week, you all must have thought I'd fallen off the face of the earth!


    I'll write again soon!

  • Finally!!!!
    I finally did it!!!!!

    I finally got off my butt today and got to play tennis for a couple of hours with my sweetie! Yippee! I feel so much better now that I've gotten off my butt! I'm still learning (and will be for a long time I think) but I am having fun and I have a very patient and supportive instructor in my man!

    It's pretty hot out today, so we're kind of vegetating in the air conditioning now. Hope everyone else is having a great Saturday!!
    Welcome back GIRLIE !! Good to hear from you!!!

    Hi to Judy, Kat, Anne, Deb...wherever you all are! Thinking of you!!

  • Hi Everyone!

    Sorry I've been MIA. I haven't even tried any exercise. It's been chaos lately. My grandfather was in the hospital this week at the point of an operation. They sent him home with instructions to return immediately if he bleeds anymore from his diverticulitis. I have been a major stress ball this week. In 2wks I will be headed for NY. We will be driving so that will be about a 20hr drive for us. We will leave on the 12th & return on the 20th. Should be a nice visit because my parents are driving up as well. The entire family will be together after 6yrs or so. I'm looking forward to it. I'll peek in as often as I can. I just need to regroup. It's been a draining week....

    Take care & hope to talk to you all soon
  • Hi everyone... looks like the posting was real quiet over the weekend.
    I did manage to get to the gym one of the days that I had company
    It is really getting hot here today, so it will be a mind game to get to they gym after work and it is always soooo crowded too..

    womaninlove... glad to see you got to the tennis courts.

    judy... how's the misting bottle? what a great idea... don't think the gym would let me use one, but great for outdoors!

    deb... how's your grandfather... oh, reading further I see that you are out of town in july? well post when you can...

    hope I didn't miss too many people...
  • Hi Everyone..

    Kat, thanks for asking. Well, he got released from the hospital Saturday & was back in yesterday because he was bleeding again. I called this morning & they sent him home. I don't know what's going on over there. We will be leaving on July 12th for NY so I have about a week & a half before I leave....

    Hope everyone has a good day...


    P.S.-- I did weigh in yesterday & stayed the same. Happy with that considering the stressful week I have had...
  • Hi everybody....
    ~Debbie~ Sorry about your grandfather. You are doing really well with your weight with all you have going on. We leave for NY on Saturday. We are flying. I am so looking forward to it. I think it will be fun. We will be going to the David Letterman Show on Tuesday night. Also we got tickets in the mail on Saturday to "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire". I guess the tickets do not guarantee that you get in to the show though. We will get in line early and hope for the best. Probably lots of walking there!
    ~Kat~ The misting bottle works great. Messes up my glasses but they dry quick. It is cooler now, so I didn't need it today. Such a lovely day today for a walk. Did 8.3. Sometimes I just feel like the Energizer Bunny...So much easier when it is cooler!
    ~WomanInLove~ Hope that bee sting is better!
    ~Girlie~ Hope you get a little break soon.
    Tomorrow is weigh in and I don't think I have done very good this week. We'll see.....Have a great evening all!
  • DEB: My thoughts are with you. I hope your father is doing better. Take care of yourself too. Just hang in there. Hope the family reunion is nice for you too.

    JUDY: Have a wonderful time in NY!!! Sounds like you have a ton of fun planned.

    I'm still trying to talk myself into going to the gym. I have to go for a follow up check fo my ears today and will probably go play tennis unless it rains.

    Hi to everyone else (Girlie, Kat...) Have a wonderful day!!!!

  • Hi all
    Weigh In Day.....up .6....That is what I lost last week
    Maybe I can walk that off in NY!!!
    ~WomanInLove~....probably won't hurt to miss a few exercised while you are getting everything well....with the bee sting and your will catch up with no problem.
    Another day of rain today! soooo, no exercise today!I walked 8.3 miles yesterday so maybe that will help!
    Our daughter has a houseboat, so we are going to the lake tomorrow for a while for a cookout. I am taking food so I can take things that I can eat. Should be good weather tomorrow.

  • MORE RAIN!! Cancelled the trip to the houseboat. Now it has cleared up this afternoon. Can't figure this weather. Would like to walk but it is really hot now!
    How do you all like my little guy running around the box? I thought he was cool and appropriate!

  • Got to the gym!!

    I finally got to the gym on Thursday! I did my cardio and I'm going to try to regain CardioQueen status! I'm going again this afternoon in a little while, then later going to hit the tennis courts if the rain holds off. I'm feeling better!!!!

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!!

    JUDY: I love your running man! That is awesome! Hope your 4th cleared up enough for you to have a nice day!

    Where is everyone?? Check in when you can!