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Default New running ? "Brisk Walk" and toe running?

OK, on the Couch to 5K <YAY! I was having a crappy day today and I *made* myself do day 1 and I DID IT. I'm proud of me.> it says "brisk walk". What exactly does a brisk walk entail? Walk at which point your heart rate increases? Faster than I normally walk? Faster than leisurely stroll on beach at sunset arm in arm with husband with me looking faboo in a bikini <sorry, skipped a few steps there>? Is it OK that what I could find as a "brisk walk" on the treadmill was only a eensy weensie bit slower than my "jog" speed? And I couldn't jog any faster w/o being flung at high velocity from the back of the treadmill like yesterday's trash? I'm not sure what defines "brisk" and what target I should be looking for. I *did* manage to do the 60/90 formula <*admires self in pride again before reminding that pride is a deadly sin... so is gluttony which has me here in the first place*> but I don't know what else to gear for.

Also, I've always had a tendency to walk on my toes. Well, really, everyone in my family does. And it took about 10 strides on the pretty treadmill for me to discover that running on your toes HURTS YOUR CALVES LIKE ALL GET OUT. Any advice? I tried to make myself run normal and land heel-to-toe but then I'd scrunch up my shoulders and get all tense and have to hold on to the treadmill like it was falling apart. And then I'd let go, relax, but I'd start landing on my toes again and now my calves hurt. WAAH!

I so want to be good at this. Does anyone have any advice for me please?

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Hi Shalia - welcome - love your sene of humor. You can join me for my morning coffee, anytime (as soon as I finish cleaning it off m screen )

Congrats on getting started on your running. Take my advice with the understanding that I am a "newbie" myself - I started running in Feb and ran my first 5K in Apr. I beleive in doing things BIG, so I am now training for a marathon. Yikes.

We think we know how to run, I've been running from scary bits for over 40 years. But to really run there are quite a few things to concentrate on. So Idecided to "do it right" and went to a physical therapist for a "running assessement". Here are some of the things they told me that have made a difference. While I did not run on my toes, I had very significant heel pronation issues, so the nuggets of wisdom may or may not make sense for you.

1) Concentrate on landing on your whole foot and push off from your big toe. You want to be careful not to exaggerate the heel thing - could be just as bad, if not worse, than toe landing, especially on the ankles. That big toe thing was huge for me. It takes a while to get used to. I did it on a treadmill at low speed - just a little faster than a stroll to get used to the feeling before trying it as a jog. I probably did this as two 30-45 minute sessions before doing my jog/walk program. It does take a while to get used to, so don't beat yourself up if it takes more than 30 seconds.

2) Squeeze your butt (glute) as you push off to engage the core in the movement. (see #3)

3) Concentrate on keeping your abs and core engaged while you run. This (and the butt squeeze) will help keep yourself erect and make the movement come from the entire lower body rather than just the legs. You will not tire as quickly and can go further. It also allows the legs to work on the forward movement of the running and not worry so much about holding you up, as your core is doing that part. If you have not tried Pilates, it is worth a session to learn how to engage all your core and 'scoop" and breathe at the same time. Take a mat class or a try video (I like Pilates for Dummies - available from Netflicks, but so are a whole lot of others).

As far as speed, don't sweat it. When I started my walk was at 3.5 on the treadmill and my jog at 4 mph. You will see progress if you stick with it, I promise. I am no expert, by any means. I have just reached 5.0 on my "jogs" and my walks have only progressed to 3.8. I am currently doing 4/1 intervals and feel pretty good. Maybe in Aug I will try 5/1s, but not too concerned. My trainer moans on getting his tome to a 7.5 min mile on the long runs. I am not there, and hope to never be there. Yes, Iam scheduled for a marathon in Dec, and my time goal is to finish under 6 hours, when the course closes. I just concetrate on how good I feel while running - I get a "zen" from the rhythm and that is all I care about. Added cardio capacity, speed and fitness are just added bonuses. Oh, yeah - and the "snaps" from my family and friends ispretty cool, too. Next week I will probably get wacked out and obsessive about time and speed, but I will try to fight that. Let me finish my first marathon, then I will worry about speed. Shalia, keep it fun, be proud of your accomplishments and oh, yeah, have some more fun!
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Thanks for the pointers, Ellen. I'll try them tomorrow. <The thingy says to go every other day to start with.> I do have the Windsor Pilates tapes but I gave up <like I do on a lot of stuff> cause it was "too hard". Well, duh. I was out of shape, it was meant to be hard.

Didn't think about that being helpful w/ running. Maybe I'll do that instead on the days off from running.

Sorry bout the morning coffee splatter. Can you tell I was happy when I wrote that? *grin*

I'm proud of you for the marathon thing. That's a WAAAAAAAAAAAAY distant future there. There *is* a 5K fun run locally in the end of August I think. I may do that just as a goal setting thing for me. But I'm not so sure I could handle a marathon!!! Wow, I'm impressed thinking about it.

Thanks again for the tips. And remember: zen, not speed. And drink coffee faced AWAY from the screen. Face again after swallowing. Saves more innocent keyboards that way. *grin*
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Shalia -- You are a hoot to read that's for sure!! .... Ellen had some great advise there and I have nothing to really add. I just like to run for the fun of it. I did a 10k in April and I really enjoyed that distance so I doubt that I ever get the urge to do a marathon or a half marathon for that matter...

About the ZEN of running -- When I run I usually go out and measure my run either by car or bike and OFTEN as I'm driving the route I think, ''Did I really pass by this place'' I honestly can't remember!! That fact often scares me though, thank goodness I don't jog in secluded areas and not pay attention....

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