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CA85 06-29-2005 09:09 PM

I need help finding a specific move...
...or exercise or technique, whatever you want to call it:), that helps in improving posture. If it's not "exercise", that's fine too, but I would like to improve my posture to appear taller (5'2" just sin't cutting it :p )

imsexydamnit 06-29-2005 11:30 PM

This may not be exactly what you're looking for, but i've been doing yoga and pilates for months now and have noticed a change in my posture, and generally the way i carry myself. Alot of the focus in both exercises is making sure the shoulder are held down away from the ears and that the back is straight. Do either enough and it just becomes second nature. Something else that might help is incorporating back exercises (like lat pull downs or rows) into your strength training routine, assuming you have one. Stronger back muscles should help improve posture. Hope i've helped some.

carla49 06-29-2005 11:39 PM

If you have the time and the inclination, there are adult ballet classes most places, and ballet could be a fun way to lengthen your body.

funniegrrl 06-30-2005 12:03 PM

When I reached my full adult height I was 5'9". When I got measured for the first time in many years in my mid-30s, I was 5'8"! I had them measure again, making sure I was standing as tall as I could. Yup, 5'8". Same result when I got measured again at the age of 41. Soon thereafter I started taking yoga, just once a week, and also incorporating some of those moves in my post-workout stretches. When I was measured again a year later, I was 5'9" again. *whew*

Yoga will DEFINITELY improve your posture and carriage, but it can also lengthen your spine. No dramatic differences, mind you, just keeps you from getting more compacted than you should be. It lets you reach your true full height, in a way.

Another thing you can do to help with posture and carriage is make sure you are doing lots of good upper back / shoulder / chest exercises in weight training. This will help reduce slumping and give you the appearance of a smaller waist, to boot.

WaterRat 06-30-2005 01:50 PM

And don't underrate the importance of just "checking in" with yourself during the day and being sure you're standing/sitting with good posture. Much of it is habit. For instance watch the people in the grocery store - many of them are leaning on the basket often with their whole forearms. So bad for your posture. I consciously make myself stand up straight and push the basket with my hands - as it should be. :)

leannealise 06-30-2005 03:42 PM

Sitting on a fitness ball helped me with my posture. Just sitting on it forces me to have better posture and helps to strengthen my erector and core muscles. I sit on it when I am on the computer at home or watching tv. Just make sure that it is blown up enough so that your butt and your knees are in alignment. If your butt drops below your knees then you will slump. Just an idea that worked for me ;)

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