Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default My New Toy!

I wore my new pedometer yesterday for the first time and I could hardly believe it when I reached 27433 steps at the end of the day. I can account for 16000 because I went for four 2 mile walks. Apart from the walking all I was doing yesterday was housework (meant to do more) and grocery shopping etc., It is hard to believe that I did over 11000 steps just ‘doing nothing much’
I did think that maybe it wasn’t working properly as it is only a basic pedometer and cannot be adjusted to the length of my stride but I did a little test on it. I walked around the house counting my steps and checked it at 100 and it was exactly right. DH thought I was going mad because he asked me what I was doing but I couldn’t answer him right away as I was counting!!
I like my new toy and I will try to do at least 10000 steps every day.
Mind you having said that it is now 1.10pm and I have only just reached 1000 today so far!!
Now if I could cut down a bit more on the eating maybe I could lose this bit of extra weight that has been plaguing me for 20 years now.
Why can’t I just do it once and for all? I know I would feel so much happier and confident if I looked better in my clothes.
I hate it in the very hot weather when I can’t cover up my bigger bits!!
I hate getting hot and sweaty when I am out walking in very warm weather.
I hate it when I go shopping and try on new clothes and look at myself in the mirror. I know then just how fat I really am!
I especially hate those lumps of fat around my middle! I want a slim waist ……… I can’t remember ever having one!
My boobs are too big (DH would disagree there!)
My bum is not too bad you know …………. must be all that walking.
So what I need to do is figure out how to get rid of the fat around my middle and get my boobs smaller ……….. any suggestions anyone?

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OK ........ seems like no-one wants to talk to me but no matter I will just talk to myself! Maybe I will talk myself into doing something more for my health
I am 52 now and it is about time I was looking after myself a bit better as I am at an age where things have more chance of going wrong
I have been able to do at least 10000 steps every day since I got my new toy but I have not been near the 27000 of my first day!!
After seeing that Fat Vs Muscle on one of the Sticky threads I feel the need to do more than just walk. I need to get rid of this flab on my tummy and waist and I need to strengthen and tone my arms. So I will do about 50 sit-ups every day to start with and I have 7 pound weights which I will use for my arms every other day. I only want to make a bit of a change ......... I don't want to have big muscles
So if anyone feels like joining me drop in and say hello .......... please .........

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Hey mooz!!!! Way to go on getting healthy and taking all those steps in a day that is so wonderful!! Also way to go on the weight training too, it will help you see great results!! Since you use a pedometer why not join us in the July Walkers thread we all do different kinds of walking, treadmill, WATP, hiking, trail so come on over we'd love to have you
Have a great day
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Hi mooz... great going on your walks! You sound so motivated. Walking is the easiest and best exercise in my opinion. Adding strength training like weights and sit ups will definitely help your overall toning and give you more strength for your walks.

Best wishes to you!
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Hello, Mooz! 27,433 steps??? Four 2-mile walks in one day??? Very impressive, indeed! And great job on incorporating weight training and some ab work -- just a quick heads-up: the most current reports say that crunches, rather than sit-ups, are the safest and most effective exercise for the tummy. The sit-ups apparently don't isolate the muscles as well, and are also potentially harmful to the back. (Not sure if this was just a case of mistaken semantics but I thought I'd share this info. )

Best to you...and keep up the great work!
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Mornin chickies!
I think I may have lost my pedometer yesterday I was wearing it when I was shopping with my daughter and last night I noticed that it was no longer attached to me. Hopefully I will find it about the house somewhere but I fear it may be lying in a changeing room somewhere. I have always been able to get up to 10000 steps most days. As for the tummy exercises and the weights I have not got myself into the proper habit of doing them regularly.
The last day I did try to do them ( I was very tired that day) I lay down on the bedroom floor to start and did a few lay back to rest and fell asleep!!

MIchelle - thanks for the encouragement and the invite - I might just drop in to your thread someday.

Beachchick - thanks you for encouraging words too - I will definately keep trying to tone up with my weights and tummy exercises.

Lessogfsarahtolove - thanks for your advice. I am not too well versed on what the exercises I do are actually called but it probably is crunches that I do as my tummy muscles are not strong enough to let me do situps anyway. It is good to know that crunches are better and safer.

So what do all you chickies do for exercise?

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