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    Just a quick post to log my miles... Joe & I walked in the park this morning and got in 3.25miles. And saw allot of geese with their young trailing behind them - so cute... well... cute till they grow up and poop all over the place

    We are having a cup of coffee to take the chill out of our bones and then heading to the garden ctr... need a few more things yet. It's only 55* here this morning and very overcast (burrr) - sure do hope the sun pops out soon. Although, it is perfect for working out in the yard... it's not raining, just overcast.

    Good to see everyone!
    I hope to post individually later... gotta run now.

    ***A note to SHEILA ~ I received your PM's and DO plan on taking time to write you back as soon as I can
    Glad you are doing better now... *Thinking of you*

    MaY MiLeS: 47.25

  • Hi All, How nice for you to have DH on a Fri. Sunny! Sorry your weather's not the greatest. It's sunny and beautiful here. Two days in a row now. Love your patriotic pics. I got my poopy early this morning!!!

    Oh Michelle, The funnel cake was delicious and we're planning a camp fire for tonight and probably tomorrow night too sooooo, lots more cals a comin' this weekend I'm sure! TOM has been just killing me. So unpredictable this month. I keep thinking he's gone and then surprise he's back. Getting very annoying. Great job on the pounds lost. You must be very proud. Good luck on weigh in!!

    Lynne, Sorry to hear your lines have been down. We'll always be thinking of you when you're not able to be here. Keep up that walking!!!

    I had a great time at the dance with my kids last night and am looking forward to a camp fire tonight. I did 3 miles today and finished the first 2 in 23 min and 36 sec. my best time ever. I'm feeling really good about it. My goal for this month was not only to walk the 50 miles, but to be able to do 2 miles in under 24 min and I succeeded. I try to exercise outside my "comfort zone" for at least 1/4 mile each walk and it's helping me to increase speed and endurance! Enough of that! Have a great weekend. I'm looking forward to JuNe WaLkErS!!


    MaY MiLeS : 60
  • I got another 2 miles in today! Planning on doing 2 more a little later today sometime.

    Kristi - oooohh your weekend sounds like it will be lots of fun!!

    Sunny - You have a wonderful weekend!!

    Lynne - Hope you can come back soon!!

    Have a wonderful weekend girls!!
  • 2 Miles today! Sorry not enough time to post its really late!! Will write more tomorrow!

  • hello...
    i haven't posted to this group in AGES.... are the original girls still here?
  • Hey guys!! 2 more miles for me today! 73 total for the month!

    Hope to hear from you guys soon!!