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SunnyD57 03-25-2004 06:47 AM

*Curves #5*
:flow1: "WELCOME!!!" :flow1:
This Thread is for anyone wanting to join us in
sharing about their "CURVES experiences"
or if you are thinking about joining and have any questions.
Come on in!!!



What is Curves:
Curves is an all women gym... It is like circuit training with hydraulic machines done in 30 second intervals with "recovery stations" in between each machine...30 seconds on a machine, 30 seconds jogging in place or whatever you feel like on the recovery station...for a 30 minute workout. Most places begin with 8 machines, but we have 12 in ours & you go around the circle 2-3x. It is a great place, I love going there! They do have nutritional supplements and protein shakes and even a diet plan you can follow if you choose...it is all outlined in the member guide they offer you.

The Cost of CURVES in NE OHIO:
*Note* ~ The Cost may vary from one Curves to another
depending on the state

There are three ways to pay that I know of:

is to pay monthly & for me that was $39.00
(+tx - some places/states don't charge tax)

is to have them automatically take from your checking (or in my case they are charging my VISA ea mo) @ $29.00 (+tx) and

to pay in full for the year the day you come to sign up (which they do not offer unless you ask, because it is the cheapest way to go & I think they lose $ on it, so they don't offer unless you ask) & that fee is less then the $29.00 but I don't know by how much for sure... I think it was 10% less each month that way.

**Oh and there is a fee you pay on your FIRST visit when you sign up also - usually $149.00, but in my case it was discounted and I only paid the $49.00 PLUS the first payment (I paid about $90.00 on my first month).**

You will also then be allowed to go to ANY curves that you would like.

Also... Some places offer FREE CLASSES ~
so ask allot of questions when you go there :)

Here is the LINK to the Curves Site:


loribug26 03-25-2004 12:46 PM

Hi everybody, I've not posted much lately, but have been trying to keep up on the reading! I did join Curves 2 weeks ago, and do really enjoy it. I made 4x the first week, 3x the 2nd and I'm pretty sure will make 4x this week. I have lost a little I believe, I weigh myself on Mondays at Curves and was 169 on their scale, so that was exciting for me!!! That 170 has been my nemisis for quite some time now. Pray for me to be able to keep in in the past! I really need to jump start the weight loss, and I've vehemently drug my feet on jumping on the low-carb band wagon. I'm an addict...I could live on carbs alone. I think that its about time to COMMIT myself to changing something though. I'm making some small goals, just like from another post I read here, and I'm soooooo sorry for not remembering your names. I'm bad, bad, bad about names. Anyway, I'm going to try to make a consious effort to cut out potatoes, bread, pasta for 2 weeks, and not eat after 7:30pm (I don't get home until just before 7, so that's impossible for me). I already drink LOADS of water each day, so I've made that one! Just wanted to let everybody know that I enjoy reading your posts, and you all keeping each other motivated!! Later...

SunnyD57 03-25-2004 01:45 PM

http://www2.incredimail.com/contents...i/flower_9.gifGood Afternoon!

I went for my walk this morning in the rain... it wasn't raining very hard, so it was nice. It felt so good to get out and do some exercise in the fresh air. I plan on walking to my Curves and back the mornings that are clear this Spring & Summer... it's only about 3/4 of a mile there and back. It will be just right for a warm up and then a cool down :)


loribug26, http://www2.incredimail.com/contents.../butterfly.gif
Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job going to Curves! You will see results within a month or two (especially if you are watching your diet) --- sometimes you don't see the results the first month and then a huge change the second. Everyone is different, but just wanted to let you know, so you won't become disappointed like I did. Make sure you get the rest you need too... you are working out quite a bit and may need to get to bed earlier. I workout everyday, but I change things up a bit. I do Curves on Tues/Wed/Fri and on Mon/Thurs I workout with my Michael Thurmond Body Sculpting Bands for an hour and I plan to walk at least 30 min each day of the week (5days) along with what I do. I am in bed most evenings by 10pm and asleep - if not earlier. Last night at 9:30 I was out like a light! :lol: Rest is so important to weight loss and fat loss. I wish you only the best!

http://www2.incredimail.com/contents...lue_reject.gif Hi Ladies, KAR73, SPROUT & JSSCMNGN,
Hope that you all are doing & feeling much better today!!
Hi KARI, hope you are well too...
and that ~All~ our fellow Curver's are Curving and feeling great!

*God Bless*


bandit2 03-25-2004 01:46 PM

SunnyD - WTG on getting under the "terrible two's" - good for you :-)

Did my curves last night - feels so great afterwards & I have stayed OP all week with my ww eating. Next week I am off to Vegas with 2 buddies & we are all looking forward to the break. Last Fri I won $1,000 at bingo so hopefully that is a start of a winning streak & got a winners mug as well.

Hope everyone is doing well, staying focussed & getting in all their water.

Bye for now - lunch time & I am getting hungry.

SunnyD57 03-25-2004 01:54 PM

http://www2.incredimail.com/contents.../buttercup.gif Thanks BANDIT2!!
In case we don't see you again till you get back --- "Have a wonderful time in Vegas!" Sounds like you too are doing a wonderful job staying OP :cp: So happy for you. I too drink allot of water... over 100oz a day now. That's my limit - I was told for my weight to help flush out fat you need to drink 90 - 100oz, so that's what I have been doing. Water is very important next to sleep in getting great results!

Have a great time!


loribug26 03-25-2004 02:40 PM

How did you find out about the water amount that your body needs? I would be interested in getting that info for myself. I don't "measure" how much I drink, but I sure can tell when I don't get enough. I always have a 44oz styrofoam cup with ice and water in it. I probably refill it at least 2x a day sometimes 3-4x. I drink more water after I get home from work also, so I figure I get at least 64oz a day sometimes quite a bit more....?? I figure the ice takes up some obviously, but by the end of the day its more H2O than Ice in the glass. I've just recently given up caffine, so I have to keep water in front of me at all times :)

sprout 03-25-2004 02:46 PM

Feeling better
Am starting to feel much better re the flu / cold that I have had. But not 100% yet but getting there.

Monday I tried to do my 1 mile walk but was only able to do 1 lap due to the cold/flu. Then went over to Curves - only did 2 x the workout rather than 3 as was just feeling strong enough because of being sick.

On Tuesday thought I would give another try at Curves - only did 1 x due to the fact that I started coughing so bad that I did not feel it was fair to the other ladies me spreading my germs.

Took yesterday off to 'rest' up some more.

Today went for my walk - wanted to get in 1 mile but only did 1/2 mile but that is ok as still have some of this cold.

Eating has been much better. All week have been having scrambled eggs for breakfast and for lunch it has been a tossed salad with left over chicken.

Water. Did I get an eye opener on this. I have been trying so hard to drink 8 bottles of water per day. All week I have been able to only get in 5 bottles - so felt pretty good about that but also sad that I just couldn't get the other few in. Then a friend told me that 5 bottles of water is actually 10 glasses of water. Thought that didn't sound right so I got out my trusty measuring cup and low and behold 1 bottle is 2 cups (16 oz.) so here I have been getting in my water plus and didn't even no it!! So now that I know I can drink 5 bottles with no problem I know that my water is under control. And am doing really great at not eating after 7 pm - so once I am fully recovered and able to get back to Curves and my walking full time I know that the weight will start coming off.

Having some stomach ailments today - started last night - always a concern when you have had cancer - think I am going to have to have it checked out by doctor as it just doesn't feel right.

Anyway, am on my down town with hubby so have to run

SunnyD57 03-25-2004 03:19 PM

I bought this exercise & diet pkg. from Michael Thurmond (I left the link on the last thread - he is from the Extreme Makeover Show) and in the information he gives you he speaks about the importance of water and tells you (the average person trying to lose weight) to drink anywhere from 90 to 100oz of pure water and to give up caffeine & salt. It's very difficult to go no sodium, but I have lowered it considerably! As for the caffeine... I only have 1cup of decaf coffee in the morning, so no worries there. MT has a wonderful program and it works well with my Curves program. I have been stuck at 204 for the longest time and then I began his program 11 days ago... am now down to 198.5. So that's how I got my water info.

But I bet you could go to GOOGLE Search and type in Water-How much to Drink? Here you go... I just did that for you and got this site: http://www.ultimatewatermassage.com/...r-how-much.htm
Maybe this will help you ;)



loribug26 03-25-2004 03:24 PM

Hey I'm here alot today huh? Thursdays is my slowwwww day at work, so I've been reading old posts almost all day!!! SunnyD I found some old posts of yours in one of these threads, and you were chatting with a lady Cassandra B. She and I seem to have a lot in common, and she seemed like such a sweet girl, do you know how she is doing? I was just wondering. I also want to say * congrats * ;) to everyone who has had success lately....I'm sort of bad about talking about myself and not pumping up others, which is particularly bad of me when I'm needing some pumping up myself!! Oh and Sunny I too share your love of animals...we have 4 house cats (yes 4) and most of our friends/family think we're crazy. Luckily my hubby loves them as much as I do, as a matter of fact he's the one that's brought them all home!!! (and then some that we've gotten other homes!) I grew up with horses, and still have one at my parents. He's my baby. I just wanted to share that we have things in common. I'm always in need of some new friends.

SunnyD57 03-25-2004 03:25 PM

Glad that you are feeling a bit better... hope you reach that 100% soon!
Get plenty of rest! You goals sound right on the money, so now if you could only feel better, huh.

Take Care, Marilyn...


loribug26 03-25-2004 03:27 PM

Oops sorry Sunny forgot to thank you for the Water info!!!

SunnyD57 03-25-2004 03:33 PM

Yes Lori,
I just loved Cassandra B. --- she began the Curves Thread some time ago and when she didn't come back I kept it going, but have not heard from her in a very long time!!! I have PM'd her and nothing back. If you go to where you found the places she posted and then go to her name at the left and then click on it you will see "find more post by Cassandra B" click on that --- there it will show you her last posting if she is still posting. Or you can try sending her a PM. The last I heard from her she was terribly depressed and just stopped posting... that was so long ago. Good luck searching her out. Give her my best if you locate her, would you.

You are welcome for the information.


loribug26 03-25-2004 03:34 PM

Ok I'm back again, I'm looking for an easy healthy breakfast to jumpstart my metabolism in the mornings....I struggle so with the "eating" part of dieting....I think I'm eating better than usual, but am not really. I'm really going to try low carb, but I'm so skeptical b/c I know how I am about LOVING those carbs.....oh and do you ladies own the Curves book? Was wondering how you like it.

emilyatau 03-25-2004 04:31 PM

Hi everyone!
I've been trying to talk my mom, who is 58, into joining Curves. I go to a gym and do weight lifting and what not, but I've seen the commercials and read some reviews about Curves and it sounds like just the kind of thing that would be really good for her. She's been trying to lose weight for as long as I can remember and has been doing some walking everyday. The only problem - about 10 years ago we were in a car accident and as a result she had to have some of the disks in her neck fused together. There was some nerve damage in her right arm and I know she still has some pain from it. Would she still be able to get a good workout from Curves and would they give her the attention she would need to avoid being in more pain? I know that pain is a big disincentive for her and I would really hate to recommend something that was going to cause her further injury. Thanks for the help!

SunnyD57 03-25-2004 05:23 PM

Now here is where I do not give advice... You or your mother would have to go to her Dr. with information from Curves and seek his advice (*you can go to any Curves and get a sheet with all the equipment that is being used listed & with pics & how it's used). Sounds like her injuries were/are pretty bad. I sure do wish you well and would love to know what her Dr. has to say.

Thank you for stopping by and asking ;)
*God Bless*


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