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  • Hello there fellow Curver's

    Do my eyes deceive me Or do I see CASSANDRA!
    WELCOME BACK, Cassandra!!!
    I was wondering about you, it's wonderful to hear from you again! So glad we have!! Cassandra, we are Mom's in many ways to children... I have learned that with what I have gone through also. I will keep you in my *Prayers* that all works out well for you and your efforts for a child (((Hugs for you)))

    How was your first day back at Curves? I didn't go all last week due to pulled muscles in my shoulder. I just went back today after a week & 1/2... we now have 12 machines and are suppose to only go around 2x, but it comes out to 25min --- so my next visit I am going around 2 1/2 times so I get in a full 30 minutes of workout time. How many machines does your Curves have? I am so happy to see you back!

    I hope that you Dr. finds you healthy when you go back next month. I am staying on my estrogen and I am very happy about that! Being that I do not have Ovaries or a Uterus she didn't see any reason or stats to change me. She said that even the reports she just got in have not proven that the estrogen adds to breast cancer... a concern of hers for me as well because my Mother's Mother had Breast Cancer. So I'll just go for mammo. each year and see her each year and go from there. Keep us informed on how you are doing --- come back!!!!! I did miss seeing you!

    Hi KARI ~
    I am sorry to see you struggle as you have, but we all have been there and truly feel for you! You are right in looking at your glass as 1/2 full - you have still lost so much and you will lose that 27 again and then some! Keep your focus and take it a moment at a time. That's what I tell myself too... it's so easy to look at the size of the mountain and feel exhausted before you even begin to climb it, but if you look at what is just in front of you and take each step as needed - before you know it you are at the top We will do it and this will be the year --- right!?!

    So good to hear that you are drinking the water, Kari... it is so important to weight loss. Do you find that you think clearer? And feel better?

    As far as frozen dinners go --- I think that the Lean Cuisine's are the very best! I tried the Healthy Choice and did not like them at all. Although, the Healthy Choice Fudge Bar is great for a low calorie snack! Only 80 Cal and 1 gram of Fat - yummy.

    Thanks so much KERRY ~
    Yes, I do feel very blessed to have a husband who will take off and be with me when I need him. Ever since I almost died from my car accident in 1976 he has been very attentive (that's when I lost my baby girl & all chances of ever having children again)... although, he has always had a very tender heart and is a man who loves the Lord. I do wish other women had that experience with their hubbies too --- if I could wave a wand I would make it so, but instead I will say a *prayer* for you and others like you who do not have that kind of support in your marriage. If they only knew how important it was...

    So good to hear that you are getting in so much water and liking it - it will help you in your results! I think all in all you did very well in your Curves weigh-in & measure. Did you go at night? The reason I asked you was not to make you feel discouraged --- quite the opposite --- I wanted you to feel better that you probably weigh allot less then you think. It does make a big difference... you will have the days fatigue and water retention on you at night, not to mention your meals. Wow! 4-5lbs difference in the scale... I wouldn't like that. My scale was right with theirs and I get weighed-in in the mornings before my workout --- they do not want to do a weigh & measure after because your muscles are all pumped up and can alter your measurements.

    I did have back strain when I first began in the UPPER part of my back across my shoulders & in my neck. I found out that it was from me not putting my head all the way back on the machine as I should... they were catching me in the wrong place and I was using the machine's wrong. Instead of feeling it in my arms for instance I was catching it in my neck and shoulders till I put my head back. So make sure you ask for guidance if you need it, don't be afraid to ask them - that's what they are there for, okay

    Hi WRYLY ~ How are those clothes fitting these days and
    JESSICA ~ Congrats on your loss of 7 pounds and 6.5 inches!!!!
    Good to see you again!

    Here is my usual schedule every week...

    Monday: Curves & *T-Mill (* I walk for 1 hour everytime I walk the T-Mill... not always sure of the distance till I am finished)
    Tuesday: Sculpture Bands (**Michael Thurmond**) & *T-Mill
    Wednesday: Curves & *T-Mill
    Thursday: Sculpture Bands & *T-Mill
    Friday: Curves & *T-Mill
    Saturday: I walk in the park with my hubby - aprox 3 to 3.25miles
    Sunday: Much needed REST

    This week and last were messed up, but I will be back on schedule next week. I kept up my walking the whole time putting in over 40 miles last month and 11.5 miles so far this month, but didn't keep up with the bands or Curves because of my pulled muscles. I am all better now and will be ready come Monday to get back on schedule

    Up till yesterday our weather has been terrible --- cold & wet and cloudy! But yesterday was nice and today is beautiful! Makes you feel alive to feel the warmth of the sun and hear the outdoors coming in! I love it!

    Well, I must be going and getting back to work - have tons to do today.
    Take Care Gals!

  • Sunny -
    I haven't been in at all this week. I'm going on vacation and running around with the last minute details meant that Curves is at the bottom of my to-do list.
    But - I've been careful with my eating (more fruits and salads) and drinking a lot of water. The clothes aren't as loose as I'd like but at least they're not as tight as they used to be. Plus I'm pulling out last year's summer clothes and most of them fit.
    I'm thinking of getting a t-mill. I know it would be really handy for those days I can't make it to Curves.
    My Curves just got another machine - it's up to 12 now. I usually go around 3X - with the stretching it takes about 45 minutes or so.
  • Hi WRYLY ~
    Cannot say that I blame you - putting your Curves at the bottom of your list. I know what it takes to go on a vacation in planning and preparing! Allot of work! Where are you going?? I hope where ever it is - you have a wonderful time!!!

    Sounds like you are staying OP with your food and water (thumbs up!) - good for you! So awesome that last years summer clothes are fitting you... keep up the great work!!!

    We have 12 machines too and I want to go around 3x so maybe I will. They don't stop you from going around 3x - but do like it best when you only go around 2x. I will do what I can each time I go
    Thanx for letting me know what you do

    Have a great TRIP!

  • Happy Mother's Day Ladies,
    How is everyone's weekend going so far? My weekend is good. I drove home to my parent's last night. It is a four hour drive. Then when I got home, my sister asked me if I wanted to go with her to The Relay for Life. So I wanted with her for an hour and then came home and went to bed. This morning I went to one of the Curves and worked out. Then my best friend and I went shopping at Fashion Bug. I got a new shirt in a smaller size and a pair of capri's. Tonight I celebrated my birthday with my family. My birthday is next Saturday and I will be busy getting ready to go on a fieldtrip with the sixth grade class from school. We are going to Cleveland to Geauga Lake, the zoo and the rainforest. We are leaving early Sunday morning. Even though I celebrated my birthday tonight, I only ate a little piece of cake and a small scoop of ice cream. Well I need to go and get off the computer, my sister needs to use the phone. Take care everyone!
  • Hello all you Curvers out there! I hope you are all doing well. I hope all of you had a wonderful mother's day.

    This weekend was fun, but I sure didn't stick to plan. I have no problem during the week sticking to plan, but man-o-man, these weekends just kill me! lol. I probably would have done better if we wouldn't have eaten out for our Mother's day dinner yesterday. I won't go into detail what I ate - but we'll just assume it wasn't very good. Today wasn't good either. But I WILL be back on track tomorrow!

    SunnyD57 - Sounds like you have really been keeping yourself active! Way to go! I need your motivation!!!

    My aunt is giving me her exercise bike that she has. It is VERY nice. She said she bought it for her Mother-In-Law for her Physical Therapy (paid $399.99) for it - and her MIL refused to use it. She said that she used it a few times and she cannot use it because of the way the seat is (makes her feel short of breath). So she said that I could have it if I wanted it. I said YES. In the front - it has the computer consol - above that it has a little ledge where you can prop and book and read while working out, and it has an area for you to set your water jug. I thought that the best part was that there is a built in weight set in the very back behind the seat. There are 2, 5, and 10 lb dumbells, (which I can now use to pump up my WATP workout!) This bike will also be great for me, because it won't hurt my back/tailbone like our little stationary bike does. This picture below is not the *exact* bike - but similar in the way it is used & built.

    Well - next weekend is going to be a busy one for me. My mother & her fiance' finally got the keys to their house they bought, and we are helping them move on Saturday. (That outta be a workout!) Then on Sunday, my Aunt and I are running around buying all the stuff for my mom's surprise b-day party. There won't be many people there, about 20 or so, but it will still be fun.

    Well - there's not too much going on around here now. I hope everyone had a fun (beautiful) weekend! We are getting a really neat thunderstorm right now. (Lots and lightening & thunder). I sleep SO much better when it's storming....so I'm OFF to bed!

    ~ Kari ~
  • Good Afternoon Ladies,
    Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I was good yesterday when we went to brunch for Mother's Day. I only went through the buffet line once and then got a small piece of cake and some fruit for dessert. So I was proud of myself. Kari going off our plan for a day or two is okay. It is a treat to yourself for working so hard the other five or six days of the week. So please don't beat yourself up sweetie!
    I got some money for my birthday, so I am planning on putting it towards my layway. I put a bike in layway. My stepkids will be happy once I finally get it out. Then we can go for bike rides around town.
    Well I better go and get my kids back on track. I gave them a 10 minutes of free time. So I will check back with you either tonight or tomorrow. Have a great afternoon!

  • "Where did everybody GO!?"

    Good Afternoon ladies...
    Boy! I guess it's been a few days since I last visited here...
    I have been going to Curves --- I went on Monday and this morning and will go again on Friday morning and I also have been walking everyday. So far this week I have put in 7.25miles on my T-Mill and for the month of May so far - 20.5miles. I also have been really watching how I eat... so far all is going great.

    And our weather has been really wonderful the last few days (which reallly helps)! We have had a few storms come through here, but most have been in the evenings or early mornings - perfect. So I have no complaints about our weather at all... I have waited what seems like forever for this warmth and sunshine, so I am not complaining. Yesterday went to 83* and today it's already 86* with a wonderful breeze. Just love it!

    WRYLY ~
    How was your trip??? Or are you still on it
    Come back soon and let us know how it all went, okay.

    KERRY ~
    Wonderful to hear that you had such a lovely Mother's Day!
    Me too - Joe & I had a great time with our friends and their children.

    So you went shopping for some SMALLER clothes -
    wayyyy coool! I love The Fashion Bug store too
    How are you doing towards your goal? It sounds like you are doing really well! And your birthday is coming up this Saturday... Do you know that I live only 30 minutes away from Geauga Lake?!? You will have a good time... Cedar Point is a nicer park, but you will enjoy Geauga Lake too... it was Geauga Lake then 6 Flags and now Geauga Lake again And I think we have a wonderful Zoo and Rain forest --- you will have a great time there!

    Come back as soon as you are able and fill us in too, okay!

    KARI ~
    How are things going with you? Riding that bike? That is a nice bike, if the one you have is anywhere like it... I know that I sure do love my T-Mill!

    How did the move go with your Mom? Did you give her a nice Mother's Day?

    The weekends kill me too, Kari... it is very hard to stay OP when you are with your friends and family. I try to do the best I can and don't beat myself up over it and it's all you can do too. Then just get right back on come Monday. All you can do is try

    I too love the sound of a rainstorm at night - a soothing sound.

    Hope to hear from everyone ASA it is P
    *God Bless*

  • Hi Ladies,
    Well I lost a 1/4 of a pound last week. I think that is good since I went home this weekend and my parent's have snack food laying out on the counter. But I was good and didn't eat any of it. But the tempation was there lurking in the back of my head. As for my goal, since I gained 2 3/4 pounds the week before at TOPS. I am not going to get to my mini goal of 200 pounds by my birthday. But that is all right. I will just set myself another goal. That by the beginning of July I have reached my 200 or less mark.
    I made it to Curves Monday and tonight. I am hoping to make it again tomorrow night and Friday night.
    Sunny I lived near Youngstown for the first 24 years of my life. So I have been to Geauga Lake, the zoo and the rainforest. I love all three of them. It is just nice that I am able to go and not have to pay for my way in. LOL. But it has been about 5 or 6 years since I have been to any of them. So I am going to enjoy sharing these special places with the students from my school.
    Well I better head off to bed and get my rest. I had a long stressful day today. I am praying that tomorrow is better. I only have 12 more school days. Then I will have a break for a few months. Thank God for the summer!
    Take care,
  • Happy Birthday, Kerry!

    Well it looks as if it that time of year!!!!




  • Hey. I've been thinking of joining Curves. Do they have exercise classes and workout equipment? Are there trainers? I really want to join but I'm a college student with a lot of bills and don't have nearly as much money as what it costs. Did I read it right that when you sign up it's $149.00 plus the cost of the month? Sorry, I'm confused
  • To answer your question...
    Good Morning BECKY ~
    Curves is an all women gym... It is like circuit training with hydraulic machines done in 30 second intervals with "recovery stations" in between each machine...30 seconds on a machine, 30 seconds jogging in place or whatever you feel like on the recovery station...for a 30 minute workout. Most places begin with 8 machines, but we have 12 in ours & you go around the circle 2-3x. It is a great place, I love going there! They do have nutritional supplements and protein shakes and even a diet plan you can follow if you choose...it is all outlined in the member guide... I hope this helps!

    Oh... I think I put in brackets that I paid $90.00 on my first visit including the first month, but I highly suggest you go into your nearest Curves and ask because they have made some changes. You will not be obligated to sign up just for asking Have a great day!


  • Deja vu

    I'm flattered
  • Hi JENN ~
    I am so glad you are flattered and not upset... I find that I repeat myself so much so when I saw your reply it was so good and fit her needs

    I really do hope I didn't offend you... I was in such a hurry to get to my Curves class this morning I had no time to write and let you know. I also used what you had to say in the beginning of my thread so I have less to repeat.

    I have a weigh-in and measure this Firday...
    Keep on Curving

  • PS>>>
    What a beautiful young lady you are!!!
    I saw your picture in your profile
    Soon you will be doing the "ONE" - derland dance like I did last month!

    Keep Curving...

  • No problem... My aunt always tells me I have a way with words and I was actually flattered that you used my post...It means that I must have said something right I'm just glad I could help!

    BTW, Thank you very much!! I think you just made my day! The only people who call me beautiful are my family and my wonderful boyfriend, Tim So that just went to straight to my head

    Have a great day!!!