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  • I had a good Easter - ate too much chocolate and watched too much hockey!!
    Went to Curves 4 times last week and will get there 5 times this week (I hope).
    Yesterday I was measured before my workout: I lost 6 inches, mostly around the arms and thighs. But I did gain weight and my BMI is up. Go figure!

    And I broke a toe last night. I was watching a hockey game and had gone to the kitchen to get a snack. It looked like the fridge door wasn't going to close so I went to close it with my foot. Big mistake. I ended up kicking the door jamb - really hard. I ended up dropping grapes all over the place!
    It is sort of uncomfortable to walk today but I'm going to go to Curves tonight anyway. I'll just take it easy between machines.

  • Hello WRYLY -
    So good to see you again
    Glad you had a nice Easter... sounds like you really had a great time

    I ate a bit more then I should have in chocolate also, but the day after Easter I asked my hubby to take the rest out of the house or I would spend more time eating it and exercising less...
    I know myself very well --- I cannot resist a good piece of chocolate!

    in losing 6"!!!!!!!!!!
    And with being so devoted in going to your Curves classes.
    You are doing very, very well!!!!!
    I am so happy for you.

    You did what You broke your toe! Bummer! (closest image I could find to what happened to you ) OUCH! I hope you do okay when you go to Curves today... be very careful when going from one machine to another, okay.

    I just finished my Sculpting Bands (it takes me about 40 min to do) I do the Bands 2x a week ~ Curves 2-3x a week ~ and walk my T-Mill for 1 hour everyday except on Sunday's. I am really wanting to get this last 42lbs off me for good!

    Be careful Wryly, and have a good weekend!


    "Hello's" to everyone else out there!
    Have a GREAT weekend!!!
    I know I will --- suppose to be bright with sunshine and warm all weekend and we are looking forward to it here in OHIO


  • Good evening ladies! Hope you all had a great day! It was a sun shiny, clear 65 degree day! I LOVED it!

    SunnyD57 - It looks like you and Joe had a great time dying eggs! We didn't get to do them this year. I spend every Easter with my cousin and her family, and we usually do one Easter activity. Last year we made Easter Bunner Sugar Cookies and decorated them. This year we didn't do anything because we spent a lot of time shopping and cooking. That's awesome that you finally got your treadmill! Wish I had one, but there is noooo room at our house lol.

    Wryly - Sooooo sorry to hear about you breaking your toe! I've done that before too (though under different circumstances) and it HURTS. Take it easy when working out. You don't want to make it hurt any more than it already does. Glad you are still getting your Curves in, you are doing GREAT!!! 6 inches is wonderful!

    Kar73 - Thanks for the info about TOPS. I found the thread here, and posted too. I did go to the website and found many different groups in my area. I called one of the ladies to get some basic information from her, but she has not called back yet. Hopefully she will contact me tomorrow. It sounds like something I would like to do, Lord knows I could use some extra support, plus I may make some new friends. (And it is affordable!)

    Yesterday I had quite a scare at work. About half way through my shift, I started feeling ill. I kept having to get up because I thought I was going to toss my cookies, and then I started feeling light headed, like I was going to pass out. I felt like all the blood was drained from me, and ended up with a terrible headache. Every time I moved my head just hurt worse, and worse. Then I started shaking. It was uncontrollable. I do notice that *sometimes* when I don't eat enough, I feel light headed, and shake a little, but this was really bad. To the point where people could notice.

    My father has type 2 diabetes, and my mother has hypoglycemia. I know that is not a good combination for me. I have never been tested for either of these, but I probably should. I'm thinking maybe my sugar went too low, because I have most of the symptoms of low blood sugar, but I don't know. When I got out of work, I stopped at McDonalds and got a vanilla ice cream cone, and by the time I got home (a 35 minute drive) I was feeling 100 % better. Hopefully this doesn't happen again.

    Well - I have to get going, it's bed time for me. Hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow! Talk with you all later!

    ~ Kari ~

    P.S. - I did my 1 mile WATP tape today, and got in 70 oz of water
  • Hello Ladies,
    Glad to hear that everyone is doing fine! Sound to hear about your broken toe Wryly. How is it today? I bet that must hurt trying to walk around and do your normal everyday to day routine. Kari, I am glad that you started to feel better after you had an ice cream cone. I bet that was very scary feeling. So are you going to get yourself tested? I don't want you to jepardize your health with your family's history of Type 2 diabetes and hypoglycemia. It has been a very busy weekend for me. I had to go to a TOPS Recognition Day yesterday to see two of my member's recieve awards. Then last night, my dh, myself and my stepds' went to a demoltion derby. So I wasn't home at all yesterday. Then today I went to church ( walked to and from) and then off to ball practice for my stepdd. So I got to soak up some sun rays. I just hope that I had enough sunscreen on so that I don't get sun burned. This evening I get to clean house some. Plus I am hoping to squeeze in a walk with my dh. I would love to walk around the local lake with him. I haven't been there since last fall. I better scoot and get busy with cleaning house. Talk to you all later. Have a great day!
  • Hi all.

    My toe is a lot better - the swelling is almost all gone, the bruising isn't that bad anymore and the pain is barely noticable when I walk. When I'm not walking I usually keep my foot elevated on a chair or something.

    I wasn't able to got to Curves on Friday, so I only got in 4 work-outs last week. They close at 6:30 and I wasn't able to get there until 6:15. Saturday was raining and miserable. I thought for sure that Curves would be empty but almost every machine was in use.
    I got in a great work-out and then treated myself to a blueberry tea. Then back to my apartment to knit and wait for the hockey games to start. Detroit won!!!
    Sunday I went and did laundry, some grocery shopping and other busy stuff until dinner. Then the Leafs had to ruin my productive day by losing.
    I was doing other stuff this morning and couldn't get in for a work-out and forgot my newly-laundered stuff at my apartment so I can't go during my dinner break at work.
  • Hi all:
    I hope everyone is having a good week so far! I loved the beautiful weather we had this past weekend. Now it is raining here again. Not fun at all!
    My week is okay. I had one student push a tv off my tv cart yesterday and it hit one of my other student's in the head. So I am on super edge when these two kids are around each other. I don't want him to hurt anyone else. Thank God I have been working out at Curves to get more engery and strength to body block this student from the others. Can you all tell that I am a special needs teacher?
    So far this week, I have been to Curves twice. I am hoping to go three more times before Saturday. On Saturday, I am participating in a 3 mile walk for MS. I just hope it doesn't rain that day. Because they are saying rain or shine we are still walking.
    Wryly glad to hear that your toe is getting better.
    Where is everyone else at?
    Well I better go and check some stuff out on line before my TOPS meeting tonight.
    Check in later. Have a great day!
  • Just wanted to share my news with you all. I lost another 1 1/4 pounds this past week. So I am only 11 pounds away from reaching my mini goal of being 200 pounds by my birthday on 5-15. I have been drinking half my body weight in ounces of water daily. That seems to be helping me lose the weight. Plus watching what I eat and working out. I am just so happy that I am starting to lose again. Since in the month of March I gained 5 pounds back. But it was stress related due to work and my sister being ill. Well I have to go and get ready for school tomorrow. Only 27 more days to go after tomorrow!
  • My weigh & measure day today
    Good Morning Ladies

    I went to Curves this morning and had my weigh in and measure -
    It was all good... I knew I had lost weight and was down to 197 (from 204 last month), so that wasn't a surprise at all and my scale is reading the same as their scale - cool beans! I lost 6.5 inches this month & over all from September/2003 a total of 16" So you see... I have lost most of those inches and weight in the last 4 weeks --- I am a happy camper I am hoping to see another 5# loss and another 6 - 7" less next month... that's my mini goal


    KERRY -
    Wonderful news!!!! Losing 1.25#'s!! I know that I get all excited to see even 1/2# down! Wishing you "Luck" in getting off those 11#'s by your birthday... keep up the great work!

    We are getting pretty nice weather also - finally! The weekend was awesome, that's why I haven't posted much, I have been enjoying the sunshine while it's around. Today we have rain, but I don't mind - it is Spring

    "Wishing you well" on your 3 mile walk for MS!
    My DSIL died of MS 3yrs ago. She suffered so.
    *Prayers* that you weather is sunny and bright -
    just right and not too hot

    WRYLY -
    So glad to hear that you toe is getting better and you are able
    to get in your workouts still... 4x in the week was good! I go 3x a week.
    Hope you week is going well!

    KARI -
    We did have a wonderful time coloring eggs! It's always fun!
    We don't have room for a T-Mill either I made room - It's in my foyer!
    Thank goodness it folds up - so I am able to move it for cleaning
    and when we get company.

    Kari, you must eat to lose your weight! You are stressing your body and
    will make yourself very ill by dieting like you are! I eat 5 - 6x a day! All
    small portions, but it keeps my engine burning and my sugar levers even. Very important - I am hypoglycemic. I never have bad spells now that I
    eat this way... and have lost weight. Take Care of yourself, sweetie!


    I really must be going...
    time for me to have a bit to eat & to get in the shower.
    Take Care everyone!!! Keep up the wonderful work!


  • Sunny on the inches and pounds lost!!! Doesn't it feel good? Nice to know all your hard work is paying off.

    Kerry - good luck on your goals. I'm sure you'll do well for your birthday.

    I was talking to one of the Curves leaders and she mentioned trying to eat 5/6 meals a day, too. I've been doing that this week. For breakfast I have a couple pouches of instant oatmeal. An orange or granola bar a few hours later. Lunch. Another fruit snack around 4 and I'm good until dinner. My appetite is great and I don't snack on chips or cookies in the evening - - I'm just not hungry at all. Plus I've started knitting again so my hands are too busy to snack!
  • WRYLY -
    Yes, it does feel great to see that all the hard work is paying off
    Thanks so much for your encouragement.

    Yep, the smaller more frequent meals are so much better for your body in every way - I also do not eat after 7pm everyday - it has really helped me in losing! I did allot of snacking at night before I started this not eating after 7. The first few nights were hard, but it doesn't bother me at all now.



  • Okayyyyyy... ... ... Where is everyone!??????!
    I hope I didn't leave anyone out
    Time to stop lurking now and pop on in and say "hey there"

    Miss you guys!

  • Hi everyone:

    SunnyD - congrats on your losses! Good for you & everyone else who is doing well.

    I have been really focussing on curves and my ww. Last week I lost 3.2# and this week's w/i I was down 3.8# and got to curves 5 times last week. So I am feeling great - I have alot of social functions coming up so I have to be prepared for them.

    Keep up the good work & talk to everyone soon. I went to curves last night & am going again tonight - can't wait. Feel so good when I leave there - some days I am really tired walking in & feel energized when I leave. YEAH CURVES!!!
  • hmm, my post didn't go through. if this shows up twice, please overlook it

    i'm concerned about curves, as a consumer. i read an article over the weekend that the owner of curves donates 10% of curves profits to anti-abortion groups that have been violent and radical in the past, i.e., the past and present forms of operation rescue. the article was an interview with the owner so it wasn't a secondary source and the medium in which it was printed is reputable, IMHO.

    i guess consumer beware

  • The leaders at my Curves have said that the company owners are devout Christians and that is the reason there are no Sunday workouts. I've never heard about the anti-abortion link tho. Perhaps you could post a link?

    I had a terrible weekend - I so need to have a workout today.
  • Hi everyone:

    My curves has just started opening on Sundays - 1/2 day. I think it is from 9 til 1.
    I went last Sunday & it was pretty busy. We were told though that if there is not enough interest then it will be cancelled.

    Keep up the good work, bye for now.