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  • Hey everybody! I have a question for you. Since I started Curves (started actually exercising) Ive noticed I get heartburn every night after I do it. It doesnt matter what I eat, and it just happens on that day, a few hours after I exercise. Did anyone have this happen to them when they started exercising?

    SunnyD - thanks for that website, I had never heard that before. But drinking that much? Do you not have to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes?
  • Morning Gals

    Good Morning gals

    I just got home from Curves this morning and weighed in another 1/2 lb less I am so excited!!! It really keeps you going when you see results! I am so happy I hung in there, because I now --- not only feel differently I can see the difference in my body... so cool !

    Yesterday I walked 45min and then in the afternoon worked about 40min with the Michael Thurmond bands. And I got in well over 78oz of water yesterday... that 100oz is very difficult to do everyday, but I try.


    Hi Tara,
    As far as the water goes... at first I was always going potty, but now that I have gotten use to it - it's not so bad. All I know is this "when I haveta go --- get out of my way!" Then I feel like I am in there forever But it is working! Every time I get a feeling to eat something I shouldn't I just drink some water and before long the feeling to eat goes away

    Your heartburn... are you having a small meal 1 hour before you exercise with a little bit of complex carbs? If not, you may be producing extra acids in your tummy (especially if it's empty!)... maybe have something small to eat before you go. I exercise in the morning, so at 7am I have had 1/4C of Oatmeal with a 1/2 of banana sliced in it with Splenda to sweeten it & then by 8:00am when I go to Curves I feel great! I hope I have helped some... but if it continues, maybe you should see your Dr. You may overproduce stomach acids and that can cause health problems... Be careful, okay.

    Hi Jessica,
    I sure do hope you feel better real soon! I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling ill Maybe you should by some "Sleepytime" tea and have some before bedtime with no sweeteners. Don't have any sugars of any kind, because it will cause you to have insomnia, as will caffeine. I use to have it and still wake about 2 or 2:30am, but it doesn't take long for me to get back to sleep after a potty break. Watch your sugar & Caffeine about 6 hours before bedtime, okay. I hope you feel better soon and get some rest! Sleep is so important for weight-loss among many other things. Oh... I also put on soothing music at night now (on a 60min sleep-timer) - it is wonderful! No TV before bed - it stimulates.

    Hi Kerry,
    I am so glad to hear that you are having better days again How was your Birthday Party? Did you have a good time? I'm sorry your feelings were hurt --- criticism never sounds good, but it's the worst when your hubby makes the comment. Just keep on truckin' there girl... you will get the weight off

    "Hello's" out there for everyone!!!
    Have a wonderful Spring Day!

  • Hey everyone...feeling much better now...thanks SunnyD for those tips..I guess I'll try the music thing...Im not much on tea or stuff like that...I usually put my tv on sleep timer on CMT *country music television* and that puts me to bed...but since i was staying at my BF's house I didnt get that station or what not...hehe...well Im better now and can't wait to head to Curves tomorrow after a nice long day at work...it will be good to get rid of all the frustrations...

  • It has been a while since I posted - page 6 on Curves#4, I think.

    I was having some problems with my Curves - apparently one of my cheques didn't go thru and that had to be cleared up. There was the awful weather, then I had a vacation. But a few weeks ago there was a really beautiful day and I just had to go outside. I walked over to the mall and did some shopping and then decided to head over to Curves. I had a great workout. That night I had the best nights sleep that I've had in a while.
    So for the past few weeks I've been managing 3 workouts a week - I hope to make it 4 this week. On Monday I went for a workout but since I got there so late I only managed to get one circuit and the stretching done.
    I'm not on any diet plan but am more water and cutting back on the fried/fast foods. I haven't had a weigh-in yet but hope my numbers are better when I do have one.

    Sunny - congrats on your weight loss.
  • Hello everyone. This is my first time posting here, but I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Curves and am so glad I joined back in January. I joined on Jan. 12th and actually started doing Weight Watchers at the same time and I've lost 24 lbs. so far. I love the fact that Curves makes exercising seem FUN! As for the lady who wanted to know if her mom could do it (Emily, was it?), I just wanted to give you my perspective. I have no idea how bad your mom's condition is, but I did want to tell you that I myself have a rare, chronic muscle disease called Polymyositis and I was actually bed-bound for awhile. Granted, I'm doing much better now, but I still do take my fair share of pain meds. (Morphine being only one of them). And I'm able to do it. I find the employees at MY Curves are absolutely wonderful in taking their time to show women how to work out and modify the program if they're experiencing pain, so I'm sure most of the Curves are the same way (I'm sure you get the odd one that's not so great, but for the most part, they're TERRIFIC!) When you go into speak to them about joining, they usually allow you to test a couple different machines to see how they feel for you, so that would give her some idea if she could do it or not. I go to Curves 3 times a week and walk on my treadmill the other days, and it's fantastic. I can't say enough good things about Curves!!

  • Quick check in
    I am home between two different travels. Just got back tonight from Calgary from my cancer check up this morning at 8 am (then hubby had to drive 5 hours to get us home) but all went well - don't need to go back till June.
    Tomorrow we are off for another 8 -9 hour car trip to visit my mother for 2 days.

    Tara - you mentioned heartburn. I mentioned this to the doc this morning (the one that puts you to sleep) He was a big fellow - well over 6'5" and must have weighed close to 300 pounds. I meantioned that I had heartburn/acid reflus and he said from his training re putting people to sleep - (1) you have to get the weight off and (2) don't eat anything after 6:30 at night as eating in the evening will make it worse. So that sure confirmed my no eating after 7 pm.

    Well, got to go - am feeling tired - so am going to crawl into my bed early and let hubby wait up for son to get home from youth group - and then up at 6 tomorrow morning to continue our trip.

    Will check back in next week when I am home and a big more organized.
  • Hi Ladies,
    I have been busy at work this week. I just sat down at the computer to check emails and catch up on my forum reading. I had a really bad day at school today. It was so bad I almost told my boss that I quit. I guess some of my coworkers have been talking about me behind my back to my boss. He asked if I was stressed and overwhelmed with my job. I said that March was a busy time for me at school. I was in tears by the time I left for the day. I came home and typed him a letter telling him why I had been stressed and then called two of my friends and talked to them. I felt a little better after this, but was still in a little funk, so I went to Curves. I feel much better now. Hope everyone is doing great this week!
    I hope to be a little less stressed in the days to come. Gotta go and get ready for bed soon. It has been a long exhausting day!
    Take care,
  • Hey everyone. Well, yesterday I had to take my daughter to have a bone scan at a hospital that is over an hour away and in a different city than where I usually go to Curves. As we were eating dinner after out appt., I was thinking to myself how I really hated to go home and get on the treadmill and wished I could go to Curves. That's when it dawned on me that there was a Curves nearby, but since I had my DD with me, I was concerned that they may not let me come. So I called them and told them I was from out of town (I wasn't given my out of town card that you're supposed to have either) and they said it wasn't a problem and that they would just call my Curves to confirm that I'm a member and since I was in a bind with my DD, that she could come and just sit and watch. It was bigger than my Curves...my Curves only has 10 machines and this one had 12 machines, but it was nice. I felt great that I not only took the initiative and went to a Curves that I had never been to before but also that I had the courage to do it! And I had gone shopping at one of my favourite Plus Size stores earlier and bought myself 2 T-shirts in a size 1X. I always took a size 3X, so I was pretty psyched! YIPPEE!!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend. TGIF!

  • Hey Ladies,
    I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I went to Curves this morning. Remember last weekend I was depressed cause I wasn't losing inches. Well I remeasured today and I lost 1 1/4 inches from my waist and 1/4 inches from my bust. Plus I have went down .40% in my body fat in a week. So I asked the girl if we could change my weigh-in date to the beginning of the month and she said yes. So I don't have to do it during my TOM. I was on cloud nine. Tonight after having a nice dinner with my parents, sister, hubby and stepkids, two of my stepkids and I went for a nice long walk around town. So it was great to get out in the cool spring night air. I just love spring evenings for walking. Well I need to go. I will check back with everyone tomorrow. Have a wonderful weekend!
  • Hello - I thought I would write real quick to let you all know I am not MIA lol. Last week our Internet Explorer would not allow us to browse the internet. I've spent the last week on the phone with SBC Yahoo DSL and they kept telling me that the problem wasn't on their end of the line, and that it was my computer. They told me I would have to take it in and have it fixed at a computer shop.

    I didn't want to do that, so I re-formatted the entire computer today, and re-insalled our internet provider, and now the internet works. Come to find out, our Internet Explorer was corrupted, and needed to be re-moved, and re-installed, which is what happened when I re-formated the computer.

    This past week I FINALLY got my Walk Away The Pounds Tapes. I was SO thrilled to get them! Unfortunatly I have not used them yet. I've watched them, just to get a feel for what the moves are, but I'll let you all know how they are AFTER I use them. My only problem was that we have a DVD player in the living room, and a Tape player in the bedroom, but there is no space to exercise in the bedroom, so yesterday I went out and bought a small 13 inch tv with a VCR already in the tv. I put it in the spare bedroom, and that will be my official "exercise" room. I am really excited. Yesterday I also went to walmart and bought one of those HUGE 64 oz mugs that has all the water info on it. I LOVE IT so far! I have had no problem walking around drinking water out of it all day. It is great!

    Well I have to get going. Ricardo's sister-in-law and I are taking a trip over the bridge into Canada tonight to go to a Bingo Hall, and maybe try our luck at Casino Windsor. Just thought I'de check in though. I'll post more tomorrow!

    Hope everyone had or is having a great weekend!

    ~ Kari ~
  • Hi Ladies,
    How is everyone doing? I had a nice weekend. I even had a great day at school. The first one in a long time. I went to Curves tonight about 40 minutes before closing and actually had to wait for a free spot. I couldn't believe how busy they were. My goal this week is to go a 4 or 5 days since I am going home to see my family for Easter. I know if we have dinner at my grandma's I will enjoy her homecooking so I need to boost my workouts this week so I don't fall off the bandwagon. Well I better go and get some rest for my kids at school tomorrow. I am looking forward to another great day at school. I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!
    Take Care,
  • Hello everyone I hope you all are doing well.

    Today was an all around good day. I woke up early this morning, and completed the WATP 1 mile tape. The first 5 -10 minutes were pretty rough on me. It is really different than just "going out for a walk". You can really feel ALL the different muscles working, that you normally don't feel while doing a regular outdoors walk. My legs were REALLY sore, but as the workout progressed, the soreness went away, because my muscles were stretching out.

    About 10 minutes ago, I did the 1 mile tape again, and like before, I got the soreness in my muscles, but it went away. I think once my body adjusts to the workout, it will be okay. I feel great that I actually walked 2 miles today!

    I also managed to get in a nice amount of water too! I got in 111 ounces of water today. I drunk a full 64 ounces this morning/afternoon (thanks to my new 64 oz. mug). Then I got in another 15 ounces at work. Then when I came home I drunk a half of my mug full of water (32 oz.) My goal is to get atleast 120 oz of water a day, so I came pretty close!

    It really is amazing how water can affect you, because I feel great, I don't feel hungry, and I really feel refreshed!

    Kar73 - way to go on the inches you lost!!! What a great job!

    Dawn73 - That was nice that the Curves you attended allowed your daughter to come in and watch while you exercised. And it's great that you had the confidence to do into a WHOLE entire different location, and work out! I don't think I could have done that, because I get so self consious lol. But what a confidence boost! And going from a 3x shirt to a 1x??? AWESOME!

    wryly - Welcome back!!! So glad to see you! I am so happy that Curves got everything straightened out so you could get back to working out. It's not fun when stuff like that happens, it tends to slow you down. How are you progressing with Curves??

    SunnyD57 - Another 1/2 lb??? How wonderful!!! I am SOOOOO happy for you! Keep up the great work!!!

    Well - I don't mean to keep this so short, but sleep is calling me lol.

    I'll update tomorrow!

    ~ Kari ~
  • Evening Ladies,
    I gained another 2 pounds last week. I have to get myself in the butt and get moviated again. I am having a great week at school, so that is a good thing. I am going to try very hard not to get stressed and then turn to food for my satisifaction. I am setting a goal here tonight that by my birthday on May 15th I will weigh 200 pounds. I currently weigh 213 3/4. But with spring arriving a few of my friend from TOPS asked me to walk with them in the evenings. So I will still go to Curves 3 to 5 times a week and also walk. So I am asking for your help in reaching my goal. Well I best be getting off here and going to bed soon. Take care and have a wonderful Wednesday!
  • Hi Kerry - Glad you are having a great week at school. Isn't it wonderful when you have a full week that just goes well??? At work I'm usually really tense because of certain deadlines, and quota's (sp?) that we have. This week, for some reason hasn't been bad at all, and I've been really relaxed at work. (I hope it keeps up for a while!) lol.

    I think you'll lose that 2 pounds in no time. Motivation is the key. So lets all keep each other motivated! lol I know you can do it! You have gotten this far. Everyone slips every now and again. Just imagine how GREAT you are going to feel on your birthday when you KNOW you made your set goal! It's going to feel great! We are always here to cheer you on!

    I'm not sure if I've lost, gained, or maintained any weight. I know my starting weight LAST April 2003 was 305 lbs. I ended getting down to 255 lbs by the end of summer. BUT since I quit Curves, I've bounced up to around 280 lbs. Defintley NOT cool. But I know I want to lose the weight, because I am still here, and even though I don't always succeed, I still keep trying. I think that is important.

    I have been really good so far with exercising everyday and getting in all my water. I have been doing my WATP tapes daily. It feels good to be doing them. This is a HUGE change since November, because I really haven't done too much since then.

    Today I also managed to get in 148 oz of water! I find it easy to just fill my 64 oz mug all the way up, and drink it while I am on the computer. Time flys, and by the time I get off the computer, my mug is empty!

    Now I really just need to work on my eating habits. I keep saying that, and I've said it for months now, but I haven't really changed much. I know I have to make it happen, and I will.

    Well - I have to get to bed. I hope you all are doing okay! Please stop in and say Hi when you get a chance!

    ~ Kari ~
  • Hi!

    Good Morning Gals!

    Sorry I have been MIA... I was with my hubby all day Monday (he was off)... well, guess what we went to get!? I got a brand new ProForm Treadmill!!! It is so beautiful! I got it on sale at Sears for only $399.00! I paid that much for my old one 10 years ago with less bells & whistles. I just couldn't stand waiting on this weather any longer to get in my walks.

    Yesterday morning I walked within my FAT-BURNING HEARTRATE of 110 to 115 for 1 hour and burned 208 Cal/96 of them Fat Cal. and went 2 miles. The display on the treadmill has a graph for Heart Rate Training Zones (so cool!). Michael Thurmond (the weight-loss program I am doing along with Curves) wants you to work in your Fat Burning Zone and this is perfect! The T-Mill has a thumb Heart Rate Monitor that is so easy to use, so you are able to stay within your zone.

    I haven't lost any more weight, but do see a difference in how my clothes feel. It's great! So 3 weeks into his program along with the Curves I have lost 7lbs

    I just got home from Curves and thought I would check to see how you all are doing ~ don't know if I will be able to catch up... you ladies have been busy!

    I am so sorry I haven't been around in a week to welcome you in, but it looks like you have been very well cared for my the lovely ladies here

    Hi KERRY -
    Wishing you "Luck" in getting off those 13lbs before your birthday... you can do it.

    WRYLY!!! -
    Is that you!?! Welcome Back!!

    KARI -
    WoW 148oz of water!!!! Where's the bathroom!! I can barely
    keep up with the 100+oz I drink a day. Good for you.

    SPROUT -
    Hope you are feeling better!

    Glad I could be of some help, hope you are doing well...

    And a warm Hello to everyone else lurking...
    Have a Beautiful OP day!!!
    *God Bless*