Yoga Video Fright!

  • I just bought a yoga DVD.

    Now, it's in Chinese, and I can't get it subtitled or dubbed. It says it's for beginners, but gah! GAH! It looks frightening and difficult. I'm afraid to start it with how flexible the woman is. Does anyone have any tips or advice for a frightened beginner?
  • Another Beginner
    We accidently found yoga on TV early in the morning this past week. I decided to try it with them. I know what you mean when you say they are so flexible! I felt like a fold-up yard stick! I just did my best - I didn't do very well if I was being measured by how 'perfectly' I performed, but it was a good stretching for me and I felt better afterwards. I always feels successful when I just Do It! As far as the dialog, all they were saying on tv was the names of the different exercises, so I don't think you are missing anything.

    I'm sure there are folks here that are more knowledgeable, but I don't think you'll find a more beginner than me! I vote go for it and do your best.
  • The problem with the chinese language video is that they are probably telling you important posture tips, instructions and ways to prevent injury. My suggestion? Take the DVD back, or sell it to a used video store/ebay.

    The best DVDs for beginners are the "Living Arts" series. Go to and search for: living arts yoga.

    Follow the postures that the instructor does, but you will not have the full extension they do. If you need to bend your knees, or modify the pose that is okay. The more you do yoga, the more flexible that you will become. I have enjoyed yoga for about 2 years. It has really helped me with my other exercise activities and with some joint conditions as well.

  • oops. I guess the early AM show I found was for the advanced since there were no instructions. No more yoga for me, then!
  • It's not really working that well for me. I can't hear the instructions, like you said, and I can't understand even when they say to change positions. Trying to watch her and keep my neck in some odd shapes is not working for me. Oh well, at least the music is pretty! *grin*
  • Great Yoga Video

    I'd like to recommend a yoga tape to you. It's from the GAIAM series, and it's called "Yoga Conditioning For Weight Loss with Suzanne Deason". It is great for beginners as it has four levels of modification and constant reminders about form and how to make different poses work for your level of flexibility by using props such as a rolled up towel, yoga blocks or a yoga strap.

    It gives you a really great workout, not sore the next day, but you know you have used your body.