What is your favorite WATP video?

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  • Hi - I am interested in buying a few of these. I am at a moderate intensity level for my work-outs, but not quite ready for something strenuous, like the Firm videos. Any suggestions welcome.
  • WATP for Abs
    Daisy, I have the WATP for Abs that comes with the Walk-Away Belt. It has a 1- 2- and 3-mile workout. The 2- and 3-mile workouts I would probably label at moderate/intermediate, but then, I'm not sure what those levels would be, exactly. To *me* they are moderate to intermediate!

    But, no matter how the workouts are, I always find that I can do any of the tapes and either kick them up a bit by increasing the intensity of the movements or ease them by decreasing the intensity. I can work up as big a sweat doing a really intense 1-mile workout as I can doing a moderate 2- or 3-mile workout. I've found that it really is up to YOU to set the intensity level.

    I think that's why I like them so much! I'd be really interested in hearing how they work for you if you do get them!
  • I like the ones with the water weight balls. I did not like the ab belt, it kept rubbing against my back. I am planning on getting the ones with the stretchy soon! I also have some of the tapes that do not require any extra things like the weights, belt, etc. I like WATP videos!! DM
  • I only have the original WATP tapes (1, 2 and 3 miles). The 3 mile is my favorite because I actually break a sweat. The others feel great though, for when I don't have enough time for the 3 mile one.

    I'll have to try the abs one.
  • Hi ladies~

    I have the 2 & 3-mile videos. Haven't been able to find the 1 & 4 except all together and don't care to buy it since I already have the 2 & 3. But I LOVE both. On the days I don't feel up to the 3 mile I do the 2 mile just to get some kind of exercise in. But I also don't do them all the time as I have a treadmill and walk on it. Of course weather permitting I prefer to be outdoors.
  • The great thing about having the 2 and 3 mile tapes are you can do which ever one you have time for.
  • I started with the 2 mile with the balls (used weights instead) - good workout.
    Now have the 3 mile advanced (with the stretchy belt) - really great workout, even without the belt. More intense than the 2 mile but I can still keep up.
    I really like these tapes. I have joined Curves & still do the tapes if I can't get to curves.
  • I have the WATP for Abs. I love it!!! Planning on buying more of these DVDs, great workout. Easy to follow because you don't have to learn complicated dance type steps.
  • Watp
    I use the 2 Mile and 3 Mile(with the balls) . I don't have the balls, I just use a set of 2# soft ankle weights and hold them instead. It works just fine. I really like WATP because I'm not very coordinated (Okay, I have 2 left feet!) and they are not too "dancy" for me. Plus, they are so easy to learn that you don't even really need to listen to Leslie's instructions after the first time. I just mute my DVD player and put on my own music to do the walk and that way I can get some variety every time.
  • I just bought the 4mile express super challenge. I love this tape. I did it the last two days after work. What a great stress reliever. It takes about an hour though. It cost me 9.99 at Target. You do not need any extra equipment.
  • I have WATP for the Abs, WATP Express, Super Challenge and Walk Strong. I really enjoy all of them. I even have some of the ladies in my TOPS group doing the WTAP tapes at our meetings. I take it once a month and there is a handful of ladies who stay to walk. Leslie is so motivating and she gives you really engery boosting talks. I hope this helps in your decision Daisy. You will enjoy any WATP tapes!
  • WATP, 3 DVD set
    Hi all, I am fairly new to the 3FC site, but I saw this thread and I had to post. I bought the DVD set with all three, 1,2,3 mile walks and so far I have only had enough energy to do the 1 mile. I have a bit more trouble than most because i had a hip injury and any exercises are harder for me. But I am determined to give it a try. I have a lot of weight to lose, but I am breaking it down to smaller goals, 20 lbs at a time. I love the 1 mile walk. I feel energized and full of energy after completing it. I am looking forward to working my way up to the 2 mile.
  • I have the weighted ball set and the stretchy set on DVD. I go back and forth, in general though, I very much like the 3 mile balls workout and the 2 mile stretchy workout. I want to buy the 4 mile eventually, but I am not quite there yet.

    What I like about WATP is that it really pushes me but it is never so hard that I get shaky or really out of breath. She also does a nice job of pacing, warm-up, brisk exercise, strength or resistance work, slower tempo, cool down, stretching. You get through the tough part relatively early, then when you are most tempted to quit you think gosh only one mile left and its mostly cool down work. I also like that I don't leave my target heart rate zone. I don't feel wiped out by it. Eventually, it may not be enough though. I look at it as a tool. Someday I will need a harder cardio workout, but for now, I look forward to WATP, I like being able to finish it.
  • I bought the strechy workout set last Friday. I love that also. I don't think she could make a bad exercise DVD.

    Then Monday I went back and bought the 4 mile Super Challenge. It is a challenge, but well worth it. I plan on trying to use that one at least once a week.

    I've been enjoying mixing them up....abs, strechy...2 mile, 3 mile, 4 mile. Oh I also forgot that I have her toning one: "Firm Walk" Great toning execises. Now I just need to find the one where you use the ball.
  • I have the 1, 2 and 3 mile tapes with the weighted balls. The 1 mile is a good intro but definitely a beginner tape. The 2 mile is about 30 minutes and a good work-out when you don't have much time. The 3 mile is more of an intermediate work-out and takes about 45 minutes. I think these are great tapes. They are easy to follow and you definitely can work up a sweat, at least with the 2 and 3 mile tapes. HTHS!