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Default Excersice plan request

Hi, I am looking for an excersice plan that will take approximately 20 minutes a day. My goal is to lose weight and burn fat off my whole body. Currently im 213 pounds and I want to attempt to get down to 192 as soon as I can.

I dont know too much about excersice and such, and Im wondering If anyone can make me up an easy plan that I could follow.

Thank you
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If there is not a gym that you can join where they can set up an individualized plan for you, I'd recommend that you start walking your 20 minutes a day and then increase it to 30 minutes a day.
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Amanda, I'm using the Walk Away the Pounds tapes - the 1 mile tape is 18 minutes. It's pretty fun, and it goes by FAST.
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The Tae Bo Basic tapes give you a great 20 minute whole body workout, along with a warm up and cool down. It works the cardio and the muscles very well.
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I really encourage doing some weights, if you join a gym they can set up a plan that would not take too long at all. I have seen them as little as 20 minutes from beginning to end. They would start you off with so much time on a cardio machine (say like walking on the treadmill), then you would do a set of weights, then back to walking etc. It would go back and forth including your whole body for weight training. Any gym can do this for you , it is called circuit training. The weight training will help you lose weight quicker as it increases your metabolism, so you will burn more calories even at rest. Well I hope that was not too complicated and I hope it was helpful. Also your food intake will determine how well you lose, sometimes gyms can assist with this also. Good luck to you
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I am a BIG walking proponent for someone who hasn't really exercised much. I have lost 100 lbs that way starting out slow walking 1/2 mile twice a day once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I am up to 2-3 miles a day now and have just joined a gym to add variety to my routine. Walking is free, it works the lower part of the body, it is a great cardio especially if you can get in some walking uphill. Just be sure you start out slowly but then pick up the pace. You don't want to walk like you are window shopping, but more like you are late for an appt.
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