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melekalikimaka 11-01-2003 06:39 PM

eNergetic November Walkers
Calling all walkers! Welcome to the eNergetic November walking thread, a place for all of us who use walking for exercise. The month of November brings some stumbling blocks to weight loss. We're here to support each other through it. Come on in and get motivated to walk off those pounds. :dancer:

Cristi, I was stumped for a name for November...you could've left your thread up and let me off easy! :lol: Anyway, here it is. Hope to see your miles posted later. And hey, I spied a loss of -2.5 lbs for you :bravo: . Way to go!!!

I went to my WI this morning and lost -3.4 lbs for a total of 9.8 lbs to date!!! I was .2 lbs shy of a 10 lb loss so I didn't get my little cheesy "token" award yet--but I WILL get it next week. I am totally thrilled about this weeks loss--I didn't expect it to be so much. I just love this WW program because I am eating real foods.

Jenifer, Janine, Faye, Jaime...everyone else, hope to see you soon! Have a wonderful weekend.

FrouFrou 11-01-2003 08:38 PM

WOOHOO Noelle! YGG! :cp: :bravo: :dance: :dancer: That is wonderful~3.4 pounds gone forever!! :hat: Of course you will get your cheesey token award next week! That is the great thing about WW=you can eat 'real' food, as long as you don't overdo it and stay within your points of course. You are going to knock 'em dead in Bangkok Noelle~WTG!

I too was stumped for a name and now I am glad I deleted it because I like yours!

Thanks, yes I am down 2.5 lbs. woohoo for me! Looks like we are all doing great! :cheers:

As of today I am going to start posting my miles walked. I don't really have a goal set for the month, just going to try and get 2-3 miles walked 3-4 days a week.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Miles walked~2
Miles 11/1/03~2

kcatanza 11-01-2003 10:39 PM

hello girls

remember me? :) i hope so. i'm so mia, i know. i don't really know what my problem is as far as keeping up with the posts here.

anyway... as for me, things have been going superb with my weightloss. i'm really blessed with it all, to be quite honest with you. i had wi today and lost 2.6. i was shocked. it's like week 32 or something of ww... and i'm still going strong. it's just crazy. but i'm taking it as far as it will let me! hee!

i actually joined a gym recently. ballys. i was a little weary. but then i decided that i needed to. and they were having a good deal. so i did it. :) i've been about 4 or so times. and actually took a yoga class. i really don't think that yoga is for me, but i will try it out a couple more times. just for the **** of it, ya know? that could be good. there are a couple other classes that i'm interested in, but they're offered at like 11am on week days. and i don't think my boss'll let me go that early to the gym. oh well.

anyway, that's just a little bit on me. nothing too crazy or anything.

noelle - congrats on ww! i totally love the program, so i'm completely biased. i have a ton of recipes if you want any. some are good and some aren't. don't worry... i'll only share the good ones with you! :lol:

cristi - congrats on your your 2.5! that's awesome! i'm glad to hear that you're doing so well. keep up the great work.

alright. that's it for me. hope that you're all doing well!!

melekalikimaka 11-02-2003 02:31 AM

Kristen, OMG girl! Glad you're back! I have to say that YOU are the reason I went to WW. Watching your success (even though your posts were far and few between :s: ) --and look at you now! The last time you posted here you were at your 50 lb mark I think. Man oh man, approaching 60 lbs already. That is AWESOME progress! I am so proud of you. I love the program too and hope to be reaching into the 170's real soon. I'm ashamed to say that I was there back in April but stalled out on the weight loss then started the upward climb until I got my butt in gear with WW. So thank you for inspiring me!

Cristi let's keep these positive feelings going and just move right on through November on a downward trend. Saturday's are my typical off day from exercise but I'll be up bright and early for my Sunday morning haul. See you all lighter!

Miles walked in 10/03 = 82.7

WNYmom 11-02-2003 10:02 AM

Hi everyone. Found the new thread for the month!
I really really need to get back into the swing of things. I keep saying that but then I don't. This is the worst time of year also! With all the candy the kids just collected and now Thankgiving just around the corner and Christmas right after that! UGH!!!!!

Justsecretgirl 11-02-2003 02:03 PM

Kristen you are doing awesome! I'm so glad to see you back! Hope everyone is having a good weekend! I had a gain this week. Talk to you all soon!

FrouFrou 11-02-2003 03:20 PM

Hi ya girlies!

Kristen, of course we remember you! So glad to hear from you and hope to see more of you. WOW, lady I am very impressed! YGG! You are doing an awesome job, and the new photo avatar is GREAT!!

Jenifer, sorry to hear about the gain. I KNOW you WILL see a loss next week, so don't let that get ya down! Sending you some good vibes for the week ahead. :goodvibes: :goodvibes:

Noelle, I don't think these postive feelings are going anywhere to soon. I am in a challenge on another thread with another thread, and it has motivated me to get moving and losing! :dancer:

Anyone up to a New Years challenge feel free to join us on the LABOR DAY CHALLENGERS MOVING FORWARD~NEW YEARS CHALLENGE, it should prove to be fun!

Janine, yes, the dreaded holidays...Actually I love the hoildays but I always get so stressed! We didn't have to worry about trick-or-treaters as we live in the country, so had no candy around. I had bought a package of 10 Reese's Peanut Butter cups, just in case and the kids had them gone pretty fast. I kind of miss it though, as I enjoyed seeing the little kiddies in costume.

Hi to everyone else, Faye, and Jaime and anyone I may have missed. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday. :)

Ooops! Forgot to post my walk today. I normally take Sunday off but felt good so did 1 1/2 miles.

Miles Walked 11/03~3.5
11/2/03~1.5 miles

melekalikimaka 11-03-2003 12:24 PM

:drill:Rally around everyone. I happened on one of Faye's (gm2one) posts this morning on another thread that said her husband Jack suffered a heart attack this morning. I am asking for everyone's prayers for Jack that he recovery quickly and that we support Faye through this difficult time.

((((Faye))))) We're here for you too! (Sorry to spill the beans about this but I wanted you to know that I care about you) Sending healing vibes and thinking of both of you. If there's anything we can do for you, just let us know. Sending some angels to help ease your pain. :angel: :angel: :angel:

FrouFrou 11-03-2003 12:36 PM

That is just horrible! Thanks for letting us know Noelle. I pop around the threads every now and then and read a post from her this morning but didn't see that.

(((((Faye))))), we are definitely here for you. I will keep Jack and the rest of the family in my prayers. :grouphug:

I had come to post my miles walked this morning and now that doesn't seem important to me at all.

Miles Walked~6.5
11/3/03~3 miles

gma22 11-03-2003 07:48 PM

I seem to be always asking something of you ladies lately, but I do so again. I will try to post again when I have time, but my husband, Jack had a major heart attack this morning. He is 54.

I got good news and bad news at the hospital. Good news is Jack is doing well with the 2 shunts and the angioplasty. He is resting comfortably and has a nice pink skin again. Bad news is this afternoon we talked to his cardiologist and we thought it was a minor thing but turns out is was a major heart attack with the front artery 100% blocked and enlarged to 3 times its size. Dr Anderson said if I had not called the paramedics when I did he would have died. He did have permanent heart damage but we don't know right now how serious it is. I thank Jesus for protecting him. He is everything to me. He cried this afternoon and told me, "You know I was really really scared and I said, "I know." and he said, "I wasn't scared about dying you know I know what will happen when I die, but I was scared I would be separated from you!" Ok, that did it. I had been holding it all in and the dam burst with that. Kelly has been an angel and taken such good care of me. When the chips are down, she has really come through.

I love you all and will keep you posted!


FrouFrou 11-03-2003 09:21 PM

Faye, thanks for keeping us posted. I have been thinking of you and hubby all day. Don't worry about posting, just take care of yourself and your hubby that is all that matters right now. I'm glad you have your daughter there with you to help you and take care of you, bless her and you. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Take care. :grouphug:

kcatanza 11-03-2003 09:33 PM

(((((faye))))) my thoughts are with you and your family through this difficult time. if there is anything that we can do for you, please, do not hesitate to ask!!

gma22 11-04-2003 06:55 AM

Good morning ladies. I have a few minutes before heading out to the hospital so I wanted to get a post on.

No phone calls from the hospital last night, so I am breathing a little easier. I know day by day it will get less stressful for me. I am still tired a little as I only got about 5 hours sleep, but I will try and take rest breaks throughout the day until Jack gets moved into a regular room.

Just wanted you to know you are all doing terrific with your programs and I want you to do even better. When you grab for that HOHO or keep your butt in the chair when you know you should be exercising, just think about Jack and know YOU do not want to do that to yourself or your family. Remember, we thought Jack was totally healthy! We need to get tough with ourselves ladies and quit kittyfooting around about losing this weight. It is important to all aspects of our life. I am ridding my home of all such foods (there isn't much but still high fat boxed foods for Jack) and making my home a healthy environment for the both of us!

I will try and peek in later.

Hope you all have a spectacular day. It is going to be sunny and 80 here today!

Love and hugs to you all!


melekalikimaka 11-04-2003 02:31 PM

((((Faye)))), so glad to hear Jack is doing much better. I'm still sending prayers for a minimal amount of heart damage and that you may have many more years together. He is lucky to have had this happen when you were around to call for help! Blessings to you and your family.

Jenifer I had a bad day eating on Sunday (hubby made me do it ! :lol: ) and as a result the scale shows a 2 lb gain...I just started my TOM so I'm hoping it's more from water retention than from actual :ink:ing out! I can dream can't I? At least it'll be almost over and done with by the time I leave for my trip on Saturday!!! Drinking lots of water and eating lots of veggies before my next WI on Friday morning...

Cristi, thanks for helping keep this thread alive! How's your day shaping up? A new year's challenge? I just might come over and check it out. I'm doing a xmas challenge right now on the WW thread but it doesn't hurt to have more than one going on.

Kristen, thanks for the offer of recipes. I especially like the dessert ones, you know, like cakes or sweets. Hmmm, maybe that's what caused me to get fat in the first place! :lol:

Hi Janine! :wave: and hi to anyone else I may have missed.
I've got to get back to work. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

p.s. 4 more days then I'm Bangkok bound :dancer:

Edit 9:16 pm: Walked 3.5 miles tonight!
November Miles Walked: 11.2

lakelog 11-05-2003 07:08 PM

Boy I have been a member of this site for a good while now and never knew there was a thread devoted to walking. That's awesome. I have seen a few of you on the buddy up forum a time or 2. I was wanting some opinions. I'm 30 years old and had lost nearly 50 pound when I first started posting on here. I have started walking again. This is week 4. It's taken me 3 weeks to build up to 1 1/2 miles a day. It just really wears my legs out to go at a pace any fast than that 1 1/2 miles in 33 minutes. The first 2 weeks I lost about 1 1/2 pounds each week but on week 3 I gained 4 pounds and this past week I gained 2 more. I know I have to work more on my eating as well but my question is did any of you have a period of gaining before you actually started to lose something? All of my friends do WW as their primary weight loss and that's not an option for me at this point. I prefer to do what I can do for free and on my own time. So it was really awesome to see so many people who walk several miles a day.

Faye I don't know you although I have read some of your posts before and I think months back you may have even posted in my journal but I wanted you to know that i am praying for your husbands complete recovery. I know what death scares can do for you. I have 3 kids and all are miracles. My twins who are 8 1/2 came into this world 15 weeks too early and my oldest who is nearly 11 almost lost his life back in june when he went into a diabetic coma. That was his first diagnosis of diabetes and although he's insulin dependent and had nothing to do with his weight, I have really been self conscious about health now. I do sympathize with you and want you to know that your DH is so blessed to have such a wonderful wife.

At any rate, I hope to read and post in here as I can. I am devoted to 2 other threads for the last 2 1/2 years so it's hard to do it all but I am curious of all of you walkers. :lol: Keep it up!

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