Leaving the Cardio Behind

  • I have been going to the gym for a few weeks now and do the elliptical, treadmill or bike when I am there. I want to start adding in some weight training and am looking at 2 days a week. The gym gets pretty crowded during the week so I feel like trying to add the weights in is going to be a pain. I am thinking maybe Thursday and Saturdays for weights. Hoping this is enough! My real problem is I just feel weird going to the gym and NOT doing any cardio. Is it common to just focus on weight training for a workout and not doing any cardio?
  • I would also skip cardio and just go straight to weight training.
  • I usually don't do cardio on weights days. Unless I workout super early in the morning, then I do like 5 minutes of cardio just to loosen up.
  • You can have shorter but harder cardio with simple weight routine . that might be just right for you for as a start
  • I started doing this:
    A 10 minute warm up (cardio). Bike, walk at high speed on the treadmill, elliptical, whatever.
    30 minute weight lifting (full body) followed immediately by:
    20-30 minute cardio (usually sprints/fast walking on treadmill, rowing or elliptical) 4x a week and my body is changing in an amazing way......

    Just my 2 cents.