Breastfeeding and running

  • Hello good 3FC people!

    I am back after a long absence and I am back with a 40-day old baby!
    I got pregnant in February and was ordered to stop running for medical reasons. Funnily enough, I continued a strict diet throughout my pregnancy again for medical reasons. I only gained 4 kilos 3 of which were the baby. That meant that I am currently at my lowest weight ever.
    I was allowed to walk in June and continued till the day I gave birth 22/10. I want to start running again and I am breastfeeding exclusively . Right now it seems next to impossible as I do not have much help and the word programme is a joke as we follow the baby's desire - naturally. But I am sure I will manage to do it eventually. I was wondering if any of you have experience tackling the same thing or something similar.
    Any advice would be helpful.