T25 week 2, day 3 -JEANS TIGHT!

  • So, on week two and day three today. Um, cannot wear a couple pairs of my good Miss Me's now. My jeans are WAY TOO TIGHT! Have to hang them back in the closet. Yep, I knew this would happen because thats how my body reacts to a lot of the jumping and lower body exercises. Guess I am building muscle and my muscles are inflamed? I am only on week two!! So, with that said......hope this is something that will pass and my jeans will start getting looser not tighter and tighter. Definitely going the wrong direction. LOL Honestly, I am getting a little discouraged but trying to stay positive. This is why I got rid of Insanity before and well, the longer workouts too in addition. I am pear-shaped and short so I have bigger legs and smaller waist. So you get the idea...I do not want bigger legs!!! Sigh..

    My diet is just more on the healthy side...I watch the carbs and sugar but not following any "certain" type of diet. Trying to get the water in which is hard for me because I am cold natured. (roll eyes)

    Anyway, got any tips/advice or just to tell me to accept the change and shut my mouth, all is welcome.