Kettlebell! What has your experience been?

  • I tried a kettle bell class at my gym today after one of my new gym buddies raved about it. She is a bit fitter than me, and I tend to be a bit timid about pushing very hard, but I kept up throughout and quite enjoyed it! My body refused to run afterwards and I have been tired, but I suspect that after a class or two it will not kick my butt so badly. I expect to be feeling it tomorrow!
    What have your experiences with kettle bell and results been?
  • I like to swing a 35-40lb kettleball up from between my legs.

    10 times.

    3 sets.

    I love it. It really works my arms and core.
  • Kettle bells
    I also love the kettle bells, I'm also a beginner. I bought a DVD from Amy Vento on the basics, and recently ordered the Firm one. I really want to learn more about them