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  • Welcome to the JANUARY 2014 running thread!

    Feel free to share any/all running accomplishments here big & small.

    I'm planning a quick jog after work today on the treadmill before the "blizzard of NYC" hits lol.

    Anyone else?
  • Yesterday they had a local "Res-ZOO-lution" run that I really wanted to do to benefit the local Zoo, but when I woke up it was 3 degrees and snowing so I couldn't bring myself to do it. I managed 8 miles on the dreadmill while watching "Snakes on a Plane"!
  • I'm back for this month

    On the 30th of December I ran a short mountain track (2.6km) to the end and back again. It was muddy from the recent rain and made traction difficult on the big hills AND I didn't fall once. I slipped a couple of times though I learned that day that I should stop complaining about the difficulties of my running courses and just get on with it!

    On the 1st of Jan, I ran 8km from one town to another. By the time I got near the end, I knew I wasn't going to be tired so I ran up the hills and down the roads faster. In fact, I sprinted the last two
  • Love reading about everyone's runs,Still walking missed yesterday...but 3 miles we'd,thur none and 4 today. Had a couple days of pain so backed off a little.
  • I ran a half last weekend in FL. Today, I ran an 8 miler in a local state park. It was fun but cold. Really cold waiting around for it to start but had a great run once we got going. Ran on a paved walking/biking path that is in poor shape. Which means, I had to dodge potholes, washed out sections, and crumbling pavement. Saw one runner with a torn up knee and one with a twisted ankle at the end I have a half on this coming Saturday so I will be doing a few shorter runs.
  • Hi all still waking 3,3.5,3.5 and 4.5 yesterday. Getting in some uphill yesterday. 500 ft.
  • It's funny how I can run 8km one day, yet 4 days later I struggle to do 7km I changed my route yesterday, because I'd done my other two heaps of times, and I ran slower in case it was too long... I wonder if it was the gusting winds that made me feel tired and incredibly sore in my back and calves or that I only have a certain period of time before my hormones slow my body down? I have PCOS and I have noticed that when my ovulation hits I start feeling lethargic, but that's not until the end of next week... Sigh

    Anyway, sorry to ramble
  • Nice work everyone! FREEZING out day 2...so nothing outdoors but 2 miles run/climb on the treadmill...that's about the best distance I can handle while pregnant!
  • 4 miles today walking...Stay warm.
  • Can I hop in? I've run for a couple of years and am trying to stay on track for my first (gulp) marathon in May. I needed to do something that scares me a little in 2014 and a full definitely qualifies!

    I'm trying to lose a little weight so I have less of me to move; hoping the running + Weight Watchers will get me there.
  • 5 miles on Thur. Less than 3 weeks until I can start exercising and doing physical therapy going nutty
  • Managed 13 miles on the treadmill this morning - wanted to quit after 10. I was fine physically, but the treadmill is such a mental game!! Fortunately I was watching Million Dollar Baby and that had 20-ish minutes left so it worked out!!!
  • Well...i did my first C TO 5k D1:WK 1 and survived!!! Yay! I also challenged myself to see how long i could run for without stopping...and... i ran for 10 minutes straight no stopping!! I havent been able to do that since I was 11 years old! I could actually breathe!
  • devadiva - So close! It's hard - I had Nov'10-Aug'11 with the shoes hung up. Hang in there.

    CherryPie99 - Dreadmills are a necessary evil in my world. Like you I find it helpful to watch something. I'm starting to outrun my TV shows, going to have to start watching movies. I love Million Dollar Baby.

    Porthardygurl - I started with C25k, it's a great program! I used the one from CoolRunning.com. It sounds like you're doing great, cheering with you!

    As for me - the weekend was a bust, but will get my long run in tonight. I'm enjoying getting back into the groove, now just to STAY in it.
  • Fri 5,Sat 3.5 with hubby,Sun 3.5 again with hubby,today 6 miles. Of course all walking.
    Welcome to all of the newcomers,been on here for a couple years there are a few of us that hang in there.....through the good bad and ugly.