100 miles in November

  • I did my first 10 K walk this weekend and decided to set a goal of 100 miles walked by the end of November! So far I'm at 16 miles.

    Anyone want to join me?? :-)
  • I just want to congratulate you! Great job!
  • Im at 24 miles today! At this rate, I will easily reach my 100 mile goal!! Go me !!!
  • Great work!
  • Wow!!!! I am impressed. You must be really healthy which is a wonderful accomplishment aside form being very close to goal. Great Job
  • A third of the way through the month, and I have walked 40 miles! Go me!!!
  • 56 miles done! Ive got this!! :-)
  • 78 miles in....only 22 to go with 9 days left!! Yeah me!!
  • carebear, you're awesome! Onward!! It is going to feel SO good to blow past that 100 mile mark with room to spare!