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melekalikimaka 07-01-2003 04:08 PM

JuLy BaBeS!!!
Taking a cue from Jenifer (Justsecretgirl), I've started the new walking thread for July...I couldn't wait to get started, hope you don't mind :) .

Welcome to JuLy BaBes , a walking thread where we post our miles walked each day and our walking goals for the month. If you enjoy walking for exercise (and even if you don't, but do it anway :lol: ) you are welcome to join us on our quests for healthier bodies, minds and spirits, while motivating and supporting ourselves and others. Let's walk!

Last Months Miles walked by JuNe BaBes:

Cristi (Evasive Marigold): 76 mi
Janine (WNYmom): ?
Jen (Mark&Ivy'smom): ?
Jenifer (Justsecretgirl): ?
Kristen (kctanza): 66 mi
Kristi (lovnmom) : 56 mi
Lynne (loseforlife) : 30.3 kms
Michelle (galzooks): 26.5
michelle95: ?
Noelle (melekalikimaka): 76.2
Raelynn: ?
Turtle025: ?

These are the babes we started out with on the last thread, and those are the totals for the month that I could find. If you want to update your mileage, PM me. Good job ladies, let's do it again

WNYmom 07-01-2003 04:15 PM

I was wondering what we would be calling the July thread.
I guess a new month means a new start. Better get moving and try and set a goal and stick to it.

cacikat 07-01-2003 04:32 PM

Hi, I would like to join too if "Bill" ever decides to leave this area (hopefully in another day or so) and I can get back to my daily walking. Do you set a goal which you hope to attain by the end of the month?

FrouFrou 07-01-2003 04:37 PM

Hi Ladies!
Hey thanks Noelle for starting the new thread. I had thought about it but didn't want to step on anyone's toes. ;)

I just copied and pasted my post or most of it from the June thread.

Kristi, hey 1 pound is better than no pounds. ;) But I do know how you feel as I made a goal of 8 pounds thinking it is doable, which I think it is I just need to stay focused and OP. I lost 4 pounds for the month of June but hey like I said a little is better than nothing at all. So you keep on truckin' I know you will see a bigger loss this month. :lucky: That's cute about your 3-year-old. My hubby used to do that. He would either watch me or get a feather or hair and tickle my nose, of course the kids picked it up also and just think it is so funny. DS2 is quite the comdeian/clown.

Kristen, I do know what you mean about making goal. I did that in May, ugh! I just about killed myself the last few days just to make goal. That's why I haven't upped my goals by much each month. I don't want to go too high and struggle to make it towards the end of the month. I like going low and passing the goal, so much better! :p Then I really feel like I have accomplished something. Anyway, you did GREAT with your walking! WTG I think we all did great with our walking. Let's keep it up ladies.

Michelle, have you applied for any grants (Pell Grant) and such to help with college costs? You may still have time. I'm not sure when you start or the guidelines. I agree it is expensive and it's supposed to be getting higher. I think the books are the most expensive part of it unless you are lucky enough to find used ones. What are you taking/going for? Don't fret too much over losing weight. If you started the 21st it hasn't been that long so maybe in a week or two you will see a loss. Just don't give up. I too am a treadmill walker and I couldn't do it without the tv in my face. Well it's not exactly in my face but the treadmill faces the tv and it is so easy to turn it on and just go forever. :l)

Well, hope EVERYONE is having a great day! I will post my walk for the day later. Take care ladies. :grouphug:

July Goal~80 miles
Total Miles 7/03~
Miles to go~

P.S. WELCOME Caci! We must have been posting at the same time. Glad to have you aboard. Yes, we do make a goal for the month, or most of us do and also post our miles daily, or try to anyway (post daily). :)

melekalikimaka 07-01-2003 04:54 PM

Welcome Caci, some of us set mileage or kilometer goals for the entire month, but it's entirely up to you. We just find it helpful to have somewhere to come and report on our walking efforts. I find that when I'm in a slump, it's really motivating to read about others who are doing well, picks you up and gets you moving again. I would suggest you tally up your miles, you may be suprised by how far you actually walk when you add it all up at the end of the month. :dancer: Again, it's great to have you aboard, let's do it!

I am setting my July goal to walk 80 miles.

JULY GOAL: 80 Miles
Miles Walked to date: 0
Miles to Go: 80

jlmsandi 07-01-2003 10:48 PM

Would you all mind if I joined in and added my goals for my bicycle riding? I know it's not quite the same as walking but I like the idea of keeping a tally.

Goal: 100 miles
Today: 4 miles
Left: 96 miles

Wait, like how I asked you and then just did it anyways? Sorry about that. Presumptuous of me, I guess. Just let me know. THanks! :)

Justsecretgirl 07-01-2003 11:32 PM

Hi ladies! I am going to post here even if I am not doing the whole walking thing. You all keep me on track with my food and feeling good! :) :) :) I am studying for one midterm already. Wow I am not able to do much remind me not to take a math class in the summertime again. :p
Good new here is that my DH got his contract signed by the commander so we'll be here another year and then have to wait and see what happens then. Another thing is we just bought a new truck! :o We have never owned a Ford before so we'll see. We got a Ford F350 4X4. We want to get a boat this winter and so that means get in shape girl! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Well I'm so glad you all are doing so well on your walking! Talk to you all this weekend sometime!

galzooks 07-02-2003 12:49 AM

I am so sore...I only walked two miles today cause I worked this morning. I did not want to work out at all, but I forced myself and once I turned on that concert I was REVVED up! My back has been hurting me the past couple of days. :o( Man, I really dislike working where I work...it's just not a happy environment anymore...oh well! I'm setting my July goal to 80 miles!

Cristi-I haven't looked into the Pell Grants...they actually never informed me about those. I did get a $7,000 scholarship, however I still have $13,000 to worry about. My parents took out a PLUS loan today so everything is taken care of...just knowing that I have such a bounty over my head when I graduate in two years drives me crazy!!!!!! It's scary, but it has to be done! I'm majoring in Liberal Studies and minoring in Psych. I want to be a teacher...but with all the education cuts in California it's a little scary to me. It really saddens me to see the governor cutting in education- such a necessity. Hopefully I will see a difference in the scale soon! Good luck to you!!!!

Noelle-I read that your little boy might be going to a school with a-oh I forgot the ratio. That does seem a little high to me...how old is he? His old school's ratio sounds perfect! Thanks for the encourgement!

Have a fantastic night and morning!!!


melekalikimaka 07-02-2003 01:39 AM

Day 1, a Bust
Well I didn't get a walk in today, yesterday neither. But unlike yesterday, I just ran out of time (yesterday I was just lazy :^: ) . My parents got back from their vacation and I was busy cleaning up the house, then picked them up from the airport, then I cooked dinner + made some 90+ lumpia (filipino style eggrolls) for our upcoming trip to Maui on Friday. We'll be borrowing a friends house in Maui and it's a bit in the boonies so we thought we'd bring some precooked food along or easy-to-cook meals so we don't have to go grocery shopping when we get there. Anyway, that's my specialty of the house so that's what the family requested. Not exactly a healthy choice, but I make them all them time. Anyhow, it was great catching up with the folks and we all sat down and had a nice dinner together. I did great on my food right up until dinner time. Tomorrow will be a totally OP day.

Michelle do you do a lot of sitting during work? Maybe a new chair would work, one that's ergonomically designed? Or maybe if you stand up alot some really good supportive shoes would make you more comfortable. Anyway, good job for working out even when you didn't feel like it. The school I chose to place my son in this coming August has a ratio of 1 teacher, 2 aids for 16 kids, an excellent ratio if you ask me, plus my girlfriend from school is the afternoon head teacher, that makes me totally comfortable about enrollilng him there.

Jenifer, congrats on your new baby (the Ford), that's plenty of truck to pull a big boat. Study hard for that midterm, I'm sure you'll do fine.

Welcome jlmsandi :wave: . We have some other gals here that ride their bikes in addition to walking (Jenifer and Cristi I think) and I have no problem with you posting your biking mileage here. Post away! It's always nice to have a lot of voices.

Caci I've been out of the loop as far as current events (not been watching TV)...Bill is a Tropcial storm right? Tell him to get out of town :mad: .

Well, the boy is tugging on my arm so i guess I have to get going. Have a good night ladies, see ya tomorrow.

lovnmom 07-02-2003 10:30 PM

Hi all you July Babes! A great big welcome to Caci, set your own goal and go for it girl....jlmsandi, bike - walk whatever trips your trigger, it's all good here with the babes...Jenifer, Good luck on that midterm and a big congrats on dh's contract. I bet it feels good to not have to worry about making that move! I personally am a FORD girl living in a Chevy family. I now have my dh and dfil driving Fords though so there's hope for all the world. My goodness girl it's only the 2nd of July and look what's happened in your life allready!.....Michelle, good luck on your goal and I hope you figure out what's making you so sore......Noelle, I'm so glad you've found a school for ds that you're comfortable with. Maybe you could share your recipe for lumpia!? I just love trying new things.......Cristi, 4# gone forever in June WTGG. I know they say 8# in a month is doable, but not by this girl. I got brave and weighed again yesterday and the 2# I'd put on was gone again, but technically that was in July so I don't know where to put it as for monthly loss. I really don't care as long as I don't put it back on my rear :lol:.... As for me it's been super busy with summer rec and summer reading programs etc. I actually went 5 days with no real exercise. Just a little swimming. I got out there today and di a 4 mile walk right out of bed and then 2 more while the children were at the library program. I feel I made up somewhat anyway. DS and DD both played terrific in there ball games tonight. I can really see the improvement in understanding the game especially in DS. My poor DD is still seeing the eye dr. on a daily basis and they now have me using a cortizone drop 4 times a day, because there is some scar tissue forming. If it doesn't lok better by the end of this week they're talking about going in and removing it. I hope that doesn't become necessary, but if it must be done we'll walk that bridge hand in hand.......thanks once again for all you beautiful babes helping me get healthy!

SW 185 / CW 146 / GW 125

JUly goals
Walk 40 miles
Bike 24 miles (same as last month since I blew it ( moving on ))
Any loss will do!

GM 40 / MW 6 / MTG 34

:cool: Kristi

FrouFrou 07-02-2003 10:43 PM

Good Evening Ladies :flow1:

WELCOME jlmsandi!! Glad to have ya. :) Yes, as Noelle said there are a couple of ladies who ride their bikes and keep track of their miles. I ride a stationary bike but don't keep track of the miles just the time. I concentrate more on the walking and I keep track of my miles walked.

Noelle, I am so jealous!! Maui?! I want to come. I have actually not been to Hawaii, yet. One of these days for sure. I am not one for flying and while I love boating I don't think I could go that far on a ship, I don't know. I hope you have the bestest time!;) Those eggrolls sound delicious. :T You are so lucky to be able to live in such a BEAUTIFUL place.

Jenifer, congrats on your new truck. Boy that is a big one! Fords aren't bad. I had a Ford F250 years ago-I loved that truck! :love: Unfortunately it was a gas hog. Traded it in for an Explorer which I also loved and was much better on the gas. Now I am a mini-van driving mama. :lol: Hope you guys enjoy it! And congrats on hubby getting his contract signed another year. Moving is the pits. Good luck on your mid terms :lucky:

Michelle, why does it seem they always cut the things we need the most? It's not just in CA. They just can't ever leave the schools alone and I don't understand it. WTG on your schooling, we can never have enough good teachers. Good for you on your walk, sometimes we need to just force ourselves to get up and do it. You will lose in no time.

Today was a great day as far as staying on plan, and I got in a 3 mile walk. Plus did everything on my to do list, good for me. :cb:

Kristen, Lynne, Krist, Janine and Jen hope you ladies are doing fine.

Well, I need to check in on a couple of other threads and get off this thing by 10:30 so I will see you ladies tomorrow. Have a good one.

July Goal~80 miles
7/1/03~1 mile
7/2/03~3 miles
Total Miles 7/03~4
Miles to go~76

FrouFrou 07-02-2003 11:01 PM

Kristi, guess we were posting at the same time. Hey WTG on those 2 pounds! :bravo: I would have to say you DEFINITELY made up today for the exercise, WTG! I don't think I have done 6 miles or think I ever will. Just making me tired thinking about it. I am sorry to hear about your dd's eye still bothering her. I hope she doesn't have to go in and have the tissue removed. I can deal with just about any kind of pain except for something to do with the eye. I had a growth, looked like a mole growing in the inside corner of my left eye and I am telling you talk about pain. OUCH!! The dr. had to give me a shot to numb it so they could cut it off. The shot was the worst and I could still feel it when he was cutting it and then when he burned it, oh gross. :yikes: I will be thinking of her and sending some luck and good vibes that things go well. :goodvibes: :lucky: :crossed: :goodvibes:

kcatanza 07-02-2003 11:08 PM

hello babes

don't worry. i found you guys!! but of course, i am in and out on this thing... again. i need to make a schedule of "catch up" time for all you fine lasses. heh. my june total ended up being 68 miles. just 2 miles short of goal. i did a watp tape that night to bring me up two more miles. but the last two i just couldn't get myself to do. :(

this month, so far i've walked 3 miles yesterday and one today. so far... 4 miles. go me. my goal this month is going to be set at 60. i'm going to be here there and everywhere on the weekends, so i don't know how much walking i'll get in then. so hopefully i'll reach my goal this month!!!

hope all you gals are doing well. i'm just trying to stay focused. :) at weigh in on saturday, i lost another 2. how? i really don't know. but anyway, i was quite pleased with it.

alright girls, i really oughta be going to bed. have a nice night!

july miles goal - 60
miles walked - 4
miles to goal - 56

galzooks 07-03-2003 12:52 AM

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great and productive day! I got a lot of things that needed to be done today! YAY! And I walked 3 miles...both times it was like pulling teeth to get in there...what's wrong with me lately? I've gone shopping with my mom a couples times this week, but I refuse to let myself buy anything. I promised myself that if I got down to my goal weight I'd let myself go wild before school started...i wish my closet would expand.

Noelle-Those eggrolls sound really good!!! I'm really glad that you got your son in a place you're happy with...that ratio sounds excellent! About my soreness, I don't sit a lot, I actually walk a lot...we're not allowed to sit or lean on anything. Those 6 hour shifts can get tiring, but I'm pretty much used to it. I might have just slept wrong or strained something while walking. It hurt during my morning workout, but I didn't notice anything tonight. Thanks for inquiring though!

Cristi-The education cuts frustrate me to no end. How do they expect to have bright, intelligent people if they cut education? It makes no sense to me...I truly feel for the kids in a huge city cause they're not benefiting at all. I was lucky enough to go to private school from K-12...entering college three yrs ago was a huge wake up call to me...half of them didn't know how to structure a 5 paragraph essay...it's a shame.

Good night everyone! Have a great day tomorrow!!! Keep up the fantastic work!!!!


July goal: 80 miles
Miles walked so far: 5
Miles to go: 75

melekalikimaka 07-03-2003 04:34 AM

It's another late night for me. I'm still doing the laundry (at 10:26 pm) since i need to start packing tomorrow. I had a much better day today. Stayed pretty much OP and got my regular walking route in--by myself :strong: . I'm feeling good about myself right now and want to carry this feeling into tomorrow.

A recipe for my lumpia? Well, I don't have exact measurements since i kind of just throw everything together. I'll try and jot it down and post it here when I get it all together. It's something my mother taught me and I just made my own variations here and there. She's still the best roller-upper though. Time is the best teacher, eh?

I'll be back tomorrow to catch up more with all the posts. Keep moving ladies :dancer: .

JULY GOAL: 80 Miles
Miles Walked to date: 3.5
Miles to Go: 76.5

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